Is Santa Claus Real?

Tracy“Is Santa Real?” Here’s a question all parents are hearing as we count down from weeks to days before the most exciting day of the year for a lot of children around the world.  I have an 11 year old son and a 8 year old daughter who have obviously been talking about Santa as the excitement builds with Christmas morning arriving soon.

I still remember the the Christmas Eve my cousin Sherene was in my room looking out my window in hopes of seeing Santa Claus.  She was much older and I had a hard time sleeping, as most kids do on Christmas Eve.  Santa was en route so how could anyone sleep.  All kids wish deep down that they might actually get a glimpse of Santa each year coming down the chimney and so we try our hardest to keep our little peepers open as long as we can.  Sherene was looking out my window when all of a sudden she exclaimed “DO YOU SEE HIM, DO YOU SEE HIM!!” her eyes bulge open like saucers as she pointed into the sky way off into the horizon.  I squinted with all my might and there he was Santa Claus being pulled in his sleigh by his 8 reindeer!  I still remember the excitement that filled my entire being.  Ahhh to be 7 again…pure magic!


My son asked me years ago if I believed in Santa and I told him my story once again.  He smiles each time and I can tell by the look in his eyes he is swept up in the magic and spirit of Christmas.  This year he asked me again, knowing what I was going to say ” If you don’t believe you don’t receive”.  That wasn’t quite enough for him this year, he took it one step further as I thought he might at 11.  He tried to put it back on me.  He said okay Mom but when I have kids and they wake up really excited Christmas morning and you didn’t tell me it was you and there is nothing left for them under the tree it will be your fault!!  I  assured him there would be gifts under his tree for his little ones.  He told me then that he too believed in the “Spirit of Christmas”. My 8 year old daughter on the other hand put it like this,  she looked me straight in the eyes and said ” Are you Santa, not waiting for a response she carried on, cause if you are that would be really really disappointing” and she walked away.

If you have kids who are questioning the spirit of Christmas you need to watch “The Polar Express” , it will set everyone straight!  When either of my kids ask me if I believe and I expect it to happen each year I take a moment and remember back the night I saw Santa in his sleigh with his reindeer in the horizon and I tell them that I believe because I saw him with my own two eyes.  I was one of the lucky ones, and I know I am not alone.  Christmas is about giving so this year make sure you do your share of giving to others in the Spirit of Christmas!

If you would like to track Santa this Christmas visit “Norad Track Santa” there are lots of fun things for kids to explore on this site!  Another great site for kids is  And if you want to find out if your on Santa’s Naughty or Nice list check out Santa’s Nice-o-Meter.

Happy Holiday’s Everyone !!

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  • Bonnie Johnson

    I never saw Santa but I’m pretty sure I heard him land on the roof once.
    I loved Polar Express so much that John bought me a large silver bell to hang on our Christmas tree each year. Magical!
    Your kids crack me up! I love that Jesse thought so far ahead on the question and I’m still laughing at the vision of an adult version of him nervously anticipating gifts under the tree from Santa.

  • Jacquie

    I never perpetuated the myth of Santa with my kids, though they did happily get to sit on his lap at the mall. I figured if my husband and I were going to put in all the work shopping, and have all the bills to pay afterwards, we’re gettin’ the credit!

    They still love the IDEA of Santa, heck, so do I, but they never believed he was real. I think I may have robbed them of the magic a little bit. but we still had wonderful Christmases.

  • Kirk

    This is my Daughters first Christmas… even though she’s too small right now to know what’s going on, I can’t wait for all the Christmas’ to come, when she gets excited about Santa… Rudolph, and all the Christmas traditions to come! I hope she believes in Santa for many years to come!

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you and your family!

  • Janet

    This is a tough one. My son is 12, and I’m sure he knows, yet I’ve never confirmed with him yes/no. I don’t want him to feel stupid if kids tell him he’s not real and I am emphatic that he is. He asked me a few years ago, and I told him he was real, but if he were to ask me today, I would explain the ‘magic’ of Santa, and the believing in him, and let him go from there. I am still a believer at 39, and so there is nothing lost with the knowledge. I laughed last night while watching the tv show ….The New Adventures of Old Christine, and Matthew’s 30 something girlfriend was a believer of Santa – to the point of being offended on ‘Santa’s’ behalf. And wow – did she look crazy (which was the point). I don’t want my kids to grow believing that much!

  • Me

    Christmas is a magical time for kids.They grow up far to quickly these days. I still believe in Santa and will until the day I go on to another places.And hope he will visit me there.

  • Teri

    My daughter, age 11 was told by a classmate 2 years ago that Santa was just your parents. I managed to get another year of belief out of her with the Polar Express but then the gig was up. Having a younger daughter as well, i have kept up the spirit of xmas alive by letting my older daughter play Santa, or the Toothfairy. This has brought on a whole new level of excitement into our christmases and helps the older children not ruin it for the little ones.
    Happy Holidays 🙂

  • Umaara

    Im forty one years old.But some how i know Santa existI dont believe he visits every home but maybe those who trully believes gets a visit from him.I heard him on the roof back in 1978.I also enjoy playing him at christmas time.Peace.

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