I Can Do It All, Achoo!

I am perfectly capable of taking care of the kids, house, dog, business, yard, etc etc etc and the list goes on! Blah blah blah! My days are crazy busy but I love it! I Can Do It All!

I don’t know how many women feel the same as I do but I am guessing there are plenty! I basically go from one thing to another trying really hard to balance every aspect of my life. I like my house in order and I am extremely organized. I will admit I have relaxed over the years because my life is full! The problem is, I continue to take on more which has made it a necessity to prioritize my daily activities, so it can be hard. As it is now, when we need milk, I grocery shop, when crap from the kitchen floor starts to stick to my feet, I mop, when we need clothes, I do a wash, when I smell, I shower, okay that’s a joke, personal hygiene is high on my list! Can anyone relate?

Here comes the bad news. When we take on everything because we have my attitude, I am capable so therefore I will, somethings gotta give. In my case it’s my body. When the balance goes out we need to make change. You have probably figured out by now that I love exercise, but with being so busy I’ve been cutting corners, doing the bare minimum. It eventually catches up with you, believe me I know. But at least I’m aware of it, so that’s the first step!

I tried Yoga to help with stretching, slow myself down a bit, but I couldn’t even lift my arms over my head I have such pain in both my shoulders.(calcific tendinitis) And if that’s not painful enough my  IT band hurts 24/7. Basically I hurt from my hip to my knee on the outer side of my leg! (iliotibial band) I feel like I should be going to see a Geriatric doctor not a Massage therapist. Kels I know, basically I need you to live with me! And the icing on the cake (mmm wish I had cake) I had a sore throat and head cold which has put me even further behind my goal of being ripped by May! Uncle! I Give, whatever it is you say when you throw in the towel!

I am on the road to restoring balance in my body by finally taking the time out of my busy day to see a massage therapy. What a relief! It wasn’t quite like the massage you get as a gift, it was painful. You know your in pain whenyou let a complete stranger dig her elbow into your oiled bare buttocks and thighs with the lights on! Hallelujah! All I can say is THANK GOD it was a woman!

Lesson learned, if we continue to be so busy that we ignore our bodies own cry out for help it has no choice but to put on the breaks and force us to stop doing so much! So maybe I can’t do it all, or shouldn’t do it all.

This quote makes me feel like all my aches and pains are worth it!

“Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside in a cloud of smoke, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming “Wow! What a Ride!'”
— Hunter S. Thompson

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  • Rick

    Good Stuff !
    I truly love when people share the things that are difficult …. and share how they get through them ! That’s the most important things we can share !
    Tracy, I can always count on you to come through , This is just what I needed today ! Your the best !
    By the way men …. This is for us too !
    I too have the shoulders deal ( Can You Say ” It Hurts ” )
    Must take time out to exercises ! I’m so busy , I too have taken time off of my daily exercises routine ….. Not Good ! I’m getting back on track today …. thanks to your article !

    Keep Up The Great Work ! Thank – You !

    Everyone Remember To Create Smiles Today !

  • Jacquie

    Maybe it’s OK for Mr. Hunter S. Thompson to get to the point where he’s “thoroughly used up, totally worn out” but I plan on sashaying up to the pearly gates with two good (they may be metal) hips. I say watch what your body’s telling you. Too much running? Too much sitting (that’s me!)? Too much snacking (me again). Pain means ‘STOP!’.

    My right foot is telling me to stop wearing 4 inch heels ~ but won’t it look funny if I have one on my left only?

    Physical aches and pains can also signify discord in other parts of your life. If you smother frustration or anger it can manifest itself as anything, really…headaches, cramps, etc. You and I need to take some time to try yoga! Breathing, stretching and meditating. I’m in!
    I hope the massage therapist helps. A good one can work wonders with tho ‘ol elbows!

    • Tracy Westerholm

      So are you saying I need a therapist to find out what’s really the matter? (lol) I thought you were my therapist! I would sign up for Yoga for sure if you wanted to. But can we start in May when we are ripped and I can bend without making ungodly noises! lol Seriously though I do agree Jake, when your life in flux it shows up in many different ways. The majority of my aches and pains are simply getting older, not slowing down, and not balancing my day like I did just even a year ago. xo

    • Bonnie Johnson

      I agree with your comment regarding aches and pains signifying discord in other parts of your life as well Jacquie. You can’t ignore this stuff!

      Tracy, listen to your body and give yourself time off to re-balance. Your family will thank you for it too. xoxo

      • Tracy Westerholm

        I assure you that my aches and pains are exercise related ONLY ! lol Running out the door to do a 10K after not running for a week and not stretching will make anyones IT band hurt, common injury for runners and shoulder pain well that is neglect for sure and not listening to the doctor 3 years ago! When I do feel strain, I just keep going and don’t do what I am told when it comes to preventing future injury. Eventually you have to listen. I have ! xo Oh and the pimples on my chin at 47 are chocolate not stress related either! I gotta go run now, I need to stretch and now I don’t have time. lol love love love T ox

  • Lawrence

    I love that last quote, Tracy. I have it in a box on my desk that I keep for my girls full of inspirational stories and quotes. My version of the quote says ‘skidding in sideways’, but either way, it’s a great quote.

    I hear ya regarding your body telling you it needs attention. Mine screams at me every morning. More specifically my back. Yikes!

    I want to comment on the ‘thank GOD it was a woman and the whole lights on comment. I will leave it alone for the most part, although I will say this:

    ‘We love your body for better or for worse. Yours will age as will ours. Love your body. Show it off. Be proud of it, because we love and want to admire it and touch it and feel it pressed against us. Hiding it in darknes, rather than letting the candleights showing off it’s curves and even imperfections, denys us (your lover, your soul mate), from fully and deeply enjoying and loving ALL of you. Turn on the lights, throw off the covers, and love all stages of your life’s self.”

    Not saying this is you from that one comment you made, but woman in general. “We love you the way you are, so let us ‘love’ you and admire you the way you are.”

    I hear you again though. I am inspired to get in shape watching all these athletes and hearing and reading about their commitment, dedication, and the sacrifices required to reach their dreams.

    Great piece as always, Tracy. Can you believe our birthday month is almost over? 🙁 My sister is next/last and on the last day. One more ice cream cake to go. lol

  • Tracy Westerholm

    Lawrence, Lawrence, Lawrence, your lucky you live so far away, Oh and that your married (flirt * flirt)
    I like your version of the quote better actually, ‘skidding in sideways’ is wayyyy more my style!
    I think I may have read the rest of your comment about 20 times before being able to respond! I savoured each and every word and so appreciated your male energy point of view! You’re a wonderful man who is very passionate and not afraid to show it! I love that! Your comment made me blush, smile and sigh in a good way! Thanks for making my day! T ox

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