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“You’re hired!” I said to the handsome man with his beaming smile and long lashes. Little did I know this would one day be the story of how we first met.  Yes, my husband and I secretly dated and lived together for about a year as we both worked for the same company. He also shares the same birthday as my brother, which started our initial conversation.  Destined to be?

Carla and Matt met online. But did you know that they actually first met in person, one year prior to the online dating?  They first met at a clothing store in Nelson, BC, a random meeting then, and later remembered the first meeting when they actually started dating. They were married last summer. Was it destiny?

Ashley and Jon had six random encounters over the course of five years, starting when she was just 17.  They were married last week.  Was it fate?

Tabitha and Steve first met five years ago and danced the night away claiming it was love at first site.  They will be married Friday, April 13th, exactly five years to the day since they fell head over heals, which happened to also have been a Friday the 13th. Was it love at first site?

You see we all have a story and I am the lucky one who gets to capture it on their wedding day.  I am a hopeless romantic who believes in all the above, destiny, fate, love at first site and loving someone so much you think you’re heart’s going to explode. It’s like re-watching that romantic movie or reading that novel over and over again that you can actually recite the words, only it’s not a movie or a novel, its real people and real stories and what led them down the aisle.

I am a wedding and lifestyle photographer based out of Vancouver BC but one day hope to shoot weddings worldwide.  I have found a passion so deep that I couldn’t image doing anything else.  I could have easily gone back to my career in business after the first year of maternity leave, but I couldn’t imagine continuing to do something where I felt like I was settling.

Photography is so powerful. I get to document history for people, freeze time and capture some of the most important events in people’s lives. I’ve always had my “head in the clouds” so to speak, must be the Pisces in me, but I love to create a vision that reflects who you are and then capture it.

When was the last time you’ve had your family portraits done? Or a couple session or even had photos done just of yourself? Regardless if you take out your iphone or a simple point and shoot, take it out and document your lives, your children, your parents and the people who matter in your life.  I highly suggest you find a professional photographer too and invest in some great images at least once a year.  You’re building memories that are going to be handed down for generations. Alright, I am getting deep tonight, must be the wine , lol…but in all seriousness, life is short. Live it with passion and love like crazy.

What’s your story? I’d love to hear it…and then capture it.  XOXO


Here are a few of Melissa’s amazing photographs:

Click here for the Melissa Montgomery Gallery to see more of Melissa’s photos.


Melissa is a long time family friend of Johns and mine whose work I admire and whose friendship I cherish.  (John’s known her since birth and she has been his daughter Lisa’s best friend forever) Melissa did my own photos last summer and I was very happy with the results.  I normally feel awkward getting my photo taken, but she calmed my nerves and made it fun.  Thank you Melissa and I hope we can have you join us on Tara Cronica again soon. ~ Bonnie



6 thoughts on “Guest Blogger: Melissa Montgomery

  1. First things first…WELCOME to Tara Cronica Melissa!

    I too am a Hopeless Romantic that just can’t get enough of the stories you speak of. I often find myself engaged in a conversation with another woman who is open, sharing with me their romantic tale and I stand listening quietly hoping the story will end with…”We’ve been together ever since” You get to photograph those couples who are dripping with passion for their partner…*romantic sigh*

    Chance meetings, serendipitous moments that are strung between the dots we connect in life are whimsical and make my heart melt and mind not want to ever come down from the clouds in which I live!

    Your job is Perrrrrrfect for you! It is so clear you are doing what you love, passion comes out in your words. You can NEVER get too deep here on Tara, trust me…I know! 😉

    Your photographs capture moments in life we all live for.

    Again Welcome to Tara, I would love for you to share another story with us, I am certain you have many!

    Tracy (((((smile)))))

  2. So thrilled to be able to share your words here with us Melissa! Absolutely love your work and I’m so happy for you that you’ve found such a wonderful and rewarding passion. Look forward to seeing more of your work as you go. xoxo

  3. Destiny, Fate, Love at First Site…. do we create these experiences or do they just happen? That’s what I wonder. I love the photographs you’ve selected to accompany your post Melissa. As Tracy stated, they all capture a special moment – so perfectly. That is an artistic gift and you most definitely have ‘it’.

    • Kevin,

      I’d like to believe that Destiny, Fate and Love at First Site are all something we have no control over, they just happen.

      I think if we follow our hearts they will lead us to where we are meant to be. I think life is about learning lessons, sometimes we need to take a particular course over again because we simply were not paying attention!

      There is no such thing as a mistake or wrong direction, life’s a journey about learning from every decision we make and everyone who crosses our path.

      I think we need to trust our instincts and be aware. There are lessons standing right in front of us if we keep our eyes open. As long as we grow and unfold we are where we are meant to be.

      I am a huge fan of serendipitous moments as well! Sigh…I am a romantic to the core!

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