Grounding Souls ~

We all go through change at some point in our lives, some more than others, but we can all relate at some point. My life has taken a huge turn in the last couple of years and its taken some time to get used to, no complaints though. We all get comfortable and every now and then things get shaken up. It doesn’t always end up how we had imagined, but if you keep an open mind and just take the path of least resistance, it might surprise you! Sometimes it just works, regardless of how you seem to be going against the current of society. The key, do what works for you, no one else!

I’ve turned into somewhat of a hermit. (I’m working on fixing that) I like to spend time alone and being obsessed with writing makes it kind of difficult NOT to be by myself quite abit during the day and into the wee hours of the night. I was starting to think it was becoming a bit of a problem until a new friend of mine said something through email that made sense to me. I will call him Fran.O;

My take is you’re like a balloon (The big colorful balloon you fly in). Right now, the book (I am trying to writing a book along with 80 % of the population) is like the rope that keeps you anchored. Without it you would just float in whatever direction the wind blows. So, I think you should kinda lay low and just enjoy life around you for a while and let things just play out. All the while still taking care of life’s day to day mattersWhen you say you feel lost, and I do believe it’s for good reason. I say slow down take things easy. But think of it this way; if you and I were driving around in a new town or an area we were not too familiar with, we didn’t know which was south or north, we certainly would not speed up or even stay the speed limit. We would slow down and align our bearings, taking a look at where we are. Your right, you are going through some huge life changes, when that happens, mentally we want to grab hold of something stable like (home, etc). Home and old memories make us feel safe & good all over. Over time once we get our bearings down and feel a bit secure, just like a kid we are ready to venture out. You probably more than me lol” Frank.O

When you open up to people, you gain a new perspective. I met Frank O, through Tara Cronica, he’s AWESOME! If you don’t put yourself out there, even if it’s just via email as I have, you miss out on meeting great people. He may live miles away in another country but it doesn’t matter because we have connected on a different level free of physical form, and become friends.

If you’re going through changes as I am, there is always someone who can relate. His advice put a smile on my face, knowing that when I am ready to venture out again I will in full force! Thanks Frank O for reminding me to enjoy what’s right in front of me, here and now!


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  1. Tracy,
    First, I think you are very fortunate to have found a friend in “Frank”. Sometimes, “life” puts in front of us exactly what we need at that time, at that moment….to transcend to the next moment. I relate to your “changes” phase….I believe that if one is fortunate in this lifetime to go through this, it is a blessing. Let me explain. The “changes” we feel are not on the outside, but rather, on the “inside”. Our souls are “breaking out” of their enslaved duality of existence (spiritual/physical being). This is a time of “transformation”, of growth, of “awakening”, on a spiritual plane that cannot (nor should it) be properly articulated in words. It is for you to go through, for you to expand. This IS our purpose in this lifetime. The material form is only there to support our material utilities.
    Embrace the changes, welcome the isolation and smile, for you are very fortunate.
    Best Regards,
    “K in Miami”

    • “K in Miami”
      I love that! You words made me smile. I agree with you, just as Bonnie wrote “you are exactly where you need to be right now.” Isn’t that so true. As unsettling as life can sometimes be in wondering what’s going to happen next, I love the excitement of not knowing.

      My entire life I have loved change, whether it be as a child in moving and having a new bedroom or as an adult in changing my living room around to feel fresh.
      When your life takes a change in a direction which is unexpected it throws us off balance for a short period of time, we need to take a pause, collect ourselves, and move forward without fear.
      That is where I am at this very moment, living my life without fear, getting in touch with who I am and realizing my purpose.
      Thanks for your insight! 🙂

    • I love that, “You are exactly where you need to be right now” that’s awesome! xo
      If you hover over the symbol you will see it’s the African Symbol for Friendship. I loved it! It does look like a walnut doesn’t it!

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