Dancing in the Street !

Vancouver’s very own Robson Street was hit by imagine1day’s official ‘Dancing in the Street’ flashmob on Saturday! If you knew about this event in advance you were able to rehearse on line if you wanted to take part in this choreographed dance! It wasn’t just about keeping the party going that the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympics started, imagine1day is a nonprofit organization that is striving to bring primary education to all children in Ethiopia, Africa by 2020. This is one of the ways they draw attention to their cause. And what better place to do it while the streets are literally filled with thousands of optimistic Olympic visitors who are ready, willing and able to take part in any peaceful celebration.

Athletics and education go hand in hand if you ask me.  An athletes drive, dedication and discipline along with education is what allows them to reach their goals. With access to an education anything is possible, even a Gold metal at the Olympics! imagine1day allows you to decide where you put your money to help with elements of eduction, whether it’s the roof of a classroom, the water system or educational tools, 100% of your contribution will fund the children’s education project of your choice. Visit their website to find out how you can get involved ! Take a look at what is possible if you really believe in something! Its brilliant really, connecting people to greatness ~

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  • Rick

    Alright !!! I loved it ! What a great cause. I had no idea about this Great cause. But I know now …. Thanks to you Tracy ! I’ve learned something new today !
    When I learn these types of new things and how I can get involved …. I can’t help but SMILE !
    Going back to the site later to pick an area in which I would love to donate.


    Great Old Tune Too !

  • jacquie

    Fantastic! While I find flash mob dancing very entertaining I think it’s wonderful it’s now being used to bring awareness to such a great cause.

    I’d heard about it on the radio before it happened. One of the DJ’s spilled the beans (not knowing she wasn’t supposed to announce when and where it was going to happen!) I wish I’d had the time to go down and take part.

    You never know when the next opportunity will come along to be part of a fad. Like streaking. Wish I’d done it in the 70’s. Just kidding!

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