Can I Start Again?

Have you ever wanted to start over because you screwed something up? I think it’s perfectly legal to ask if you can start again. We did it as kids while playing, we’d begin something and if it didn’t go as planned we’d ask if we could start over. When taking pen to paper to write a love letter, in the days of real romance, we crumpled up what wasn’t just right and started from scratch, several times! How many love letters were lost because of imperfection? How many moments were given away because of the fear of being imperfect? Think about it, your first kiss, riding your bike, making love, drawing a picture. Nothing is done perfectly to start, really close maybe, but not perfect in the real world. It gives us something to strive for. When we say, ‘it just doesn’t get any better than this’, if you really think about it, it can always get better. But what determines better? Stuff? Time? Energy of the moment?

Now that we have texting and email we just press delete and our mistakes are wiped away into thin air, never to be seen in their unperfected state. Sad don’t you think. All those mistakes gone to waste. We learn from mistakes.

Lets take this a little further, do you ever wish you could do the same with life. Look around right now at who or what is in your space and imagine for a moment that you could delete the mistakes you’ve made with a press of the a button, and start again. ๐Ÿ™‚ If this was possible, would you? If you did, you wouldn’t be who you are today. You would be perfect! Can you imagine meeting someone perfect? It would be like a writer having only final drafts, no works in progress, nothing to improve upon. It would never work! Nobody’s perfect! We need imperfection in our lives to create balance. It would be really easy but the end result would be no feeling of accomplishment. I don’t like a bunch of loose ends in my life either, I like to have things tied up or at least comfortably undone. I love all the flaws and character traits someone of the opposite sex has to offer, it makes them more interesting. Its part of the story of their life.

I told Scott of my idea for this post and he took it even further. What if we could run our lives with the buttons on our keyboard. I mentioned earlier Delete, but maybe delete is too strong to start, perhaps we could first Backspace a little and re-do a moment we wish we had done differently and then decide if it was delete worthy.ย Esc, who hasn’t wanted to escape from a moment or two or three!ย Control, you have it when you press the button. Enter/Return to a moment in your past, just pick one ๐Ÿ™‚ย Options, a pop down menu comes up and gives you options to pick from depending on the scenario.ย Volume, now were talkin, no explanation needed on this one! Fn,(function) cause sometimes we just need a little help doing it.

Would you have married the guy standing in the door frame looking at you, or have bought the desk you’re sitting at just because it was on sale. Maybe the room you’re sitting in wouldn’t be a colour you’ve learnt to live with? You might have held eye contact just a little longer with the guy at the coffee shop. Talked to the elderly women a moment longer before she crossed the street. I don’t think there is any particular moment I would delete in my life, but I would go back to several and not rush through them so quickly. I would enjoy every intoxicating moment. I wouldn’t walk away from a kiss that touched my soul because of time or circumstance. I would try to remain in the moment as long as it allowed.

I don’t think starting over is the way to go, although it sounds easy to just ‘delete’. Accepting the choices we’ve made along the way and not taking the easy way out must have some positive force in our lives, don’t you think? You have to live with no regrets and if you make mistakes along the way accept them as part of what made you who you are and focus on what really matters. At least you started…


12 thoughts on “Can I Start Again?

  1. Don’t forget the “home” button. There have been many times I would have loved to push “home” and be magically taken home in an instant. The “shift” key would be handy too when our life needs a “shift” into another perspective. I could use that one right about now actually.

    Ah, if it could only be that easy. Truth is, as you’ve said, we needed to experience it all to become who we are today. Life’s contrasts allow us to know what we want and what we don’t want after all. I’ve learned a lot about what I don’t want over the years, now I just need to work on those things that I do want to conjure into my life. Just a few things need tweaking. I need a “tweak” button! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Wow ! Food for thought or what. Very cool ! I would agree with not being who we are if we did not go through all the different experiences in our lives. Sure, I would change a lot of things but, that would change who I am today.
    I wrote on my status today that as I look at the old man in the mirror …. do I long for my youth ? No ! I Don’t ! As things have changed on the outside …. maybe not for the better …. the things that have changed on the inside are for the better ….. much better actually.
    I like who I am today in my maturity, and realization that it’s not about me ( us ) but rather a much bigger picture is of the real importance.

    Well Written, Well Said , Well Thought Out ! Nice Work !

    P.S. Can I Get That Pic In Poster Size ! Good Work “Bond Girl ” You Make A Difference ! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Im going to be thinking about this all day. I would love be able to backspace a few things and maybe rework how they happened. I even like the idea Bonnie had about the “Home” key. I agree there are many times I wish I could hit that key. I dont have any regrets about how I have lived my life but I wish I could tweek it abit.
    I absolutely love this post. Tracy you always amaze me when I am reading your blog post for the days. All you wonderful ladies have something great to offer each day you write and I look forward to it.

    • Thank you Sam, if I can make just one person feel inspired by my writing then I am on the right path. It’s comments like these that inspire me to continue in the direction I am going.
      You are a very important part of our Tara Circle of Friends! Thanks for always speaking the truth and from your heart to us!
      T xo

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  5. THe keyboard of life. I love it. Page Up to see into the future, page down to reflect on the past, and end to end what isn’t working any longer.

    Don’t forget the F key. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I loved this line the most: ” I wouldnโ€™t walk away from a kiss that touched my soul because of time or circumstance. I would try to remain in the moment as long as it allowed.”

    I remember some kisses that I embraced knowing that they could quite possibly be the last.

    One of the greatest gifts we have been givin’, is the ability to take ourselves back to those moments when life is missing the love and companionship our hearts live for.

    Speaking of Starting Over, here is one of my fav’s:

    • Funny isn’t it Lawrence that our lives are related to by our keyboards!
      F Key = forget, flirt, fart or fool around! lol

      I am thinking fool around so we can go back to moments in time when our worlds were rocked!
      Love that song~ Muah! ๐Ÿ™‚

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