Fear is the Thief of Dreams…Gandhi ~

I was talking to a man-friend of mine about living life with no fear. We both agreed there is no other way to live. He believes “fear usually lives in things unfinished or never done.” I think timing can also play a key role in dreams or goals unfinished or never done. We need to stay tapped into our passion no matter how little time we have for it, keeping our dreams alive!

“Don’t dream your life, but live your dream” ~ Mark Twain

Do you ever wonder why you do certain things? Why do you connect so easily with some but not others? Why did you take Spanish out of the blue? Do you ever wonder how something you’re doing now is going to relate to your future? It’s all about connecting the dots. I often wonder what is the purpose of me writing? Its not for the huge paycheck. Here’s why ~

“Writing is the only thing that, when I do it, I don’t feel I should be doing something else” ~ Gloria Steinem.

It’s about passion. I am passionate about love and life and write in hopes of keeping my passion for it alive. It’s all about sharing my passion and hopefully inspiring those around me while doing so. When you do what you’re passionate about you find what you are seeking in life, changing the energy around you. You can’t inspire others if you are full of regret because of things unfinished or never done. Even if your passion is a hobby, do it for the simple pleasure of doing it.

My life with no fear is pretty simple ~ live each moment open and honest sharing what life has to offer with those around me. I get inspiration from nature, in particular water. I can sit for hours in awe of its vast magnificence. It both calms and excites me. It has such power and peacefulness. Turbulent on top yet tranquil underneath where there is an entirely different world waiting to be explored if we just dip below its surface without fear. Dip below the surface of life and see what it has to offer. We often fear the unknown, yet our world is surround by it. “Fear is the thief of dreams” ~ Gandhi.

Music also inspires and stimulates my creative thoughts. Music opens me. It sends me back to where I’ve been and takes me to where I dream of being. It stirs my soul, balances my being and tunes my emotion.

Unique human beings also inspire me. I admire those who live outside of their comfort zone, very few have the courage to do so. I have only written about a few but there are many. I crave those who make me think and feel emotions that frighten me. I have the desire to write when emotions are stirred deep inside. Then is when I feel truly alive.

So if I were to be living my dream with no fear I would be gazing into a body of water with music in the air writing passionately about life and love, in the company of a man who stirs all of my emotions. Living your dream doesn’t have to be complicated. It’s about making memories and each moment count. It’s not about what you have, it’s about what you do with your passion.

When I saw the movie Romancing the Stone with Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner I wanted to be her. A romance novelist on an adventure, in the end she finds her own love and sails away living her dream. I want my life to be filled with adventure, love and passion worthy of inspiring me to write. I want to write about real romance, not harlequin romance, real romantic adventure.

That’s MY Dream!

Life is what you make it. If you do what you love I think everything else just happens. Follow your passion.  Make your dreams a reality…jump!

I must be in tune with the Universe because this was the Postcard from Gusto this glorious morning…

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Bucket List!

Alright Goddesses, what is one thing on your Bucket list you have yet to do?

TracyTracy has yet to~

I want to live in a Spanish speaking country until I can finally speak the language fluently~ At some point in the future I would love to live in either Spain or Mexico.  I love the sound of the Spanish language, so romantic, how could anyone not want to speak it fluently.  I would like a Spanish boyfriend who will have a Spanish argument with me just so we can make up passionately in you guessed it, Spanish.

When I was in high school you only had French or German to choose from.  I never even made it 30 minutes in French class, I walked out because my teacher was really bitchy from the moment she entered the classroom.  I had just been in France and saw first hand how the French ignored those who didn’t speak ‘real’ French so I didn’t really see the point in learning Québécois French. A teacher can make or break the learning process.  My only other options was German and since the people of Germany were so kind I decided to give it a try.  “Ich bin haben sie ein schriber.”  I have a pen is all I took away from a semester in German.  Not proud of that at all!

I finally signed up to a Spanish class last October at a local high school where the teacher was outstanding, Carlos Rabago.  Outside of the class the only person I could find to speak Spanish with was a friend of my sons, Richard, who was 10 years old.  He was really sweet and listened intently each time I leaned a new phrase.  He understood me and smiled as we had our Spanish conversation each day.  When my class was finished and life got busy again, Spanish was put aside.  Eventually all I could say was “Hola Richard”, he still smiled and always replied “Hola.”  It was never said out loud but we both knew I spent $100 bucks to learn how to say hello and it became a joke.  So as you can see by my track record I NEED to live in the country of the language I want to learn or it just doesn’t stay with me for very long.  Perhaps Ginkgo would help?

So I would love if someday I could live somewhere I had to speak this beautiful language everyday.  Hola Jake, can’t wait to hear what’s on your Bucket list!!

Post Insert JacquieJacquie still has to~

Isn’t a bucket list sort of the same thing as a vision board?  They’re both the physical manifestation of future wishes and dreams, right?  If that’s the case, let me just saunter over to the other side of my office and take a peek at my life’s blueprint as designed by me about 6 months ago, and which now hangs above my bookshelf  conveniently placed at eye level so I can’t miss it.   That cabin deep in the woods by a lake still hasn’t been built.  I have yet to run naked along the seashore confidently yelling ‘This is me!  Take it or leave it!’ and I’m still working towards getting my first solo art show off the ground one day.

I’ve got big plans and a mighty long list to get through but perhaps the most important bucket/vision board dream of mine would be to one day pack up only the essentials like paint, a sketch book, Gavin and a good road map, and take a few months to explore the Americas by car.  No, change that to one of those little vans with room to crash in the back for a quickie catnap (nudge, nudge,wink, wink).  I’d stop in pretty little towns and eat lemon meringue pie in friendly mom n’ pop cafes.  I’d visit art galleries and antique shops and wineries and explore side streets and back roads and downtown thoroughfares ~ all while searching for lyrical beauty in everyday spaces.  If I were truly adventurous (and I have been in the past) I’d like to think I would be able to continue the trip into Central America, down through Ecuador and Peru with Machu Picchu as the ultimate destination.  I know I’d have to park the van at some point and join a group on foot to get to the sacred city high in the Andes, but I’d do it in a heartbeat.   Something tells me it might be too dangerous to do the South American part of the trip on wheels so I might have to fly down, but one way or the other I plan on getting to the Incan site before I … kick the bucket ; )

* Come back on Monday and find out more about Peace One Day and the Machu Picchu connection!

Bonnie Johnson's PostBonnie is planning to~

I want to learn to speak french!!! I have to say that I did attempt to learn some languages during high school but I was not very good at any of them.   I took a term of Latin, Indonesian, German and French.  Dumped the Latin and Indonesian and tried to carry on with German and French.  I ended up taking French as far as grade eleven in high school to the frustration of many a french teacher.  I didn’t really see the point in any of it back then.  I was from the West Coast of Canada and had never been to the East Coast so really had no worries of needing to converse with any French Canadians much (except that one summer when that cute French Canadian guy and I…nah, still didn’t need the language).

Since then I’ve done a lot of traveling around the world and boy do I wish I’d paid better attention to those lessons.  As a Canadian I’ve decided that I really should make a better attempt at learning to speak french.  I love the way it sounds too.  Plus if you can speak french then you can figure out a little Spanish which is a bonus for those winters when we get to escape to Mexico!

So I’ve bought all the tapes and cd’s and I even own the aptly named book “French for Dummies” but I’m really no further ahead at this point.  I recently babysat where the child wanted me to read some simple books to him.  In french.  I had to fake it, and because he is only eight months old he didn’t catch on.  Phew!  I’m not giving up though.  I still want to parlez francais one day!

Ah, c’est la vie!