Svaha ~ May a Blessing Be With You…


Tracy headshotWhen we created Tara Cronica we wanted to have a website dedicated to inspiring women to live their most authentic lives. When you spend time with your girlfriends you leave feeling empowered, in turn strengthening your female energy and the bond between you. We chose the Buddhist Goddess Arya Tara because she is the Protectress of Earthly and Spiritual Travel along the road to Enlightenment. The word Cronica is a Brazilian form of poetic writing that’s purpose is to explore the lyrical beauty in everyday happenings. When you combine the two you have female energy trying to find beauty in everyday. That is what we try to do here on Tara Cronica. We share ourselves with you hoping to form a connection that creates a bond and source of well being. It seems we need that more than ever, human connection that joins us all together as one.

I do believe that when you focus on the positive instead of the negative, change is inspired. When you use your voice you inspire change, not only within, but in others as well. We try not to focus on the negative, as it only attracts more.

I wanted to touch briefly on the tragedy that took place this week at Sandy Hook Elementary School. There were far too many young spirits taken from us. I say from ‘us’ because we are all connected by human spirit. I say young simply because of their age. The adults who died were Hero’s doing everything they could to keep our children safe. We all feel a loss when something so tragic happens in any community. My heart aches as I am sure yours does watching this tragedy unfold.

Today I feel numb. I feel deeply sad for those who suffered a loss, the children who were taken and those little spirits who will have to find a way to make sense of this in their innocent minds. We will grieve together with the world and eventually carry on but will not forget those who were taken and those who showed such courage.

Although it is hard today to see any lyrical beauty in this happening we can shift our focus on the human beings who make this sadness a little easier to swallow. Dawn Hochsprung the school Principal, Victoria Soto, a beautiful 27 year old first grade teacher, Mary Sherlach the school psychologist, Rachel Davino, Anne Marie Murphy and Lauren Rousseau. Their brave actions will always be remembered.
It is time for everyone to use their voice to create the change that is needed to help prevent another tragedy such as this. Let us not focus on the who that was behind this but why it happened and how we can prevent it from happening again.
Svaha ~ May a Blessing be with you!
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