Svaha Spirit Series: The ONE Campaign ~

ONE is a grassroots advocacy and campaigning organization that fights extreme poverty and preventable disease by raising public awareness. ONE and its partners, have played an important role in persuading governments to support effective programs and policies that are making a measurable difference in fighting extreme poverty and disease.

As a result of those programs, today nearly 4 million Africans have access to life-saving AIDS medication, up from only 50,000 people in 2002. Malaria deaths have been cut in half in countries across Africa in less than 2 years and 46.5 million more children are now going to school. Children are precious and each and every child deserves to have fresh water, food, a warm place to sleep and an education.

My favourite musician of all time co-founded ONE and (RED) which I also support! 🙂

The F-Word….The ONE Campaign

Use your voice for something that matters.


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Svaha Spirit Series ~Dance for Climate Change~

TracyThe UN Climate Change meeting which kicked off on Monday in Copenhagen, ended it’s first day with the concert Dance 4 Climate Change“Dance and music are important languages that transcend cultural language barriers and reach many communities and faiths around the world. Therefore, we have the chance to demonstrate to our elected leaders that people around the world want them to Seal the Deal!” the organizers said.

The People’s Orb, a shiny, silver sphere filled with messages from people all around the world, as well as key climate change reports, has travelled from Sydney to Brussels and is being passed to high profile figures and appearing at various events in Copenhagen over the course of the next two weeks.
The concert is available for global broadcast and is a catalyst to mobilize as many people as possible to Dance for Climate Change and sign the climate petition at I did my part and signed the petition!  Whether you were lucky enough to attend the live concert, watch it on television, the internet or via mobile phone, or listen to it on the radio, you have the chance to dance, sing along and add to the groundswell of people who want decisive action at this historic, crucial event.

In August 2009 over 10.000 people danced for the climate on the Ostend Beach in Belgium.  If you listen to the song they are dancing to you will recognise it is U2 once again using their fame to help make the world aware of what is going on around us.

Tracy signiture


Encouragement can be as simple as a smile:)

trayc-wWhen I run I listen to the music of U2 or Cold Play to keep me in the ‘zone’ and inspired to keep going.  While running the other day I found another source that kept me moving quickly along my route.  I noticed that when women smiled at me I felt a burst of energy.  It was their way of saying “you go girl”  with a simple smile.

It’s different when men smile, you still feel the burst of energy but it quite often (not always) has a sexual charge connected to it.  When women smile at me it just feels like it is for no other reason than support.  I am not saying that when every man smiles at me it’s sexually charged (that’s an entirely different post) but I think it’s naturally different.  I know men are also very supportive and their energy is very powerful as well.  I have many male friends who are equally as supportive as my female ones.

We all learn from a very young age that encouragement is vital to success.  We can succeed without it, but it certainly helps.  We start with encouraging our babies to talk, walk and learn.  Encouragement is what gets them to take that first step or say their first word.  As our kids grow we continue to encourage them in school and sports and they flourish and learn so quickly.  Kids thrive on encouragement, so do adults.

As adults I think we don’t encourage one another as much as we should.  We have stopped giving those words of encouragement to our colleagues, possibly because of our competitive nature.  I know for myself when I get encouraging words from both of my partners I work harder and push myself more.  If your girlfriend tells you that you look like you’ve lost weight, you don’t go grab a cupcake for lunch, you go for a run.  Encouragement!  If your boyfriend tells you that you look like you’ve dropped a few (not in those exact words) you feel sexy, wink.  Let’s be clear though that manipulative encouragement can totally backfire!

It’s all about positive energy.  You get back what you put out there.  I never thought of a smile before as a form of encouragement.  But I believe it is.  Bonnie wrote a great post on ‘The Power of a Smile’ which is so true.  Encouragement is a gift that is free to give to anyone, anywhere, anytime that, as I learned running, can be as simple as a smile  🙂  Have you encouraged anyone today?  I hope I inspired you to 🙂