Would it Be Too Much to Ask to Have My Husband Stuffed?


One morning I was listening to a morning radio show and the subject peaked my interest.  They were asking the public if they agreed or disagreed about getting a family pet stuffed in order to hang onto it a little longer.

Some people’s pets are like family and anyone who has had a pet knows how sensitive this subject can be.  We mourn our animals sometimes more than we mourn our relatives and rightfully so.  Our furry companions are unconditionally in love with us, they give us a sense of security and really require very little in return.  Unlike some relatives we all know.

While I was listening intently to the callers it made me think of my husband, don’t ask, it just did.  I love more than anything to spend my weekend mornings having coffee with him in the living room because we always seem to have the best conversations about life and what ever else comes up.  For a moment I thought what if it’s not the dog that dies but him?  Why not get him stuffed if it were an option?  Is it really too much to ask?  Roy Rogers stuffed Trigger and were talking a horse here!  I mean it would have to be done professionally.  I would want him to be realistic or it wouldn’t be worth it.  I could request him be put in the seated position with his hand available for a coffee cup so we could continue our weekend ritual and still sit together and have coffee as we once did.  Perhaps this would make for an easier transition into being on our own.

Let’s go a little further with this.  So there we are on the weekend enjoying our morning java together fixing the world’s problems but like any relationship it starts to get stale after awhile and we start to loose interest in the other person’s ideas.  Or I should say I start to loose interest in his ideas, so I finally start to date.  My new boyfriend wants to come over to visit and I can no longer think of any good reason for him not to.  So I put a blanket over my husband because I am not quite ready to let go.  After a couple of curious boyfriends later I finally decide to move him downstairs to the basement for the kids to play with.  Oh how they use to love to wrestle with him after he came in from work.

We tried to keep him upstairs as long as we could because it was expensive to have him stuffed but now he is collecting dust.  My daughter couldn’t resist giving him a hair cut and my son put him in goal.  He is just not holding together as we had imagined.  In hindsight we should have just saved him for special occasions like Birthdays and Christmas even better Halloween but we really wanted to get our money’s worth.

Perhaps it is too much to ask and we should focus our lives on making memories that will last a life time!  Live in the moment people, or you may end up stuffed!