Happy New Year!

tracy-pic3Happy New Year !!

Happy Birthday~ James “Quick” Parker!!

Every New Years Day has been a wonderful memory for me because my Nana Westerholm always invited the entire family over to spend the day with her and Jean. Everyone got stockings regardless of age and they were always over flowing with gadgets and fun stuff that would keep us amused all day. My Mom has carried on this tradition which I love because I always look forward to going to her house and just hanging out relaxing with nothing to do but visit. I will carry on this tradition one day and I hope it’s continued after I am too old to do it or start filling the stockings with inappropriate goodies.


New Years Day is a fresh start, like getting all new school supplies in September. It’s a clean slate! I love that feeling.

I have never been one to go out and drink heavily on New Years Eve because I have a tradition of my own and that is to start the year out with a run to clear my mind of the old, rejuvenate my body and renew my soul. No resolutions, just keep doing what I am doing, growing (not in size), unfolding, treating others as I wish to be treated and live in the moment, no regrets!

This year is going to be a year of purging, getting back to the bare minimum. I am moving forward in many aspects of my life and I look forward to each and everyone of them with a smile on my face. I welcome the change of the seeds planted in the past and look into the future with excitement! I wish you all continued good health, love, because love really does make the world go around, and the appreciation of life itself! I intend to make a difference where ever I go and will enjoy whom ever crosses my path. Happy New Years Everyone !!

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Polo Anyone?

Polo Anyone? Pass the Nacho’s please ! For the Ladies and Gentlemen of Tara Cronica!

I don’t know about you but I feel Inspired to watch Polo, those horses were amazing!  No but seriously, didn’t Nacho Figueras make you want to tune into Black Watch Polo.  It is a sport that has it all, competition, speed, skill, royalty (Prince Henry of Wales, known as Prince Harry), crashing, horses and handsome men!!  Nacho Figueras & Prince Harry

It’s a sport that is all about Tradition, Soul and Beauty!  I’m just sayin…

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