Would He Catch a Grenade for Ya?

Would your man catch a grenade for ya…throw his hand on a blade for ya…jump in front of a train for ya…take a bullet straight through his brain for ya…do anything for ya? These lyrics remind us how powerful love can be. Most people don’t experience this kind of passion in their love, and as shown in Bruno’s video it’s not always reciprocated. Imagine for a moment how incredible it would feel if you knew without a doubt, your man would give his life for you!

Have you ever felt this kind of love for someone? Your blessed if you have. Once you’ve had love this powerful it’s hard to settle for anything less. My Dad would do every verse Bruno writes about for my Mom! It makes me smile just thinking about how powerful their love is. I am sure that after 60 odd years together on some days he may feel like catching the grenade and setting it down quietly behind her…:) (lol) or pushing her in front of the train, but if it really came down to it, he would die for her, and that’s gotta feel good.

The Power of Love!

It’s no secret that I’m a romantic, being born on Valentine’s Day was no coincidence! I would bathe in love if it were possible! You have to admit the feeling of being in love changes the way you view everything. Love conquers all. Without Lovethere is nothing. When you feel love for someone this strong, you would do anything for them! It’s a selfless act, being in love.

Not everyone experiences love to such a degree, and no one likes to be rejected when it comes to love, but if you don’t take chances and risk it all, you will never know if it was love. If you do follow your heart, it will lead you to where you are meant to be which can change your life forever!

What’s the most romantic thing a man or woman has done for you, or said to you?

I had a man confess “he would have climbed Everest for me!” Now that’s romantic…sigh 🙂