In Search of the Elusive Soulmate ~

Women are hard wired to find love, some of us crave it like we crave dark chocolate, and why not because love is D-e-l-i-c-i-o-u-s! We are forever on a quest for romance. We are drawn to the intoxicating fumes our elusive lover exudes, as he invisibly drifts by. When we do connect we are completely mesmerized by the chemistry that is created when we touch. When in search of the elusive soulmate it’s important to visualize exactly how you want him to make you feel.

I am reading a new book right now and in it there is a chapter about attracting your soulmate. Before you’re ready to cross paths with this energy whether it be male or female you have to put your order in, the more specific the better. I don’t need male energy in my life but I definitely want it. The search for the elusive soulmate is no different from any other journey we set out on. It’s important to smell the pheromones along the way!

I joked about my journey last month and wrote a post called Eat Eat Eat Pray Love , (got caught up in the eat part a little longer than I had planned lol) I am ecstatic to say I’ve moved forward and feel like I am now on the Pray part, my ass thanks me!

According to the book I’m reading you don’t just have one soulmate. What a massive relief that was to hear! The book is, and don’t laugh unless you’ve read it cover to cover, “The Idiot’s Guide Connecting with Your Angels” I don’t know why I think any of you would laugh because it’s a great book, maybe it’s the Idiot’s Guide part that sounds weird. I walked into Indigo books, and was lead right to it like it was calling out my name, so I had to buy it! I also bought “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Chakras“, and have “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Toltec Wisdom“, are you seeing a pattern here! Either 1) I’m a complete idiot or 2) I love the format of these books because of their reference style qualities and I’m intrigued! Pick one and get the books, you will see what I mean! (I’ve added a link so you don’t have to search for them 🙂 Just click on the picture of the book that is speaking to the idiot in you!)

According to The Idiot’s Guide to Connecting with Your Angels’ to help initiate finding your soulmate you should start by asking your angels to help you on your journey. Then, buy a journal that you’re ‘drawn’ to, think of the qualities you want your soulmate to possess, write one quality on each page, concentrate and read each one three times, ask the angels to fill your wish, trust and believe in divine timing and let it go, oh and don’t forget to thank your angels!

I was going to put my list of qualities I hope he possesses but I am not sure if there is enough room! 🙂 But I will give you a few examples of what’s important to me ~ passionate about me and his work (in that order), great sense of humour, smiling eyes, inner strength and incredible sexual chemistry! Don’t knock it till ya try it!

I found this beautiful silk artwork while looking for a picture to add to my post, it’s called ‘Soulmates’ by Artist Lena Reznikova, I had to add it!

Click on the book that piques your interest!


‘The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Toltec Wisdom’ ~

I have been reading The Compete Idiot’s Guide to Toltec Wisdom for the last couple of months and absolutely LOVE it! Its one of those books that after you complete it you can use it as a reference and go back to different chapters depending on what you need to revisit. I admit I have had it since Christmas and kept saying I didn’t have time to read it. (subconscious excuse) I now make the time to read it because I guess I am ‘ready’ for it…finally! It makes perfect sense to me! The author, Dr Sheri Rosenthal puts Toltec Wisdom in simple terms (hence the title ‘idiot’s’ guide) it’s easily understood.

This book has really provokes deep thought and forces you to ask yourself if you’re really getting everything out of your life as it is now. It’s definitely changed the way I think about certain aspects of my life. It makes more sense. This book has given my life new meaning and understanding.

Here are a few excerpts from the book.

“Once we have awareness, we have choice. If we could have that awareness all the time, we could change our routines, change our reactions, and change our entire life. Once we have the awareness, we recover free will, in any moment we can choose to remember who we are.” ~ don Miguel Ruiz, The Mastery of Love

We become Warriors once we are able to see our fears as nothing more than smoke. Taking action and having absolute faith in that action is the only way to vanquish fear. Fear never immobilizes a Warrior; we face our fears and move forward.”

“Silent Knowledge is all the information and wisdom that exists as universal consciousness that we all are connected to, but have long forgotten how to use or access.”

“Being impeccable with your word is the correct use of energy; it means to use your energy in the direction of truth and love for yourself” ~ don Miguel Ruiz, The Four Agreements.

“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift; the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honours the servant and has forgotten the gift.” ~ Albert Einstein

If you would like to purchase this book just click on it to make it easy!


Svaha Spirit Series ~ Toltec Wisdom (part 2)

Happy Mother’s Day Mom and to all the other Wonderful Moms out there ! Enjoy your day you deserve it!

This video shows how important it is to be able to say no in a happy tone, without the feeling of guilt or pressure. I think it’s one of the keys to being a great Mom! Balance is important in our busy schedules and in order to have balance we sometimes need to say no, and then let it go.

A couple of weeks ago I did a post on our Svaha Spirit Series ~ Toltec Wisdom (part 1). Here is Gini Gentry talking about the Rule of the Nagual (pronounced na’wal) (part 2). Gini makes it seem so clear and easy in regard to saying NO! I didn’t learn to say NO until I turned 40 and for some reason it was much easier than I had thought which empowered me!

I am not sure if you picked up the book I suggested a couple of weeks ago ‘The Compete Idiot’s Guide to Toltec Wisdom’ by Sheri Rosenthal but if you did I know you will relate to this next video. Enjoy ~


Svaha Spirit Series ~ Toltec Wisdom (part 1)

I have been reading The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Toltec Wisdom’ by Sheri Rosenthal and felt I needed to share it with you! I came across this video where Gini Gentry shares the Rule of the Nagual (pronounced na’wal) the Toltec teaching that can lead to self-mastery which will either inspire you to buy the book and read it as I have or push the thought aside for now. I always find that when I am ready for a book it just happens and I read it.