Tales of Passion with Isabel Allende

As you know I am a HUGE fan of TED Talks…here is one that has inspired me to help nurture the feminine energy in men! (((((((smile))))))))

Author and activist Isabel Allende discusses women, creativity, the definition of feminism and of course…passion! She writes stories of passion. Her novels and memoirs, including The House of the Spirits and Eva Luna, tells the stories of women and men who live with passionate commitment. Isabel made me smile, laugh and want to join forces with other women to change the world in which we live to be better, not perfect but better! Enjoy!

“For real change, we need feminine energy in the management of the world. We need a critical number of women in positions of power, and we need to nurture the feminine energy in men.” (Isabel Allende)


Svaha Spirit Series ~ Another Great TEDTalk

I think this video, a tongue-in-cheek analysis by Sebastian Wernicke could also be translated for bloggers. He show how statistical information can help you create the optimal TED Talk. We use Google Analytics to see what content is viewed more, which days and times have more traffic on Tara Cronica. I like to check it a couple times a week and find it really useful information. Google Analytics stopped working for about three weeks and it drove me crazy! I love seeing what draws more readers in regard to content ect. Bonnie introduced me to TED Talks last year, they are so varied and it’s easy to get lost in them as I did here. Enjoy!

Lies, damned lies and statistics (about TEDTalks)


The Third Act ~ Jane Fonda ~ TED Talk

The Third Act…Jane Fonda is a powerful woman who has always had something to say. I am a HUGE fan of TED Talks. My Mom shared this with me, thanks Mom!

Older women are the largest demographic in the world who have the opportunity to pass down their wisdom to the younger generations!

Listen up…

I wanted to add a quote Jane Fonda read out from a book by author Viktor Frankl written in 1946,  ‘Man’s Search for Meaning.’ Viktor was a Holocaust survivor which s a 1946 book by Viktor Frankl chronicling his experiences as a concentration camp inmate, describing his psychotherapeutic method of finding a reason to live.

“Everything in life can be taken from you except one thing…your freedom to choose how you will respond to the situation. This is what determines the quality of life we live not whether we’ve been rick or poor, famous or unknown, heathy or suffering. What determines our quality of life is how we relate to these realities, what kind of meaning we assign them, what kind of attitude we cling to about them, what state of mind we allow them to trigger. Perhaps the purpose of The Third Act is to go back and try to, if appropriate, to change our relationship to the past.” ~ Viktor Frankl.