50 Shades of Grey ~ Mommy Porn?

I am not generally a follower, more of a leader but I couldn’t resist finding out what all the fuss was about so I caved and bought the trilogy ‘50 Shades of Grey’. Everywhere I turn I hear someone say something about this book! A writer man-friend of mine suggested I start reading erotic romance novels if that is what I aspire to write more of, so I am. Anything for research…right? I have never even picked up a Harlequin Romance Novel before so I’m a virgin when it comes to reading romance. I’d rather be living it or writing about it than reading it. I did however find a few forum magazines when I was younger and found it hard to put those down.

I have to admit that’s where I find my flow in writing. I am naturally in my element when my romantic imagination joins my sensual erotic soul. I love the style of writing that leaves your loins aching for more, heart racing, imagination piqued and hormones surging!

I am not that far into the first book but I must say it’s intrigued me, I am not exactly sure what to expect, I haven’t got to the ‘play-room’ yet. I am secretly hoping their romance takes on a life of its own, being a true romantic myself. I also sense there is a darker erotic side to the story having heard there is a fair amount of S & M in the book.

As we read erotic sensual words, we feel the wash of sensuality flow over us. The look in our eyes change. We surrender to seduction. It’s a feeling many women don’t experience often enough in my opinion. I live for that feeling, thrive on it, I may even be addicted to it. It’s an obsession for sure. If there was an AA for this type of addiction I’d tell them to go to hell! My mind naturally plays with elements of love and sexuality daily, it’s a big part of who I am.

Lets face it a good number of relationships border on boring, we get too comfortable, so we look elsewhere to find a thrill. Taboo attracts us, well some of us. Knowing a man wants you is sometimes the only thing we need to get our heart racing. The feeling of lust and desire can be overwhelming! As for those comfortable souls who yearn for a Christian Grey to walk through their doors to titillate them, a novel is a much better safer place to look than between the sheets of a bed that doesn’t belong to you. Just sayin….

Hallelujah for erotic sensual romantic novels and writers such as E.L James that want to take us by the hand and lead us into temptation! Tempt me, tease me…leave me wanting more! Just don’t try to take my power as a woman away…cause I won’t go down without a fight!

Mommy porn? I like to think about it as story time that brings out the woman in all of us. Husbands and partners need not worry, we still want you…more than ever! You have probably noticed if your wife or partner is reading one of these books. I guess the question is “Who isn’t reading one of these books?”

Married women who are reading erotic romance are safe, husbands are in heaven with their wives new found libido, but what about the heat that has washed over single women? We’re gonna start to do things we aren’t proud of! I am considered getting a pool-boy but remembered I don’t have a pool. My girlfriend Alison F told me she was getting a pool-boy. (she’s reading the book too) Mind you she has a pool and lives back East where it’s realllllly humid right now. I’m thinking one of those little kiddie pools with the elephant trunk that spouts water is technically a pool…right? I think I’ll ask the sales clerk what isle the pool-boys are down, or if it comes with one? Is he in the box? Do I have to pay extra? Surely that trunk needs cleaning so there’s not  a build up of algae in it?

Reading Mommy-porn does crazy things to a woman’s libido! Trust me! If you see a grown woman humping the leg of a crossing guard, or standing dangerously close to a jack hammer, just leave her be, she’s probably reading the book. This too will pass!

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PDA…Public Display of Affection?

I saw an elderly couple walking hand in hand the other day, actually I’ve never seen them walking NOT hand in hand, which made me realize I haven’t seen anyone show any affection in public for a very long time. I watched them walk in sync into the distance connected, and it made me wonder about their love. When was the last time you went for a walk and held hands with your significant other? It’s a clear statement that you are together, that’s for sure! Are we avoiding that or is it just that public display of affection has petered out over the years?

Kissing is one of the most intimate forms of affection between two people. It’s easy to get lost in a man’s lips if he knows how to use them. You rarely see anyone kiss in public anymore. I am not talking about the occasional brother kiss, I mean a passionate tasteful kiss! Is it because its personal that we don’t do it in front of anyone? Can we not find a middle of the road kiss, that expresses our attraction without walking away wiping our face off from the drool that was left behind. (yuck) If someone yells out “GET A ROOM!” you’ve gone too far!

I don’t particularly want to see two people giving each other a face wash in public but I would take a longer glance if I saw a couple kissing that looked like they just couldn’t help the attraction. Or is it because we have one eye on and one eye off the person we are out with, that makes us not want to partake in public? I’m just saying…

Public Display of Affection or PDA has been transformed into Personal Digital Assistant…god we’ve become so generic and boring. We pay more attention to our iPhones and Blackberries and other PDA devices than the person in our company! Does anyone have a sex drive or libido anymore? We don’t kiss and mean it anymore! If you’re going to kiss someone at least put some effort and feeling into it!

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History of the Tattoo… Japanese ~

Tracy Previously I posted  History of a Tattoo and focused on the Polynesian style tattoo.  I will move the focus this time to the Japanese tattoo to continue the exploration of the different styles we are all drawn to.

Are tattoos no longer considered taboo?  Whether your like them or not you can’t open a magazine without seeing the men and women who adorn them.  As I said in my previous post “I love tattoos, always have and always will”.  I am drawn to those who have them out of curiosity of wanting to know the story behind the art they have permanently placed on their skin as a form of self expression until the day they die.  Have tattoos completely become acceptable in our World today.  If so it has not always been like this.

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Japanese ~

Tattooing was considered a normal part of Japanese society until the Kofun period which ran from 300 to 600 AD when it started receiving a negative connotation.  The tattoo was previously used to designate spiritual influences as well as social status, but after this period in Japanese history, the tattoo would be used as a mark to distinguish criminals.

All the way up until the Edo period (1600 -1868 AD) the Japanese tattoos would undergo many positive and negative changes.  On the positive side they were considered a form of social status or religious belief, on the negative side, due to the Kofun period, criminals would start to use the tattoo for their own purposes.   It was not until recent times that it became a true art form as a means of self expression.

The earliest evidence of tattooing in Japan was found in the form of clay figurines which have faces painted or engraved to represent tattoo marks.  The oldest figurines have been recovered from tombs dated 3,000 BC or older.  The figurines were stand-ins for living individuals who symbolically accompanied the dead on their journey into the unknown.  It is also believed  they had magical significance.

There have been debates over whether the traditional tattoos were adorn by those of great wealth or those of lower status, but one thing stands true is that the Japanese tattoos have been considered throughout time as some of the most magnificent works of body art our world has seen.

Japanese tattooThe traditional Japanese tattoos were nothing less than complex works of art that would be able to tell another person an entire story.  Some of these stories would tell of a great battle, myth or folklore.  Japanese tattoos were and still are considered to be some of the most elaborate works of body art.

In many cases though, as anyone who has had a tattoo knows, there are certain colors that work with certain skin pigments and in the case of the traditional Japanese tattoos, all of these were done in either blue or green as these always came out the best.  That’s not to say that other colors don’t look just as good, but if you are going for a traditional looking Japanese tattoo then those are the colors to go with.

The ‘horis’ or Japanese tattoo artist were the undisputed masters.  Their use of colours, perspective and imaginative designs gave the practise a whole new angle.  The classic Japanese tattoo is a full body suit.  Now that’s a commitment!