Inspiring at Any Age!


IMG_6140I haven’t had much time lately to take a breath let alone drift off into my own imagination and write, but I did find the time to watch this inspiring video about “Fabulous Fashionistas.” It was worth watching and I could relate to each one of these Fabulous women in one way or another!

I have never really had a sense of style. I like classic black or odds’n ends which don’t really match but I like the pieces individually. As a young girl I just wore what I liked, didn’t really think about if they went together. I care not if anyone likes how I put myself together and get ‘the look’ from my daughter regularly. The hardest part of getting dressed for me is finding a shoe that fits, not size just type. This picture cracks me up because I get it! See Jordan, the shoes can be clunky and work! Hey Granny, nice boots! The hair…debatable but again funky, not beige! I will no doubt be sport’n long grey locks at some point in my later years.

This TV Documentary on BBC features six women of advanced years (<~~~~their average age is 80 ~HA!) who share a love for style and a “screw that” attitude! I don’t share a love for style but sign me up for the “screw that” attitude! Ya gotta love women who become more feisty with age! I love all of these women and their desire to keep going at every age, with no plastic surgery or botox!

Check out the vid ladies…

Tracy signiture


Am I Missing the Style Gene?

I’ve always struggled with how to put an outfit together.  When I was very little my grandmother used to make outfits for me; often with matching hats (see below).  At 3 and 4 years old I looked very “put together”.  My mom also sewed some pretty snazzy outfits for me. (I’m laughing right now at myself for using the word snazzy – I sound like a throw back from the 1930’s or 40’s).  The point I’m trying to make is that without someone “dressing” me, I’m lost.

In my early teens I went to an all-girl’s high school in Australia and only wore uniforms.  Easy!  But when we moved back to Canada I suddenly had to figure out what teenage girls my age wore in this country.  I got it really wrong in the beginning.  My jeans were the skinny leg style but everyone else was wearing “Big Blues” which were so wide legged that your shoes disappeared entirely underneath them.  I was gangly and awkward with a funny accent.  The last thing I wanted was to stand out even more with a fashion faux pas!

So that was the beginning of my struggle with fashion.  I felt like I was a step behind and I’ve never fully trusted my sense of style from those days on.  While a part of me felt inclined to wear a little makeup and shave my legs, another side of me longed to climb trees and get dirty helping my grandfather build his latest project.

April 2010. I just removed a pretty necklace and bracelet, stepped out of my slender sandals, took off my blouse and skirt and slipped into my comfy-but-masculine men’s Lu Lu Lemon sweat pants and one of Johns t-shirts.  And suddenly it hit me.

I’m half girly-girl and half tomboy! But I’m not enough of either one to be comfortable going fully to one side of the fashion pendulum or the other.

I am a contradiction.  It suddenly makes sense.  I am a Gemini after all.  Even now, as I write this, I have one eye watching a hockey game.
Journaling/blogging = girly
Watching hockey = tomboyish
I love having nice clothes but I hate shopping. Contradiction!
I like pretty jewelery but I also like my Handyman work gloves.
(In case your mind is taking this further than necessary…I’ve always only had crushes on boys/men.)
Anyway, it suddenly makes sense to me why I’ve never felt comfortable choosing a fashion style.  I’m a bit of each on opposite ends of the spectrum.  (These Canucks really have got to stay out of the penalty box!…hmm time to paint my toenails…maybe pink this time…) See what I mean!!

I even married someone who often has me passing him tools or helping him carry heavy timbers around the yard, but who also loves to see me wearing a flowery summer dress.  (Not at the same time by the way…or maybe he would. Hmm.)

So what do I do with this new discovery of why I yam what I yam? Well I guess I’ll stop beating myself up over my lack of style and just accept the fact that I’m a little this and a little that all rolled into one.  My style may not always look right but it does always look like me.  🙂