Paragliding with Bill Nikolai.

TracyWhen you look up as your driving by Bridal Falls and see all the colourful para-gliders above, don’t you secretly wish you had the courage to do it?  I have thought that many times.

Both my kids and I were driving home from the Okanagan when we saw a para-glider who looked like he was spinning out of control.  We believed we were about to witness a crash, and then he just effortlessly started to swirl up again!  I am still not over the thought that I might of had to pull over and use my first aid.  I am also hoping for the gliders sake that it was just a ‘move’.  Wayyy too much adrenaline for this cougar!  I might consider adding ‘tandem para-glide’ to my Bucket list, but as an everyday occurrence, nope.

This is my friend Bill Nikolai, he is one of those really well rounded people that does just about everything ending in ‘ing’.  Paraglid-ing, scuba div-ing, hik-ing, bik-ing, runn-ing you get the picture, super athlete!  He is a really talented Actor, Stunt Performer, Photo Double and has doubled Richard Dean Anderson since I have known him.  He has a day job as well which involves lots of books, knowledge and libraries. (no wonder you were so good at the crossword puzzle!)  He is always doing  things that involve travel and adventure.  I was creeping his facebook page when I saw this video.  At first I didn’t know if it was Bill in the video, it is.Bill Nikolai

Bill told me that while he was up boating around there was another pilot stuck up a tree nearby about 100- 150 feet!  The Search and Rescue were waiting at the landing area ready to help him out of his predicament.  Bills video was shot with a Flip Mino HD camera mounted on the underside of his para-glider with Velcro and a Ziploc freezer bag.  Editing done in iMovie HD (quick and dirty).  This is the first time he’s used this technique and probably not the last.  The flight was on September 13, 2009 at Bridal Falls, BC, Canada.

A couple of Bill’s buddies are participating in a climb of Aconcagua (the highest mountain in South America). They hope to fly from the top. If anyone cares to follow their progress or donate, the blog is at: Climb for Prostate 2009

Living life is what it’s all about!  Thanks for sharing Bill ! xo

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Can you feel it? The ‘Chi’ that is..

Symbol for Chi“Chi” is generally defined as “energy” or the “source of life.” The most ancient symbol for Chi, however, is three wavy lines which literally mean “air.” This is possibly why lung capacity is so important to maintaining your energy levels.

I had a completely different post prepared for today but after reading Jacquie’s post on Chi I felt inspired to continue along the same line because my comment on her post took on a life of it’s own.

Whether you believe in Chi or can even relate to it, you have to admit that when you go to certain places you feel inspired either while you are there or after you leave.  That happened to me yesterday while visiting with a very talented jewelry designers who creates unique pieces, all having a story.  I used to create jewelry myself a couple of years ago so I found her space very inspiring.  It made me want to bring out my tools and start creating again.  I am amateur in comparison and loved seeing the passion this designer has for the whole process.  Energy is what we felt in her home yesterday and for me it was a combination of several different kinds.  Artistic, Women Inspiring and Karmic!

People have an Aura of energy surrounding them that we all feel instinctively.  I think we cross paths with certain people in our lives at the time we are meant to.  We are naturally drawn to people with positive energy.  Creative people are naturally tuned into this energy field and are able to use the energy they feel to create whatever it may be.  A painter for example.  When I walk into Jacquie’s home and she has her paintings leaning casually against the base of the walls, I feel her energy in them!  They are inviting me to come take a closer look like they were programed to draw me near.  Her energy and inspiration rubs off on me when I touch them.

I think when you are open to this kind of energy you feel it everywhere you go whether it be from a person, place or thing, it’s there!   When I simply saw the picture of the new painting Jacquie is working on I naturally leaned in closer to my computer!  I think because even a picture of her beautiful painting has the energy she gives it while passionately creating it.  I LOVE Jacquie’s art and the colours she chooses, they make me smile.  I envy her ability to create beautiful art with a brush and oils.  I felt the same way yesterday when we were looking at a table full of …..creative energy!  Ha ! My lips are sealed for now.  When a room has Chi  and is combined with the artists energy, creative juices and passion for what they do, you can just feel it through the souls of your feet, and finger tips when you are invited to touch!  That is what keeps you there wanting to absorb more.

I too have had our home painted several times and until the latest we just weren’t  feelin it!  We would walk in our house and it felt like we were in the Gate room of the Stargate SG1!  Green concrete.  It was a popular colour in the magazines but for us it simply had no inspiration.  Now we have two shades of yellow which gives the room a Mediterranean feel.  Two very different feeling without a doubt.  I also painted my office before starting to write for Tara Cronica  because I knew I wouldn’t want to be in a room if I didn’t feel inspired.  I will admit though, I am sitting at my living room table looking out my front window at a wall of luscious green trees with sunlight streaming through the leaves.  I am inspired right here, so yes my room has ‘Chi’!