Svaha Spirit Series ~ Path into the Future

I love any kind of film to do with nature. When someone is passionate about our planet and sets out to make a difference we need to stop and listen to what they have to say. I get goose bumps when I find those individuals who are out there trying to make positive change in our world. Kerri Wolter founded and manages the Vulture conservation program in Magaliesberg, South Africa. She hopes to fly with the endangered Cape Vulture for the first time in an attempt to learn more about their behaviours from the air. Beautiful video with a lovely message…enjoy!

Path into the Future from Green Renaissance on Vimeo.


Svaha Spirit Series ~The Lion Whisperer ~

As you all know a friend of mine Ryan Ennis is in Africa taking a course to be a Safari Guide. If you haven’t already checked out his blog ‘Ryan In Africa’ you really should, it’s as close as some of us will ever get to being in the wild. I would love to go visit Ryan to see for myself what Africa has to offer, perhaps one day I will. For now YouTube and RIA’s blog will have to suffice. I came across this video and can see how this would appeal to some, not many (lol) but some as we see here. Animal behaviourist Kevin Richardson has struck up a remarkable friendship with an entire pride of lions in South Africa. But check out Ryan’s post ‘Good morning Mr. Whiskers’ to see what most thrill seekers experience when in the company of a pride of lions!

Sky’s Africa Correspondent Emma Hurd reports.

Here is another I just had to add, it shows that although we can live among wild animals their instincts are still deep within them. Enjoy ~