Let the Wind Blow ~

IMG_5074I have questions!

What attracts you to the opposite sex when you first meet? Initially in person, it’s a physical attraction. It may be the way a man carries himself, how he interacts with someone in a crowd or his voice heard in a line up that piques our interest. It can be the look in a mans eyes that captures our attention. There are so many unique elements that makes us look, but what makes us want to talk? Is it as simple as the desire for human contact or is it a specific connection we seek? What are you looking for? <~~~~that’s the million dollar question in my world!

Attraction online it’s much different, conversation connects us. We read the words of another and get captured by how they express themselves. We view a still photograph and start trying to visualize the person in the flesh. Is it even safe to meet someone you have no mutual social connection with? Do you even think about that or do you just jump in and hope for the best? Is it better to get to know someone via email before you stand before one another, or does that make it harder?

What makes you want to take that ominous step forward to putting yourself in the same room with someone you meet serendipitously or online?

Next step…

What is their Intention? Do you think that’s a question that should be asked when you meet someone? Or should you just go with the flow and see where the wind blows the two of you? I have done both. Honesty is always best. I don’t think men or women naturally like to expose their true intentions out of fear, fear of being rejected or judged. As humans we don’t like either, but without risk we gain nothing and don’t grow and unfold.

I never used to think about what someones intentions were but it has been on my mind more lately. Living and learning is what life is all about isn’t it? Isn’t it? Taking chances? Opening your heart? Sharing, loving, living with inner peace and harmony. <~~~~ that’s just the hippy in me talking now, Captain Careful will rear her ugly head again and set her straight! Life is meant to be shared isn’t it? Maybe it’s hormones? Maybe I’m just tired and need a good sleep? Of Course I need a good sleep…but maybe…maybe it’s just me.

Inner voice “What does your heart tell you little grass-hopper?”

Other Inner voice ~ flips inner voice #1 the bird...conversation ends, again!

I think that whenever we have inner conflict or questions we need to take the time to express them, chew on them awhile and then just let them go, let the breeze blow them back to where they came from and just be…

Today I am just being…and I am grateful for the breeze blowing because I had ALOT to carry away!

Tracy signiture


Crossing Paths ~

I love the word Serendipity, don’t you? Serendipity means ‘a happy accident or pleasant surprise; specifically, the accident of finding something good or useful while not specifically searching for it’. 

Every now and then someone crosses our path, changing the course of our day. Our spirits are lifted and we are left feeling as though we were meant to meet. We may never lay eyes on one another again but the moments we share change us or even possibly the path we are on with that one chance meeting.

There is the flip side of that…you meet someone and wonder what lesson you were supposed to learn from them crossing your path. An accident or mishap is ‘an unforeseen and unplanned event or circumstance, often with lack of intention or necessity. It usually implies a generally negative outcome which may have been avoided or prevented had circumstances leading up to the accident been recognized, and acted upon, prior to its occurrence.’ Accidents generally happen when we are unfocused in life. Makes sense right?

Lets not focus on accidents even thought we learn from them.

I’ve had more than a few serendipitous moments, chance meetings or crossing of paths over the years. I stop what I am doing and just be in the moment open to accept their gift to me. They are my gift.

I met a beautiful elderly lady named Mary at work the other night, we connected instantly. She shared her wisdom and insight with me about life and love. She actually said “I don’t know why I’m telling you all of this but your like my daughter.” Her advice was to always keep my independence (I have) and to never make my ‘man’ my best friend. I was to keep my feminine side to myself, to remain a bit of a mystery. She told me it was vitally important to live each day happily and be true to myself. I was to not ‘fill’ my cup up to the top but was to leave some space. If your cup is bubbling over, there is no room. ;)I hugged Mary before she left. I glowed for the rest of the night! Mary crossed my path for a brief moment in time, but left me feeling grateful she did. Thank you Mary!

Another moment in time that changed the course of my day happened when I was shopping at my local grocery store. I didn’t feel like being seen by anyone because I had puffy eyes from crying during the day. As I walked through the isles my mind wandering in a daze. I didn’t have my usual smiley eyes or big cheesy grin because I wasn’t feeling very good about myself. I got in and out as quick as humanly possible. I left the store with my arms weighed down to the max with bags or groceries. As I went to cross the parking lot a man drove past me and lowered his window, leaning across his passenger seat to talk to me. He said “have you been told?” I looked confused through my puffy eyes at him for a moment and replied “pardon me?” I struggled and adjusted my load of groceries, and he said again “have you been told today?” I paused and replied “told what?” My mind could only imagine what he was going to say…“god your eyes are puffy, did you know your ass looks fat in those pants?” He smiled and looked right into and past the puffiness and said “you look absolutely beautiful today.” My entire body let go of what I was holding onto. I smiled and thanked him, knowing I looked like crap. I believe he was aware of how I was feeling and took the opportunity to change the course of my day. Thank you complete stranger for being aware of another human beings existence who needed a kind word at that moment.

Everyone who walks into our lives, crossing our path, whether it’s for a brief moment in time or years, can teach us something. Being open and aware of others, reaching out and acting on your instinct will change the course of someones day.

Be kind to your fellow humans, they may need it more than you know!

The photo I used is called Crossing Paths by an artist named Crispin Korschen. She is an artist, mother, daydreamer and lover of all things beautiful and quirky. The description of her painting above is this…

Crossing Paths ~ our lives can take us to extraordinary places and across the paths of people we may never have imagined…….sometimes I get so caught up in my life that I forget to take the time to stop and spend time with people during those crossings.

Svaha ~


Do Vancouver Men Really Suck?

I was watching Global News the week of Valentines and they had a series called ‘The Things We Do For Love’ which covered all the basis from the pursuit to married with child. Did you know there was such a thing as a wedding proposal planner for the bride groom who doesn’t want her his special moment to be anything less than perfect? Is that starting off on the wrong foot, trying to be perfect? Are women putting that much pressure on their man to be perfect? Are both parties setting themselves up for disappointment in the future when the honeymoon stage is over? Or do they just want a little taste of the fairy-tale while it’s still attainable? I’ve written about Fairy-tales & Happy Endings! (Fairy-tales are make belief, and Happy Endings will cost ya!) Have women lost faith that the male energy can create and orchestrate his own moment…and it be just right?

The series included a serendipitous meeting of a couple who met online by mistake when an email was sent to the wrong address, who are now married with a 2 yr old. Unpredictable and unplanned! Su-weet story. Who cares how long they will last, what’s important is that they took a chance, embraced the unknown and jumped in with both feet. I wish them years of happiness for doing just that!

* romantic sigh *

They also had a Match Maker who thinks men and women hide behind their computers which doesn’t allow them the chance to get out and mingle like they used to. I agree with her wholeheartedly! Nobody talks face to face anymore, communication is via Facebook, Text, Skype, Twitter, E-Mail, BBM, iMessage, MSN ect. There is simply nothing better than standing close to a man, staring into his eyes as he speaks to you. (insert deep inhale here)

There was attention brought to an article in Vancouver Magazine “Do Men in Vancouver Suck?” and although they only included a few female opinions they all agreed they do! In the article the women said single men in Vancouver were passive with no plan, uninteresting and uninterested. Uninteresting is such a general statement to make about someone. There is someone for everyone, so to say someone is uninteresting doesn’t mean they are to everyone. Uninteresting to a specific woman or man perhaps but certainly not to all. Uninterested is also a very general statement. You can’t fake interest in someone, you either are or you aren’t. It’s such a personal attraction and sometimes there’s simply a lack of chemistry so it really doesn’t matter what you do there isn’t a connection. Build a bridge and get over it!

Male energy as you all know intrigues me. I have always had lots of great man-friends. I relate to men and understand them to a certain degree. They are far from perfect as are women. When we come to terms with that, they’re much easier to navigate as are we. I am not sure if men are passive because they have no plan, I think men have slowly been put in the back seat because women of this generation have goals of their own to achieve. Husbands and family are no longer their number 1 focus in many cases. ‘Don’t make someone your priority when they treat you as an option’ works both ways! Women are self sufficient and don’t need men anymore. There are even ways around conception that don’t require a man in the same room. So why wouldn’t men just sit back and watch women succeed without them? Woman can be unapproachable, and lets face it no one likes rejection. Men find comfort in their man-cave watching the game with their buddies, eating hot wings and laugh their asses off with no pressure to preform in a socially acceptable manner. Women find comfort sharing stories with their girlfriends over a glass of wine, laughing their asses off just being themselves. The trick is to be able to do what makes you comfortable with or without your partner in the room, it should be no different whether they are there or not. You need to get out and do what YOU love, and if you’re joined by someone you dig perfect, if not perfect! Just let it be…

I have met some great men over the last couple of years, a good % of them have not been available because of circumstances at the time we meet. Timing is important for sure. Everyone is just doing their best in their situation, trying to navigate life. That can be a difficult task on its own, let alone adding kids and jobs, personal time, living arrangements ect ect ect. Life is more complicated than its ever been for men and women, and I think in time things work out the way it’s meant to be. We all just need to settle down and relax, take one patient step at a time and don’t put so much pressure on one another to meet a socially acceptable time line. Be you and allow the man you have your eye on to be who he is, authentic and true. Follow your heart and eventually you will know if it’s worth exploring further. Accept those who walk into your life for who they are NOW, you have no control or shouldn’t want to control who they unfold to be in time.

When you just start living your own life, things just seem to come together. Start walking, you might be surprised who joins you. Get rid of your expectation because there is no guarantee how long each person will walk along with you in this crazy thing we call life.

I personally think the men in Vancouver are just reacting to the women in Vancouver in their own way. You get what you give in most cases.