Adventure Awaits…Romance not Included!

“Grab adventure with both hands and don’t let go”…is what a close male friend of mine said to me last year, who lives each day immersed in adventure. He is the epitome of adventure to me. He has inspired me on many occasions to live my life right NOW. He sees life as one adventure after another, jumping in with both feet each time. I always add, “Now mix a little romance to that and I’m in!” He see’s adventure as purely a life experience making a memory with no intention of looking for, or adding romance. Pure and simple adventure. How sweet is that!

I’m certain if romance were to somehow appear in one of his adventures he would indeed grab it with both hands and not let go! I admire him for living in the moment. He has taught me that I think too much. I want to jump in with both feet at times but…I think too much. I think what-if…?He replies “What could go wrong?” I am Captain Careful and I approach life cautiously most of the time. I justify my cautious nature with ‘I live a completely different life than he does, being a Mother of two with different responsibilities, adventure sometimes seems far away!’. He on the other hand is child-less (as far as we know) and embraces his freedom which allows him to seek adventure wherever the wind blows him…and it blows him! I have to admit I envy that at times, but wouldn’t change my life for anything! 

I am not a ‘grass is greener on the other side’ kind of person but sometimes there is definitely different types of grass that you could benefit from exploring now and then, just over there! As long as it’s explored with an open mind and honest approach. I want to feel that grass between my toes! I want to lie face down in it and smell it’s sweet aroma after it’s just been trimmed. 

We all get caught up in the routine of life, working and doing chores, kids, family and feel the lack adventure in our life. I find myself drawn to those who seek adventure, with a curious nature. It’s easy to get caught up in their excitement and lust for it.

I think I have figured out what part of my problem was in the past whilst trying to seek adventure. I limited myself to it being of the romantic variety. If romance was involved I took the leap of faith each time…blind folded! I jumped into romantic adventure with both feet hands and any other body part that wanted to tag along and go for the ride. Romantic adventure should be embraced for what it is, or what it is not, with the same frame of mind we have while seeking any other kind of adventure, no expectation! I am learning to separate the two. That may seem like a no-brain-er to all of you but if you are a Aquarian Hopeless Romantic you will understand the desire to be immersed in romance and adventure at the same time, seems like the natural combination.

So I have come to the conclusion that adventure should be sought after with a free and clear mind with no expectation or even the remote thought of it including romance. I will jump into adventure that presents itself with an open mind free of any thought that romance needs to somehow be included. I will explore romantic adventure with a little more caution but still with both feet hands and those body parts that yearn for it. (Bonnie, no comments!)

Adventure Awaits us all if we approach it with the right frame of mind and attitude, free of any expectation of what it should include.

Adventure Awaits…bring your mind body and soul…romance not included!