Paul Rabil is Disciplined!

My son showed this video to me on our way to our first Invitational Field Lacrosse Game this season. His Box Lacrosse Team won the BC Provincial Gold Metal this year, first time in their division EVER, making history, so he was ecstatic and I was a proud parent watching them achieve their goal. It took discipline, hard work, great attitudes and fantastic coaching! (and supportive parents!)

The field season has just begun and already I’ve seen a change in him. He is training on his own time and seems stronger in mind and body. I think it is part genetics, but a big part of attitude and drive is seeing someone else achieve a dream you have floating around in your head, making it a possibility. Having a role model in your chosen sport, Lacrosse being Paul Rabil, is like having an extra strong support system. The sky’s the limit and pushing yourself beyond it each day, facing challenges along the way is all part of achieving a goal. Attaining it is the fun part! After watching this I even felt like going back to doing my regular stair program, Paul inspires the athlete that lives inside all of us. He’s easy on the eyes too 😉

“Discipline” is a word with many meanings: punishment, a field of study, self-control, training that corrects deficiencies. For Boston Cannons midfielder Paul Rabil — perhaps the best lacrosse player in the world — discipline is all of this and more.

“Discipline is the root of excellence” Love that! Feel inspired to get out there and do work? I know I do!