Family Ties

Tomorrow I am attending a weekend-long family reunion. We have not gathered for a reunion in ten years (unless you count weddings, funerals and anniversary parties). At this gathering one of our cousins is going to share some of the information she has dug up about our ancestry. It should be interesting. I’ve always loved hearing old stories about family members. It makes me feel connected to them somehow. I don’t know why that is important to some people and not to others but I’m one of those people who are fascinated by family history.

In preparation for our reunion, I’ve typed out some memories from my aunt about her grandparents. I learned some interesting tidbits while typing. One thing that made me snicker a little was our Scottish ties. I have always thought we were mostly Irish and English but it turns out we have quite a line of Scots in our blood. It made me giggle a little because John and I have recently gone to see the Pixar movie, Brave (which we really enjoyed) but now I picture my Scottish ancestors as characters from that animated film.

My great grandfather told my aunt the story of how his grandmothers cousin, Rory McLellan was a well known athlete who competed in the Highland Games. The story goes that while competing (in either the kyber toss or hammer toss) his throw went farther than the watching crowd had anticipated and accidentally hit and killed a spectator. He would never compete again.  A sad story for all involved and yet I can’t help but visualize the man as an animation. This is how I envision Rory to look (only with two legs):

Someone named Bonnie Kathleen really shouldn’t be surprised by her Scottish ancestry I suppose. Just like someone named John Johnson (pronounced Yawn Yawnson in Norway) shouldn’t be surprised by his Norwegian ancestry. And this also struck me as funny because the Scots and the Norsmen have had their battles and yet here we are happily united.  It all begins to make sense to me now…John (who likes everyone usually) has mentioned over the years that he doesn’t care for this actor or for that actor and one day I realized that all of these actors had one thing in common. They all had red hair! I think it’s the Norwegian warrior coming out in him. He has a deep seeded desire to defend his land from those red headed Scots. He can’t help himself, it runs deep. And yet here he has blindly gone and married one! I will have to keep my eye on him this weekend to be sure he doesn’t go and kick a ginger when he thinks no one is watching. 😉

I will update you next week if I learn of any interesting family secrets. Who knows, maybe my favourite singer Sarah McLachlan and I share some DNA.




A Day in the Life of….?

Lets start with a  HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to all the wonderful Moms doing what I think is one of the hardest jobs out there!  Have a Great day and I hope you all receive something wonderfully homemade.  Those are my favorite gifts without a doubt !

Okay Ladies if you could live a day in the life of a career of your choosing, what would you pick.  You would have complete knowledge of your chosen career for 24 hours.

Tracy’s take~

I was torn between two.  It was either a Lawyer in a high profile case on the day I was to plead my case to the jury, or a Trauma Doctor in the ER on a day the ER was full.

Armand Dorian "Trauma Doctor"I will go with a Trauma Doctor in the ER because I would have the skill and ability to save lives.  I think it would be incredible to have the knowledge of a Trauma Surgeon.  I love real life in the ER shows.  It shows what these amazing people do on a daily basis.  The adrenaline must be incredible when you are faced with several lives needing to be saved at the same time.  To have the calmness and make decisions confidently with moments to spare would be a skill I would love to have.  To be right in the thick of a busy ER going from patient to patient, having to assess each one quickly and correctly would be so challenging.  I have always had an interest in First Aid and have taken courses, but to do what these Doctors and Nurses do is so far beyond all of us I would love to be in their shoes for just one day.  I think being a Trauma Nurse or Doctor would be one of the most rewarding and satisfying careers one could have.  I understand that there is a very dark side to this profession but these individuals know this going in and STILL continue the journey because they feel so passionately about saving lives.  I know a couple of ladies Jill and Michelle who work at BC Children’s Hospital in emergency and they to me are incredible human beings who I admire so much for their contribution to helping save children’s lives.  Nurses and Doctors are a different breed.  I admire both.

Bonnie’s 2 cent’s~

Ok, don’t laugh, but I would definitely choose to be a rock star.  I don’t think I’d be hard rock.   I’d like to be a bit Sheryl Crow/Sarah McLachlin/Alicia Keys/KT Tunstall/Carrie Underwood/(I could go on and on) all rolled into one!  In this fantasy I would have great range and could basically pull off any song you asked me to perform.  Plus I could play a number of instruments; guitar, piano, flute, saxophone, drums even.  Ooooo, and when I dance on stage I can move like Shakira.

Music makes me feel so good.   Belting out a song I love and then actually  have people want to pay me large amounts of money to hear me perform it…well, it just couldn’t get any better than that!  I wouldn’t be saving peoples lives like Tracy.  Nothing that lofty, but inspiring people through music is kind of

Jacquie’s thoughts~

This one’s a no-brainer for me.  In fact, I mentioned it to Tracy a few weeks ago so I’m really not trying to copycat you, Bonnie!

I had a dream that started when I was 18 that I was lead singer for the 70’s/80’s  group Chicago for a one-night only performance in Paris.  No kidding.   Stand aside, Peter Cetera.   I had been rudely dumped by a Parisian boyfriend when I was over there (this is the true part of the story) and I thought it would be such sweet revenge to come back to the city of love and show the jerk what an amazing success I had made of my life.  Ha ha!  I had been a huge fan of Chicago and knew the lyrics to all of their songs so I really thought I could pull it off.   Other than that I’ve never had any interest in being a musical performer.

Yeah….I’d definitely go for the 24 hour Paris gig even now.    There’s no statute of limitations on payback.  ; )