Apparently I lived in the ‘Olden Days’

On our way to school one morning my 8 year old daughter asked “back in the olden days did you have a mole-lot”. “Phftt, back in the olden days” I laughed! l almost went directly into the olden day rant, we’ve all heard it, “when I was a kid, I had to walk to school up hill both ways with no shoes in the snow” yadda yadda yadda, I didn’t, I showed restraint. She would have look at me like I was from the olden days because that is an ‘olden days’ thing to say as far as I’m concerned! lol

It made me laugh that she actually thought I lived back in the olden days, never mind the mole-lot! She then proceeded with her childish attitude “Well ya lived in the day of the mole-lot”. I snapped back, it’s actually called a Mullet, not Mole-lot. I laugh when she says certain words because she is still little and doesn’t know how to pronounce everything yet. Sometimes she puts the wrong empha-sis on the wrong sylla-ble! I hate correcting her but I guess now that she’s approaching 9 I should. Another funny example was when she read the hot chocolate box aloud ~”It’s gormet!” (Gourmet) like Jimmy Buffet not buffet. We all talked like rednecks for hours after that one! (perfect example if you read my postYou Know What about diving in at any opportunity to tease a member of the family)

I tried desperately to convince my daughter that I was actually in style wayyyy back in the ’80’s with my mullet, and that her kids would look back at her pictures and ask why she wore a pony tale with a hair band holding every single stand of hair back like she was going to wash her face? She laughed. I decided to do this post to prove to her how stylin the olden days were!

Join me now for a brief look back at ‘The Olden Days’ ~

Yes, that I believe is a ‘Mullet’!

This might actually have come back around, darn should have kept it!

Why doesn’t anyone get perms anymore? The human poodle!

Wayne Cox (Global News) at the Miss Summer Madness ’85, laugh if you must, I won $7,000.00 in prizes! (it made me who I am, it made me who I am… sigh)

And last but not least, the 80’s are not complete for me without MacGyver, Richard Dean Anderson! Now that’s an 80’s picture!

So maybe to Jordan I did live in the ‘Olden Days.’ But for me they were just the days in which I lived that helped me become who I am today. I wouldn’t change a thing! I can’t wait to hear my daughters conversation with her daughter or son about ‘in the day’ she lived! It’s so fun looking back at your past, connecting the dots. Bonnie, Jake, care to take a peak back yourself and share a little of what made you who you are today? I triple dog dare ya!


Stargate Universe Airs Tonight @ 9pm !!!

stargate_universe-show (Small)

Tonight’s the night we have all been waiting for !! Stargate Universe has arrived! The third Stargate TV Series following Stargate SG1 and Stargate Atlantis from the creators Robert C. Cooper and Brad Wright.  I attended the Stargate Universe screening on Saturday at the Rio Theatre, it was Outstanding! The cast and crew were in the house!  You’re in for a treat!  Congratulations to every single person who worked on the show, your hard work paid off!  It was great to see familiar faces that go back to the original series Stargate SG1.  Andy Mikita you Rock Baby!!  I miss you guys!  The show feels different, it’s edgy, sexy and because it’s new there is so much to sink our Sci-fi teeth into.  I love that the cast is completely fresh,  but it was also nice to see Rick Dean Anderson, Amanda Tapping, Michael Shanks and Gary Jones make an appearance.  You can’t help but feel inspired being in a room full of creative, artsy, talented individuals.  Talent in every single department! Stargate Universe Cast

I spoke with a few members of the cast and saw a few from afar after the show and this was my first impression.  David Blue~  funny in and out of the show, Jamil Walker Smith~unpredictable in the show, very humble in person, Brian J Smith~ strong character, very handsome, Alaina Huffman~ more beautiful in person, loved her character, Ming-na~ very petite, polite and has beautiful kids, Elyse Levesque~ legs that go forever.  I thought it was really fun to see ‘Scott Wellenbrink’ on the screen too, your hard work showed and your construction crew did an incredible job building everything we saw!!  Way to go everyone !

If you need a guide to explore “Stargate” the book below looks like a winner!  Enjoy!

Tracy signiture


Paragliding with Bill Nikolai.

TracyWhen you look up as your driving by Bridal Falls and see all the colourful para-gliders above, don’t you secretly wish you had the courage to do it?  I have thought that many times.

Both my kids and I were driving home from the Okanagan when we saw a para-glider who looked like he was spinning out of control.  We believed we were about to witness a crash, and then he just effortlessly started to swirl up again!  I am still not over the thought that I might of had to pull over and use my first aid.  I am also hoping for the gliders sake that it was just a ‘move’.  Wayyy too much adrenaline for this cougar!  I might consider adding ‘tandem para-glide’ to my Bucket list, but as an everyday occurrence, nope.

This is my friend Bill Nikolai, he is one of those really well rounded people that does just about everything ending in ‘ing’.  Paraglid-ing, scuba div-ing, hik-ing, bik-ing, runn-ing you get the picture, super athlete!  He is a really talented Actor, Stunt Performer, Photo Double and has doubled Richard Dean Anderson since I have known him.  He has a day job as well which involves lots of books, knowledge and libraries. (no wonder you were so good at the crossword puzzle!)  He is always doing  things that involve travel and adventure.  I was creeping his facebook page when I saw this video.  At first I didn’t know if it was Bill in the video, it is.Bill Nikolai

Bill told me that while he was up boating around there was another pilot stuck up a tree nearby about 100- 150 feet!  The Search and Rescue were waiting at the landing area ready to help him out of his predicament.  Bills video was shot with a Flip Mino HD camera mounted on the underside of his para-glider with Velcro and a Ziploc freezer bag.  Editing done in iMovie HD (quick and dirty).  This is the first time he’s used this technique and probably not the last.  The flight was on September 13, 2009 at Bridal Falls, BC, Canada.

A couple of Bill’s buddies are participating in a climb of Aconcagua (the highest mountain in South America). They hope to fly from the top. If anyone cares to follow their progress or donate, the blog is at: Climb for Prostate 2009

Living life is what it’s all about!  Thanks for sharing Bill ! xo

Tracy signiture