Remembrance Day


~ Remembrance Day Poem ~

Grandpa pinned a pretty poppy

On his big black coat today,

He always stands up straighter

When he wears that coat that way,

He was humming to his friends again so soft that no one hears,

But I think he knows I’m listening

And he lets me see his tears

He was talking to his friends today

I heard him when he prayed

Now were going to see them

At my Grandpa’s big parade.

I sit high on Daddy’s shoulders

And try to catch my Grandpa’s eye

But he’s looking at the Maple Leaf

And he salutes as he walks by.

I ask if I can meet his friends

So he takes me for a walk;

We kneel beside a list of names

All written on a rock.

He tells me they were left behind

In cold and distant rain

He can only talk to them in prayer

They can’t come home again.

We had to pay the price, he says

To bring war to an end;

I think Freedom’s pretty costly

If you have to pay with friends.

‘Why did you do all that for me,

I wasn’t born yet ?’

He held me close and whispered

‘I don’t want you to forget.’

‘I did it for my Mom and Dad,’

Then his eyes began to water

‘I did it for your Dad, and you

And for your son and daughter.’

So I’ll always pin my poppy on,

Take my grand kids on parade;

Kneel underneath the Maple


To thank the friends my Grandpa


~ anonymous  


On the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month, Canadians are asked to pause and remember the thousands of men and women who sacrificed their lives fighting for freedom and democracy during the First World War, the Second World War, the Korean War, the Afghanistan conflict and during peacekeeping missions. I am grateful for all those who have fought and those who continue to put their lives at risk each day so we feel a little more safe in the world. Each year we pause to watch the planes fly over to pay respects to all of those who have fought for our freedom, and each year it brings tears to my eyes. Today will be no different…

Thank you from the deepest part of my heart!
Tracy signiture


“Jealous Of The Angels”

66821_234091456740446_1156119800_nI posted this last year but felt the need to re share it with you as a reminder that Monday is NOT a holiday but a day to remember those who came before us, and those who give themselves today so that you and I have the freedom we sometimes take for granted.

We don’t have to allow the commercial aspect of marketing to rush us into the next holiday on the ‘list’ so quickly! Remembering those who gave their lives for our freedom should be savored. Remembering those who lost their lives regardless of the battle they fought should be remembered in our hearts forever.

Loss affects every one of us. Death will greet us all, eventually. Risking your life for the lives of others is the ultimate sacrifice. Material loss means nothing to those who survived a battle…of any kind. Loss puts life into perspective. We need to continue being the change we want to see in our world and appreciate the gift that those who came before us gave. Battles are fought but not always won, leaving a legacy behind to be remembered.

The Heroes who fought to give us our freedom are being whisked away too quickly so we can drown in the madness of gross obsession for stuff none of us need. Stuff! Where has all the meaning gone? Wants and needs have become one of the same. They are NOT the same. What we need is to get back to the basics before we can’t see through all the distractions swirling around us, calling us like a deep seeded addiction calls an addict. Consumerism…we have all taken a hit of that drug. STOP the madness!

I don’t think we take enough time to appreciate what’s truly important in life. Health, freedom, spirit, love, friendship, unity and peace. The essence behind what is lovely in life is being over powered by marketing, money and greed. We can’t allow the human spirit to be set aside for such meaningless garbage!

We are reminded often lately how precious life is. The love that is present in our hearts for those who gave their lives selflessly can’t be forgotten. Lest We Forget is a phrase to caution us against forgetting those who died in war.

We can’t take any of our possessions with us when we leave this world, but I do believe when one is awarded with a ‘medal of honour’ it transcends with whom it belongs in spirit. Honour in your own way those who left you behind. Give those you loved their very own medal of honour to take with them when they go.

Human spirit rises in tragedy. We naturally reach out to those who experience a loss, it’s human nature. Compassion is alive and well. We are surrounded by Heroes in memory and in life as are we surrounded by Angels. I like to believe our Heroes get first dibs on the Angels waiting…and our Angels are past fallen Heroes giving themselves once again.

“Jealous of the Angels”…by Jen Bostic


Svaha Spirit Series ~ Remembrance Day 2012 ~

May Angels Bring You In…

“A Remembrance Day Video with exclusive war footage from WWI, WWII, and Afghanistan. This video features actual film footage and photos from Vimy Ridge, Passchendaele, Dieppe, Ortona, Normandy, Arnhem, Holton, Holland, Belgium, Netherlands, Korea and Afghanistan.”

Edited by Jonathan Wagner –

Song: ‘Hear You Me’…Jimmy Eat World


Too Soon!

Checked the date and yep, it’s November 8th! The 8th of November people. (Hence the moustache) Waaay before Christmas. So far before Christmas in fact, we haven’t even honoured our veterans on Remembrance Day yet.

So I was thoroughly disappointed, peeved even, to drive by this last night:

You can’t see it clearly but they even have their entire back yard decorated. I know. It’s a blurry dark picture. I took it with my cell phone after dark, out an open car window while I insisted my husband drive slooowly  by the place.  Plus we had the added pressure of irritated cranky traffic building behind us just so I could get the shot. You’re welcome.  I think the sight of this ridiculous house fully vamped out in Christmas lights on the 7th of November probably added to the stress level of everyone in the cars behind us too. I’m sure that’s what all the honking was about. Anyway…Seriously?! You’re going to start decorating for Christmas already? There should be a law against this. If I were Queen of The World I would definitely make it a rule. Same goes for leaving decorations up well after Christmas. I would deem January 15th the cut off…or off with your head!

The whole “rush” for Christmas makes me crazy. We are missing out on the special beauty of the season when we drag it out for so long. Ya, ya, it’s December 25th, looks the same as November 25th, which looks the same as January, February and March 25th…what’s the big deal? Aargh!

Is it just me or are things getting ridiculous out there? Maybe we should start a movement. We could “Occupy” something, or start our own North American “Spring” and call it NED for No Early Decorators or what about Mothers Against Decorating Dingbats. MADD, wait, that ones taken. I’m open for suggestions.

I just want people to slow down…what’s the point of getting an early start on the holiday season. It will be here soon enough. Honest. Let’s not start the Christmas music loop too soon. I would love to hear Silent Night a week before Christmas and get a warm fuzzy feeling instead of wanting to scream “MAKE IT STOP!!!” Don’t ruin the magic of Christmas by making it start so early and go on for so long that it loses it’s original essence. Puh leeze! I’m begging you.




Remembrance Day ~ 2010

Remembrance Day is the one day a year where Canadians will pay homage to our fallen soldiers with ceremonies that remind us how lucky we truly are. Communities join together to thank those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. Veterans fought for our freedom, Soldiers are fighting to keep our freedom. Without freedom, life would be very different.

Life without War is a dream we all share. Take a moment to reflect on what you are grateful for. I am grateful for those put their lives at risk for others every single day! Thank you!

Lest We Forget ~