Mommy’s Little Helpers…

If you consider yourself a well-seasoned Mom as I do, you have to give thanks to all the little things that help you get through the day. Life can be filled with uncertainty but if you arm yourself with ways to rouse your inner calm your day will end with a smile…trust me!

Now, if you’re a pill popper you need to listen up, there are better ways to take the edge off! I highly recommend all of them, with the exception of my daughter, she’s mine!

Today I give thanks to…

  • My Daughter was born a natural giver. She has a strong voice already! I have no doubt I will hear her roar many times along her path into Womanhood and help where she sees the opportunity! She doesn’t hesitate to jump in and lend a hand! She is heading towards being a strong, self-sufficient, independent young woman!

  • Malbec…my little Red full-bodied friend that has been known to take the edge off from time to time. I am not talking about putting on your wine-goggles with the girls, I mean a 6oz glass of la-la juice prescribed by Dr.Chaos! I don’t condone drinking by yourself EVERY night but they do say Red Wine is good for you…in more ways than one! I’m still not completely on board with this ‘drinking alone thing‘ but I’m willing to give it a try! 😉

  • Music is my favourite way to escaping the chaos that comes with being a Mom! Give my ears a sexy deep male voice strumming an acoustic guitar and I can tune out whatever you ask me to! Hell, a bomb could go off in the next room and I’d still be in bliss! Music soothes my soul and has helped me off the edge more than once! Sing to me Romeo!

  • Calgon Dish Soap ~’Calgon take me away’…ya no, didn’t work for me! False advertising for sure…and one more thing, the Mom who smiles and thinks it’s no big deal as the dog covered in mud runs through her kitchen leaving a frickin mess everywhere is on drugs just FYI! No Mom would stand for that unless she was!

~ insert deep breath here ~

  • Meditation however you choose to do it, a run, reading, traditional style, motorcycle ride, yoga or sitting in silence. Being peaceful is so important but hard to do as a Mom with a never-ending ‘to-do’ list floating around her head! Turn it off and just be. You deserve time!

  • Rescue Remedy“no really…it’s just flowers” says the hippy chick who wishes she lived in the 60’s where there was nothing but free love ~ (no seriously every Mom I know has a bottle in her purse) It works and comes in drops or spray…smooths the jagged edge of life restoring your inner calm! ssssquirt…ahhhhh…that’s better, shall we carry on!
  • Candles & Bubbles…add a Magnum of Vino Rosa and that naked sexy man with the deep voice whose strumming his guitar in your imagination and Voila…what kids? Life in the moment has arrived! You’re allowed to say to your offspring “don’t bother me unless you’re bleeding” in this situation!

So go crack that bottle of Red, take your imagination off stand-by and ask the man you sleep next to or the dude you wish you did to run you a hot steamy fragrant bubble bath, turn on some tunes, lock the door behind you and relax! You will be thankful you did!

What helps you get through the day?


What Are You Addicted To?

Since the recent death of Whitney Houston there has been a lot of talk on the airwaves about addiction.  It hasn’t been confirmed yet, but most of us assume the root cause of her death was her addiction to drugs and alcohol.  Right or wrong it is an honest assumption when you look back on parts of her life.

I have also just finished reading Portrait of an Addict as a Young Man by Bill Clegg.  It is a raw memoir of Cleggs addiction to crack and how it cost him his home, his money, his career and very nearly his life. It was fascinating to me how his attraction to crack had him in its thrall and how he lived his paranoid nightmare of a secret life. I couldn’t put the book down.

And so as I sit sipping my glass of red wine and popping Dove almond dark chocolate silky smooth promises in my mouth every few minutes, I wonder what it is that makes someone addicted to something.  I mean, if I wanted to I could stop reaching for the bag of chocolates but then John would get more than me!…(Have you tried these chocolates by Dove? They are sooooo good!)

What is it about human beings that will keep them reaching for something that they know is very bad for them and could actually kill them?  Why do we continue our involvement with a substance or activity despite the negative consequences associated with it?

Not all addictions are associated to substances like drugs or alcohol.  People may be addicted to all sorts of things like running/exercise, compulsive shopping, overeating, gambling etc.  This type of addiction is used to describe a recurring compulsion by an individual to engage in some specific activity, despite harmful consequences.

According to

The causes of addiction vary considerably, and are not often fully understood. They are generally caused by a combination of physical, mental, circumstantial and emotional factors.

Addiction, often referred to as dependency often leads to tolerance – the addicted person needs larger and more regular amounts of whatever they are addicted to in order to receive the same effect. Often, the initial reward is no longer felt, and the addiction continues because withdrawal is so unpleasant.

Ok, this scares me because I just realized that the first time we bought a bag of Dove almond dark chocolates we each had 5 or 7 at the most before putting the bag back in the fridge.  We would linger on each one, slowly sucking the chocolate and reading the inspiring message on the inside of each wrapper. Now we scarf down half a bag each without even thinking… or stopping to read any of the messages!

I don’t mean to make light of addiction at all.  It is a very serious problem and it is far too rampant in our society.  I do think that addiction or compulsions come in all shapes and sizes however, and that we should all be willing to hold the mirror up to ourselves before casting judgement on others.  Don’t ya think?


Test yourself to see if you are addicted to alcohol

This is an alcohol test:

If you pass it, you can keep drinking,

If not, it’s time to stop.

Follow the simple instructions below:

1. Click on the man’s nose
             2. A new window will open – click on the man’s nose again

3. For each time you click on his nose, you can have another drink of your choice!!!