Another Golden Moment For Canada!

Last night from our usual Olympic venue seats…our couch at home…my husband and I leapt up and cheered “YES!” as soon as Virtue and Moir finished their beautiful ice dance. We knew right away that they had the gold.  I must say here that I am getting very good at judging these competitions.  I gave the Russians a score of 101 and guess what their score was? 101! So if you need another judge, I’m available.  I’m just sayin’.

Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir of Ontario captured Canada’s fifth gold medal of the Vancouver Olympics last night, winning the figure skating ice dance in spectacular fashion.  They performed to Mahler’s Symphony number 5 at the Pacific Coliseum. It was breathtakingly beautiful to watch.  They nailed everything from lifts to steps. The crowd went wild and threw flowers, teddy bears and even the coveted Olympic red mittens onto the ice when they finished.  What a moment!

They began skating in 1997, she was 7 and he was 9.  This is the part of the story that has me fascinated.  They are only 20 and 22 now.  They are both so young and yet they have already been skating together for over 10 years.    I know it’s none of my business but I can’t help but be super curious about whether there have been any romantic feelings between them.  Was she his first crush or vice versa? When they were in the midst of those turbulent teenage years, hormones raging, was there an attraction?  Oh I know, it’s all beside the point.  The point is they skate absolutely beautifully together.  But still I can’t help wonder when they look at each other so tenderly if it is part of the dance or…

Regardless of any off ice relationship they have or may not have, the whole country is so proud of the performance these two young skaters gave for Canada last night and for the way they carry themselves.  Way to go Tessa and Scott!