Last Night…

My daughter and I were solo last night so we tucked into bed and got cozy to watch one of our favourite girl-shows, Being Erica’. It seems every time we decide to watch it, it completely parallels my life…the Universe has a way of reminding me that I am not alone. Last nights episode was about finding the perfect man! (funny…right?) Lesson learned, next weeks post will be a reflection of that show!

Last night I had soft little girl feet touching mine, an arm wrapped around me, lights were off and all I could see my was daughters beautiful face illuminated by her iPod while she read me little quotes, we giggled together for hours! It may have just been one of those “I guess ya had to be there” moments in time but I wasn’t ready to post about my s-i-t-u-a-t-i-o-n right now so here goes! My daughter has such a quirky great sense of haha! Part of the fun was hearing her dialog and 2 cents after each quote.

Here are a few quote from Teen-Posts

“The awkward moment when your internets down and you realize your life sucks”

“The awkward moment when you want to scare someone but they take too long to come out”

“When I text someone in the same room as me and I stare at them until they get it”

“I consider myself as a crayon, I may not be your favourite colour…but one day you will need me to complete your picture”

“My teacher pointed to me with his ruler and said “at the other end of this ruler there is an idiot” I got detention after asking “which end”

“Sitting in class wondering who would die if one of the fans fell down”

“Changing your entire message because you don’t know how to spell one word”

“If I had a British agent I’d never shut up”

Stay connected to your kids, it’s important to see what they’re into, and fun to be a kid again along side of them!

Enjoy your Monday everyone!



So That’s What it’s Called !!!

monkey mindAfter reading Bonnie’s post from yesterday “Inside My Head” about ‘Monkey Mind’ I obsessively sat my ‘spreading wider everyday butt’ down on my chair in front of my computer and started to write this post.  Who cares about my schedule I HAVE to keep today in order to get everything done.  I know what I said yesterday Scott but THIS IS important right now.  ‘Monkey Mind’, so that’s what it’s called !  I have it too and could totally relate to Bonnie as I am sure a lot of you could while reading her post yesterday.  I just didn’t know that it had a name, which makes perfect sense by the way.  Isn’t it great to know that Bonnie’s head is just as messed up as ours, or mine, I should just speak for myself.

I think it’s important to share our quirky behaviors, odd thoughts, feelings, actions to be aware that we are not alone.  By sharing, we can deal with situations better knowing someone else has dealt with the same feelings or thoughts.  It’s like having a support group.  Oprah is the Queen of getting the word out there so we don’t feel alone.  So Bonnie your not alone!

My Monkey Mind works like Bonnie’s and does get the better of me but mostly at night when I am trying desperately to get to bed before midnight!  I actually went to a Chinese herbalist once and he gave me a natural herb to ‘quiet my spirit’ as he put it.  I was so sleepy by 2 o’clock in the afternoon I didn’t care if anything got done.  My Monkey Mind was quiet until the herb wore off and then all hell would break loose!  That lasted about 2 days.

I have so much on my mind at times I go from tree to tree I mean room to room trying to stay focused but the power of the Monkey Mind is sometimes too much.  I just wish when I entered into a room it could speak to me and tell me why I am there to eliminate all the internal guessing dialogue that goes on in my cranium!  “Okay why am I standing here in this room, okay it’s the office, what do I need in the office…looking around and I don’t see anything that jumps out at me, ahhh it’s my glasses, I can’t read the text message that just came in on my cell phone without them”.

It is an endless cycle of half finished chores all because of ‘Monkey Mind’.  I usually complete them by the end of the day,  (reality check) I try to complete them by the end of the day.  Okay, I have been caught on occasion at 6:15 pm sitting at my computer with my running gear on from the morning with not one thing on my list complete!  Almost complete should count.



What I find funny

Yesterday I was reading the latest post I had written to ‘a really good friend of mine’ and he said to me “you need to write something funny'”  If  you know me, I am all about the funny, the laugh out loud, the guffaw!!  It is the number one quality I look for in a man.  Without laughter in my life I think I would seriously think of shooting myself.

I think,  in general, people have a hard time taking me seriously because of my quirky sense of humor and I almost always have a ridiculously large smile on my face.

Here are a few things I find funny.  ‘Why We Suck’ by Denis Leary. Now that’s funny !Denis Leary

This book is  “Part memoir, part self help tome but definitely a full-time funny assault on all the posers, politicians and pop culture icons who have sucked in public for far too long, this book is a call to arms for everyone who feels the way the good doctor does:  Skinny jeans are for skinny people.  Men will never change.  Not even into clean underwear”.

Denis warns you right from the get go that if you are a woman , you will soon be livid.  If you are a man, you are going to be filled with a burning rage.  This book is a parody, satire and simply pokes fun at a variety of different topic.

I love men who can confidently stand up and say exactly how they feel with no filter whatsoever!  That is freedom of speech!  I also love ‘Rescue Me’ the television series where Leary is co-creator, co-writer, producer as well as being the lead.  It’s brilliantly written.  You never really know what to expect. You can be laughing at the content one minute and crying the next.

If you’re not in the mood for a book then I recommend the movie “Burn after reading” with Brad Pitt, George Clooney and Frances McDormand.  Brad’s character is an 80’s personal trainer from a local gym.  I am an 80’s girl Brad Pittso it was a great flashback.  He’s not the gorgeous Brad Pitt we’re used to,  but as I said before, humor is the number one quality I look for in a man.  I laughed out loud in this movie.  I was glad it was a rental  so I could keep rewinding it and, seriously, I couldn’t stop laughing for days! You have to check it out !

So, although I don’t feel like writing anything funny at this particular moment in time,   I do have a gut laugh out loud almost everyday.  I think one of the most important things in life is that you’re able to laugh at yourself, not take anything too seriously, and remember this too will pass.  I have decided to just go with the flow and be true to my voice; what ever I am feeling is what you’ll be reading.

George & Brad

I know this picture isn’t funny, but a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do… ; )