Don’t knock it till ya try it!

There are some things that I am not completely on board with yet but I don’t judge, I try to understand.  Don’t knock it till ya try it, right?  I think trying new things is the best way to understand them.  Sometimes that takes us out of our comfort zone.  I’ve been going out of my comfort zone more lately and I am starting to like it.


I don’t understand certain types of piercings.  Why anyone would possibly want their pink parts (privates) pierced is beyond me.  But I don’t judge.  I spent quite sometime early last year in ‘I Kandy’ a tattoo and piercing business when ‘a really good friend of mine’ got a large Polynesian style tattoo.  It took about 6 months from start to finish, which included creating the entire tattoo from scratch, along side the artist Cristoffer Fullton. RIP.  The most incredible tattoo I have ever seen, still.  We spent hours there so I had a good look around.  I noticed in some of the cabinets they had mock ups of different kinds of piercings you could get.  I was shocked at some of them.  They had pretend pink parts(privates) on display to demonstrate what it would look like.  I had to giggle when I saw them.  Wow is all I could think!  I tried to imagine the first person who got there pink bits pierced trying to explain to the piercer what they wanted done.  “Seriously though, you want WHAT pierced?”   Piercing, when I was growing up, was something you had to wait for, a coming of age ceremony kind of thing.  How things have changed.  How I have changed along the way.

Okay, so I woke up yesterday and decided to get a piercing of my own.  Didn’t really think it over very long….spontaneity!  I wanted to step out of my comfort zone and I did.  I went in to “I Kandy” which now has their piercing space across the lane , separate from the tattoo business.  I just walked in and I got a consult to have my nipple pierced!!  Sorry Mom, I lied!!  I still can’t believe it.  I started to panic while standing there and thought, “no, I can do this”.  It’s my body, my path in life, and no one can tell me otherwise.  If you know me, you know exactly my frame of mind lately and can see this process is in full swing.  Don’t knock it till ya try it, right?  I was escorted into the ‘room’ where Mahela (the piercer) was waiting.  She was really nice and very calm.  I needed calm, let me tell you!!  I sat down on the black lounge chair and she had me sign all the packaging to assure myself things were sterile.  That made me feel better.  She calmly, and in a soft, almost hypnotic voice, asked me kindly to take a few deep breaths as she got prepared!  I have to say that it was frightening!  I took one last deep breath and PIERCE, it was done.  YES, IT HURT!  I can’t even explain the feeling except that YES, IT HURT!  So there you have it!  Me with a pierced nipple!  I would post a picture but my Mom would be mortified!!  So yeah, April fools !

PS.  I did get my nose pierced!  THANKS MIHELA !! You were awesome!!