Mistakes? I Never Make Mistakes

Bonnie Johnson's Post

“Past performance is not an indicator of future success.” Anonymous

Phew!  That’s a relief! What a dormant world we’d live in if that were not true.  If we never attempted anything new because we were paralyzed by past mistakes nothing would ever improve.  What if we still thought our very first crush was the “one” for our entire lives.  It may have actually been true for some but for me that would mean that I would be married to the cute Asian boy named Anthony in my kindergarten class.  (Come to think of it that may have been a better choice than many of my later relationships…hmm…No, I’m kidding…kind of).

Looking back now I realize that I’ve learned so much about myself thanks to all of my past “mistakes”.  When you look at it from this angle you really can’t call anything a mistake.  Let’s change the word “mistake” to “something-I’ve-done-that-taught-me-what-it-is-that-I-do-not-want-and-therefore-I-learned-what-it-is-that-I-do-want”.  Ok, maybe that’s too long but we should always remember that the longer version is behind that word.

stuck in mudI can look back from where I stand today and see how I got here.  I can see the steps I took that brought me to this point, and even though some of them felt like I was walking in mud up to my waist, I can finally be grateful for it all because the lessons learned are obvious now.  Those times when I was surrounded by mud I had a hard time believing in the path ahead and that would only make it harder to move out of.  The trick is to never look at your mistakes as failures but as valuable lessons that keep propelling you forward.

Tracy touched on this recently with her “Just Do It” post when she featured the Michael Jordon “Failure” Nike commercial.  I hope you will find inspiration from these other famous “failures”.

Here’s to growth, regardless of how ugly it looks sometimes.  Svaha!



Dance Like No Ones Watching!

dance-like-no-ones-watchingYou’ve heard the saying “Dance like no ones watching”, but what if they were?  An entire auditorium full of them.  Would you still be able to dance with no inhibitions?

I spent the day with my daughter at her 7th  Dance Recital where she ‘Tapped’ her little heart out to ’Itty Bitty Pretty One’ and ‘Hip Hopped’ to ’Lets get ready to Rumble’.  When I was her age there would have been no way I could have come out on stage, never mind remember an entire dance performance with out looking like a deer in the headlights.


All the dancers and instructors put their heart and soul into their routines.  One young girl began her performance, then stopped not remembering her next step.  She looked for reassurance from the side line where her instructor stood.  No one could see the instructor but she must be an incredibly encouraging person.  I say this because the young girl all of 9 or 10 years old paused and then continued her dance several times.  Her teacher kept her going.  I wish we could have seen her encouraging gestures from behind the curtain.  I tried as every single person in the audience did to send her my personal power to keep going.  I kept repeating  in my head “please keep going, don’t give up, you can do it!”  And then it happened, one of the Judges started to clap in a rhythm to keep her going and instantly the entire auditorium came together and joined in.  The look on this little girls face brought tears to my eyes.  At that moment she taught us all to NEVER give up.  She had our support and that is what got her through her routine.  It was incredible for all the little girls and boys to see that no matter what, no one was going to laugh at her, they were all right behind her the whole way.  There was talent in every category,  Ballet, Jazz, Lyrical dance, Hip Hop, Tap and Musical Theatre.  At one point during a beautiful performance in Lyrical dance all I could think was that  little girls truly are made of sugar and spice and everything nice.  It was whimsical!  I spent the entire day watching dance with my little dancer and I couldn’t have been more proud.


These girls and boys  have confidence that will last them a life time.  I asked my daughter if she was nervous before she went out on stage and she replied “right before you go out you do have butterflies in your tummy but they get kicked out as soon as you start to dance”.  There is nothing more satisfying than to watch your little girl smile and dance like no ones watching, when in fact they are.  They were truly enjoying every moment.  The hand made costumes alone were worth going to see.  I smile every time I think of any part of the day, every moment was magical.hip hop

Work like you don’t need the money.
Love like you’ve never been hurt.
Dance like no one’s watching.
Sing like no one’s listening.
Live like there’s no tomorrow.
Fear like a stone.