Butterflies Are Free to Fly

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Everything starts with a thought. I love the quote “Thoughts become things, choose the good ones.” ~ Notes from the Universe. It’s not always easy to choose the good ones, even I have my moments of wallowing in displeasure from time to time. When you do allow yourself to take a peek at the not-so-good ones, dabble briefly, it’s a slippery slope that will lead you to the bottom of the hill if you aren’t careful. Taking a brief look however allows us a natural comparison of good and not-so-good, which can make the fork in the road that much clearer.

Our subconscious hopefully steps in allowing us to make the next choice.
~Shall we evolve and grow as a human being or shall we go back to the drawing board and try again? Not everyone is a quick study. Some simply like the comfort of a path more traveled, others go to great lengths seeking the unfamiliar one.

Transformation doesn’t generally happen unless we go through a mental metamorphic state. We can’t change physically until mentally we are on board with the new path. Emotionally we can’t make this change until we do the work, as hard as it may feel. So you may as well just get into it. Buckle down and get busy! Represent who you are with all you’ve got! Visualize where you imagine yourself to be!

Sometimes we don’t see that we need a change until it becomes crystal clear we can no longer cocoon down the path we have been on far too long. The journey awaiting our acquaintance may as well start now. Pack light, you’re not going to need anything materialistic on this journey. Dig deep and start within.

When we do go through a change or evolution of sorts, it lightens us. As we blaze our own trail we become light in mind, body and spirit. Keep walking even if it feel like you are taking baby steps, the leaps and bounds will come when it’s time.

If you’re going through a physical change, the load to lighten is visual. Be kind to yourself. If you are going through a mental change, only you will see those changes at the start. In time those around you will notice a light coming from within.

There is nothing quite as delicate and beautiful as a butterfly floating in the summer breeze. It too had to go through metamorphosis before it took flight. We all have the power to be that butterfly if we are willing to work at shedding the cocoon we all become comfortable in over time.

So whether you are trying to shed a physical comfort, become lighter within your thoughts, or cast a light on your spiritual side, everything is possible if you imagine yourself floating effortlessly through your day.

“You’re a butterfly
And butterflies are free to fly
Fly away, high away, bye bye…” 

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Delicious Paths to Desire

Bonnie Johnson's PostI’ve been thinking lately about how the journey to what you really want in life is the really fun part.  Isn’t it the desire that fuels you to obtain whatever you are striving for that is truly the sweetest part?  Yes, it does feel fantastic to want something strongly and after working hard finally have it in your grasp. But when I’m really honest with myself I realize that the best part of reaching a goal is the “path” to the goal.  It’s the feeling of anticipation and determination that is delicious.  I have always been struck at how I feel, having reached a goal, when there isn’t a full symphony orchestra playing and fireworks to celebrate.

Don’t get me wrong, there is always an exhilarating feeling of accomplishment and sometimes relief but once I’m there I’m looking for the next thing.

I think this is because as I’ve been climbing that mountain (metaphorically) I have been learning new techniques and new ideas and so new desires are always forming.  I’m always changing and so my knowledge and experience is always expanding which leads to new ideas and new goals and a new path to obtaining them.

Can you imagine how disappointing life would be if you actually “got there” or “made it”?  If you worked really hard at reaching a goal, you finally reached it, had a little celebration but then realized…that’s it.  That’s as far as you get to go.  Thanks for coming out but you’re done now.  Go home, there’s nothing more for you.

I am beginning to appreciate the small moments it takes to get to each new desire.   Every step of the way is savored.

That’s my deep thought of the day.  This is what happens when I get up at six am and sit alone quietly, surrounded by nature, while sipping my tea.