Dancing in the Street !

Vancouver’s very own Robson Street was hit by imagine1day’s official ‘Dancing in the Street’ flashmob on Saturday! If you knew about this event in advance you were able to rehearse on line if you wanted to take part in this choreographed dance! It wasn’t just about keeping the party going that the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympics started, imagine1day is a nonprofit organization that is striving to bring primary education to all children in Ethiopia, Africa by 2020. This is one of the ways they draw attention to their cause. And what better place to do it while the streets are literally filled with thousands of optimistic Olympic visitors who are ready, willing and able to take part in any peaceful celebration.

Athletics and education go hand in hand if you ask me.  An athletes drive, dedication and discipline along with education is what allows them to reach their goals. With access to an education anything is possible, even a Gold metal at the Olympics! imagine1day allows you to decide where you put your money to help with elements of eduction, whether it’s the roof of a classroom, the water system or educational tools, 100% of your contribution will fund the children’s education project of your choice. Visit their website to find out how you can get involved ! Take a look at what is possible if you really believe in something! Its brilliant really, connecting people to greatness ~


Searching For Colour in February

So we are well into February now.  It’s dull.  It’s grey. There doesn’t seem to be any colour anywhere I look.  February always feels like the longest month of the year to me even though it’s the shortest.  This is the month I always dread, except for one thing.  It’s “Tracy Day” on the 14th.  Some of you may think of the 14th as a day of love or Valentines day.  To me it is a day to celebrate my friend and her colourful character.  The day of her birth…all those many, many years ago.  Its fun at this age to tease her about being older than me (four whole months!) but I remember when she could go into a bar legally and I, feeling like a child, couldn’t.  I so envied her maturity then.  Funny how things change (See: Tracy Questions Her Maturity) – or don’t.  These days I feel smug about being “younger”.  How mature is that!

This year we have the Olympics to help put some colour into February.  My usual uniform for this month is black sweaters and jeans but I’m putting my Team Canada bright red and white jersey on starting this Friday for the opening ceremonies.  (Party at my house y’all!)  The games should help get us through some of the dull blahness of February.

Although still entrenched in winter, there is beauty to be found in this month.  Even in the rain!

Marcel Germain


“After the rain” from emiguez65


“Wet Stones” from NatashaP

I hope you will feel inspired to look past February’s foggy greyness and find something colourful to focus on instead.



Olympic Spirit and Community Pride

I was an Olympic gymnastic athlete in 1976.  I wore my black leotard and performed a near perfect floor routine but my real talent was on the uneven bars.  I could fly around the bars, chalk dust puffing into the air with every grab.  People all over the world would hold their breath, gasp and then burst into applause at my incredible dismounts.  Yes, it was glorious to stand on the peak of the podium with my bouquet of flowers and bow to accept another gold medal around my neck.  Ahhh…it’s wonderful to have an imagination when you are a kid isn’t it?  The Olympic spirit caught me back in the 70’s when I watched my first summer Olympics.  I was in gymnastics at the time and so I’d run in and change into my leotard when I got home from school before I turned on the tv to watch.  I tried to imitate what I saw which must have looked pretty strange without the actual equipment, but I loved it! The Olympics were in Montreal and I was a homesick Canadian living in Australia then.  I had just been bitten by a love for gymnastics and this was none other than the year Nadia Comeneci obtained a perfect score…on the uneven bars…my favourite apparatus!

It's uncanny how alike we were!

I guess I peaked early though because my career in gymnastics kind of fizzled after that, but I still always loved watching the Olympics.  In recent years the excitement around the games took on a whole new meaning for me when my husbands company, Sitka Log Homes, was chosen to build three lodges for the Salt Lake City winter Olympics.  The biggest thrill came when we were hired to build a log house to send to Turino, Italy for the last winter Olympics in 2006.  It was used to promote our own upcoming winter Olympics in Vancouver and Whistler and as meeting place for all the Canadian athletes competing in Italy.

Cindy Klassen in our house!

Today, I am extremely proud to have the opportunity to feel the Olympic spirit first hand in my own community.  I’m a volunteer at the flame lighting ceremony here in Vernon.  My job, apparently, is to protect the ice castle that has been created in the park for the ceremony.  I knew all those years of karate and various martial arts would come in handy!  Beware children…I know some moves and I’m not afraid to use them.

When I see that Olympic torch come jogging into my community I know my heart will swell with pride for our Canadian athletes and for our home province who, I have no doubt, will put on a great show and make all Canadians proud.  Now just let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!


Svaha Spirit Series ~Follow Your Dreams~


Olympic athlete (The Luge) Ruben Gonzalez is in the Motivational Speakers Hall of Fame.  After watching this video and surfing through his website www.thelugeman.com, I can see why.  His website is incredibly motivational!  Ruben is training for the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics.  When he completes in Vancouver, at the age of 47, he will become the first person EVER to compete in four Winter Olympics in four different decades.  I love these kinds of  stories leading up to the Olympic venues!

Tracy signiture


Just do it!

Tracy It’s so basic and simple isn’t it, write the letter, send the email, make the call, take the test, propose, get the tattoo, go for your run, lose 10 lbs, profess your love…

Just do it ~Nike.

I’ve heard a lot of chatter lately about what friends ‘want to do’ and what they ‘actually do’. There are those who ‘ Just do it’ and there are those who watch others ‘Just do it’.  It’s not that difficult to be the one doing it.  I have friends who ask me regularly how do I get motivated to run 5 days a week?  I am not always motivated but I put on my shoes and walk out the door and do it!  It’s that easy with anything you want to do, if you really wanted to do it, you would be.  So Quit complaining about it and Just do it !

What’s holding you back?

Another Great Nike Ad~ enjoy!

Okay, one more I couldn’t resist Michael Jordan’s “Failure Ad” ~

So if Michael Jordan can fail and be known as a success what are we all waiting for!