John and Bonnie’s Excellent Adventure

Whoa, dude, where are we?  And what day is it even?  This is what life feels like for me right now.

I’m working with my husband John, preparing and presenting a full log house at the Log and Timber Home Show in Edmonton, Alberta. We drove all day Monday to arrive in Edmonton and then began bright and early on Tuesday morning setting up the 1,100 square foot log cabin.

SandingSanding logs and general clean up has been my responsibility.  Playing with the boys!  It reminds me of when I was a kid and loved to climb trees and do all the stuff the boys were doing…only never quite as well.  I didn’t have the right equipment to keep up but I loved the games they played.  I have to admit that after these many 14 hour days of hard labour I am really longing for all things “girl” again.  I’ve caught myself dreaming of bubble baths and dressing in sexy dresses with killer high heels while dripping in jewelry.

It hasn’t been all pain however.  After a very full day of hard labour on Wednesday we cleaned up and headed for the Nickelback concert.  My feet hurt so much after working on the log house all day that I limped the whole way back to the hotel.  At the concert I found myself back on those same tired feet dancing to every song and throwin’ the devil horns sign out often.  Woo Hoo!!!

Friday, Saturday and Sunday I will get to appear feminine again as I attempt to sell this log house display to one of the thousands who will come through it.  This is the fun part.  Meeting with so many different people and sharing our passion for these works of art is exciting and invigorating.

Saturday night I’ll get to play with the boys again as we all head to watch the Canucks live at Rexall Place against the Oilers.  Yes, I will be wearing my Canucks jersey!

I do love playing with the boys but I definitely prefer being a girl.  This most excellent adventure gives me a good taste of both.