“Jealous Of The Angels”

66821_234091456740446_1156119800_nI posted this last year but felt the need to re share it with you as a reminder that Monday is NOT a holiday but a day to remember those who came before us, and those who give themselves today so that you and I have the freedom we sometimes take for granted.

We don’t have to allow the commercial aspect of marketing to rush us into the next holiday on the ‘list’ so quickly! Remembering those who gave their lives for our freedom should be savored. Remembering those who lost their lives regardless of the battle they fought should be remembered in our hearts forever.

Loss affects every one of us. Death will greet us all, eventually. Risking your life for the lives of others is the ultimate sacrifice. Material loss means nothing to those who survived a battle…of any kind. Loss puts life into perspective. We need to continue being the change we want to see in our world and appreciate the gift that those who came before us gave. Battles are fought but not always won, leaving a legacy behind to be remembered.

The Heroes who fought to give us our freedom are being whisked away too quickly so we can drown in the madness of gross obsession for stuff none of us need. Stuff! Where has all the meaning gone? Wants and needs have become one of the same. They are NOT the same. What we need is to get back to the basics before we can’t see through all the distractions swirling around us, calling us like a deep seeded addiction calls an addict. Consumerism…we have all taken a hit of that drug. STOP the madness!

I don’t think we take enough time to appreciate what’s truly important in life. Health, freedom, spirit, love, friendship, unity and peace. The essence behind what is lovely in life is being over powered by marketing, money and greed. We can’t allow the human spirit to be set aside for such meaningless garbage!

We are reminded often lately how precious life is. The love that is present in our hearts for those who gave their lives selflessly can’t be forgotten. Lest We Forget is a phrase to caution us against forgetting those who died in war.

We can’t take any of our possessions with us when we leave this world, but I do believe when one is awarded with a ‘medal of honour’ it transcends with whom it belongs in spirit. Honour in your own way those who left you behind. Give those you loved their very own medal of honour to take with them when they go.

Human spirit rises in tragedy. We naturally reach out to those who experience a loss, it’s human nature. Compassion is alive and well. We are surrounded by Heroes in memory and in life as are we surrounded by Angels. I like to believe our Heroes get first dibs on the Angels waiting…and our Angels are past fallen Heroes giving themselves once again.

“Jealous of the Angels”…by Jen Bostic


Clever Logos

I’m a sucker for good marketing I will admit, but it has to be good. I can be swayed by a clever tv commercial or magazine ad, but… if an ad annoys me I will go out of my way to NOT buy the product which is why I will NEVER ever buy insurance from Aflac or Mucinex DM for a cold.

On the other hand, I’m truly inspired by some of the really really clever logos that have been designed with thoughtful artistic care. I’m especially impressed by the ones that have objects or symbols hidden within the design and that use negative space for subliminal impact. How cool is that? Here are some that I think are very clever:

FedEx has it’s hidden arrow. What? You’d never noticed that before? It’s right there between the E and the x. Clever.



The A and the I and the M and the S combined with the reflection create a fish. Clever.




Bison is the name of a band in Vancouver. Whoever designed their logo was super clever.



I’m not a fan of Bank of America, (I have my reasons) but it is clever how they incorporated the eagle inside the B and A.



The golfer swinging becomes the face of the spartan warrior. Clever!





Another raven formed in the middle by the three outside ravens. So clever.




Can you make out the bear climbing the mountain? Yep, clever.






Here are some more that I think are very clever and imaginative.

Amazon claims to sell everything from a to z and the arrow then becomes a smile. Clever.



Sun Micro Systems. No matter which angle you look at it, it always says SUN. Clever.



2011 – Year Of The Rabbit! So clever.





If this doesn’t give you a sense of freedom I don’t know what would. Very clever.





I salute you designers! Where do you tap into that creativity? I’d like to find the source.


Brilliant Marketing

I am always fascinated by the art of marketing.  Yes, I said art.  I think you have to be very creative to come up with a brilliant marketing campaign.  You may have noticed my interest in marketing by the fact that I’ve written other posts highlighting well done commercials.  The one by Old Spice and another by Kotex stand out for me.

When I come across good marketing (which is rare) I feel a surge of excitement.  I guess I’m just weird like that.  But if you’re attempting to persuade me to buy your product then I appreciate it when you’ve put some real effort and creativity into it.  When you treat me with respect and play to my intelligence instead of the other way around, then you know what? I’ll probably buy your product and try it out.

I’ve discovered another gem of creativity in marketing and I think you’ll agree.  This one is very interactive.  Smart! I can see future advertising becoming interactive with its audience.  Play along with the video below.  Click on “shoot the bear” or “don’t shoot the bear” and see what happens.  It’s fun and funny and it’s perfectly directed to their target consumers (students in this case).  I wrote about a dozen options in the space and laughed with the results of each one.  Way to go Tipp-Ex.  White and re-write.  Brilliant!


Happy Valentine’s Day…or not!

Valentine’s Day to the hopeless romantic is yet another day put aside to bathe in love. Subtle reminders are everywhere we look for weeks in advance. The anticipation of the day is overwhelming, giving us butterflies of what might transpire during the day. We will be showered with a gorgeous bouquet of fragrant flowers, hand written poetry, decedent chocolates, romantic candle lit dinner, and if we’re really lucky maybe a heart shaped pendent encrusted with diamonds!

If we live in a Harlequin Romance novel...(insert record scratching sound here) Hang on…reality check ~

Be honest, you’re annoyed by all the red heart decorations that got put up almost the same day the red Christmas ones came down. They’re just a reminder that you’re alone on a day meant for love. You don’t get flowers any other time of the year and now BECAUSE IT IS Valentine’s day and everyone looks at this day, not as a day to ‘express or find love’, but as a GINORMOUS marketing ploy to guilt your future love into buying you a 100 dollar bouquet of flowers that the day before cost 12 bucks, so there is no hope in hell of getting any today! (deep breath, ya I know a HUGE run on sentence) If you do get chocolates they’re picked up last minute at Shoppers and go straight to your butt and thighs, that you just got slimmed back down after bingeing on holiday squares and baileys coffee. Poetry? Does that include post it notes? Need I go on. That might very well be a HUGE exaggeration meant sarcastically to paint a clear picture of the two opposing sides of belief in dear cupid! There are those who believe in the chubby little cherub and those who just ignore the stabbing pain when they get hit by his cute little arrow! Believers (that’s me) love even the thought of him, non believers swat at him like a mosquito when he nears.

Real romance isn’t a $7.00 Hallmark Card, or any of the material things I listed above, it’s having your handsome beyond belief male energy look deep into your melting eyes as he tells you he can’t live without you…sigh. I’m holding my breathe for just that!

I am poking fun today because Valentine’s Day is my birthday and so many people seem to have lost the point of it. Some boycott it even. I happen to love it because I love romance! So much in fact I created our ‘Heart Inspired Halo Pendant‘ on our Treasures Page! I am a hopeless romantic and really do believe in love, love at first sight, love beyond marriage, romantic love, any way you put it! If it involves love I’m in!

So handsome, don’t follow the masses and marketers, make Valentine’s Day your own! ‘I love you’ shouldn’t be thrown around so loosely, if you are in love, tell her so. Today isn’t the day a dutch oven will go over very well, it’s a little more special for some of us. I am hoping that cupid doesn’t fall into the same category as Santa and the Tooth Fairy! If just one fairy tale creature could be real, this is the one I’d pick.

OMG! Gasp! Someone please tell me this picture was photo-shopped!

Guys you might have to hand in your ‘man card‘ for this movie, but if you do I bet there’s a huge payoff! Take a look at the list of chicks in this flick and you might actually go willingly! It’s definitely on my list to see. The Cast is amazing ~ Julia Roberts, Ashton Kutcher, Bradley Cooper, Taylor Lautner, Taylor Swift, Jessica Biel, Jessica Alba, Jennifer Garner, Patrick Dempsey…win win!

Happy Valentine’s Day, I will now go eat some ‘snowball’ cupcakes from Big City Cupcakes that will hopefully send me into a sugar induced coma where my romantic fantasies all lay waiting. I hope I made you smile and think of love as it should be, real and raw and as simple as a few small meaningful words meant from the heart!

PS ~ Thanks Mom and Dad for sharing your love with one another so I was born on such a romantic day! You are my inspiration for true love!

Valentine’s Day the movie ~

Today would be a GREAT day for Canada to win a Gold Metal !! Go Canada Go!