Happy Halloween ~ ‘

Happy Halloween !!

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JibJab is a favorite of mine, here is my tribute to Halloween starring Bonnie as the Werewolf, Jacquie as the Bride of Frankenstein, myself as Dr. Pretorius, Scott as Frankenstein and John as Dracula, sorry guys, Gavin you’re safe this time!

I was looking up make up ideas for my daughter this Halloween and I stumbled upon “MissChievous” who is an amazing make up artist!  Her videos are fantastic and her blog is worth checking out too! 

Here are a few great Halloween Make up ideas from MissChievous herself!

Have fun and be Safe !!


What Can We Believe Anymore?


Don’t believe everything you see or hear!  If we could actually do this we would eliminate gossip and rumors.  Unless I am standing right in front of someone looking deep into the windows of their soul I personally don’t believe everything I see or hear.  If I wasn’t there to see it happen, chances are it didn’t.  In regards to what we see, computers and photo shop can make pictures into what ever we desire.  It’s hard to determine sometimes what’s real and what’s not.  Keep in mind that these photo’s have been altered with an amateur hand.  Imagine what could be done if you knew what you were doing!

Here are a few examples of not believing everything you see.

Taylor & TracyIn the first photo I am with the handsome and uber sexy Taylor Kitsch from Friday Night Lights & X-men.  You have to agree we make a great couple!  I agree it’s bordering on the line of being creepy that I even entertained the thought of creating this photo but it was all in the name of research.  (cough) I have limited skills when it comes to photo shop but just imagine the possibilities if you did have the knowledge.


Next photo is of Bonnie and I on the beach just last week.  Well maybe not last week but we did look like this in our twenties and thirties and still could if we realllly wanted to.  Victoria secret models, Thank you for the use of your incredible bodies!

Tracy photoshop at it's best

This photo to me is the best one EVER!  I bought Scott a stylus for his birthday.  A stylus is a pen tool used to adjust photo’s more precisely.  He was sitting at his computer one day just killing himself laughing and wouldn’t say why right away…this was why.  He thought it was hilarious to remove my hair line and smooth out my forehead on a photo that I never liked, I was giving him ‘the look’.  Not attractive!  It makes you think of all the magazines out there with photo’s that have been air brushed or altered of celebrities.  They are not always changed in their favor.  Photo shop stylus type tools can work both ways depending on whose hand it’s in.


Here is another picture, this time changed with make up.  We all know what make up can do.  I am a huge fan of  make over shows for that reason.  This is what I look like with no make up on in the morning.  Okay so not yet but in about 30 years I will.  In this picture I modeled for a make up test for a talented friend of mine, Monica. The right side of my face was aged and the left side was left untouched.  A strange look into the future!

So as I have shown above you can’t always believe what you see when it comes to pictures.  If you want to know if something is ‘real’ you need to be in the room.  This is why it’s so important to be in the presence of the souls we desire.Tracy


Girlfriends Youthful Secrets

Tracy’s take~

As I age it gets harder and harder to look young and fresh.  Some days it’s hard to look in the 10X mirror, but I wouldn’t live without it or all hell would break  loose!  I want to age gracefully!  I have been told my entire life I have never looked my age  (or was it never acted my age? hmmm)  so I guess what I am doing is working.  We’re here today to share with you what we do to try to maintain a certain level of youthfulness.

1~ I think you need to start from within, for sure, by drinking water all day long.  I don’t know about you but I see the difference in my skin Tracy moisturizingwhen I am not hydrated.  It looks similar to an orange peel.  Drink water!

2~ I also run and get exercise at least 4-5 days a week.  It gives you a natural glow and brings fresh blood to the surface of your skin so you look healthy.  You feel good which definitely shows in your attitude and you have energized your mind, body and soul.

3~ I ALWAYS take off my make-up before bed and moisturize day and night. I wish now I had listened to the lady in the mall years back when she said make sure you also do your neck…curses!! Do your neck, too.  You’ll wish you had!

So Bonnie, what’s your secret to looking so great over the years?


Bonnie’s two cents~

Why, thank you, Tracy.  Assuming, as you all now must because you can’t really see me, that I do look good for my age, here are some things I’ve learned:

1~ I recently learned, through my hair dresser (thanks Meeshala!), that I should take about 15 minutes and blow dry my hair properly.   What this means is that one hand must pull my hair through a large round brush while the other hand holds the dryer on it.  This results in my hair having more body but it eliminates frizz.  Wow! I can’t believe how much better I look without the frizz and more importantly I can’t believe I went for so many years not knowing this simple beauty tip.  I must have missed that issue in one of my magazines!

2~ Have you ever noticed that older people lose their whiteness?  No, they don’t suddenly dance well.  The whites of their eyes dull and their teeth do, too.  I don’t recommend doing this every day but on special occasions I always use eye drops to brighten my eyes up.  I also don’t recommend over whitening your teeth (George Hamilton/Tracy) but I’ve found using a good whitening toothpaste for everyday works well (I use Arm and Hammers Extra Whitening and also rinse with Listerine Extra with Whitenol).

3~ The very best beauty secret I know of is to smile.  Seek joy in your life and you can’t help but smile and then you automatically look beautiful.  You can’t help it, it radiates out of you.

I know what Tracy means about the neck.  We’re now entering the era of…turtlenecks.  It will be a little uncomfortable this summer.  Whatcha got for us Jacquie?

Jacquie weighs in…

Are you guys for real?!!!!  Seriously?

OK… exfoliation is key, I’d say.  At least once or twice a month I strip down to my undies , tie my hair up in a ponytail and roll down the length of my asphalt driveway a few times.  Great way to smooth down those rough elbows and knees.

I love going out for sushi and I always ask for extra wasabi (green Japanese horseradish) on the side to bring home.  Makes a great toner when my blonde highlights begin to look a bit faded and coppery and a little bit mixed into my foundation and dabbed under my eyes corrects the bluish dark circles I get after late nights boozin’ with the gals.

This last one is my personal fave.  I hired a very talented and discreet lighting director to follow me around holding up soft focus gels and filters so that I’m only ever seen it the best possible light.   Smoke and mirrors ( slathered in Vaseline, of course) works well, too.