Your Best Friend from High School (the one who secretly made out with the guy YOU said you liked) Just Called. What Do You Do?

jacquie janzen yeeJacquie lays it on the line…

I’m a different person than the one who graduated years ago.  I can only assume that most of the women I went to school with have changed a bit, too.  I got a call about a year ago from someone who thought they owed me an apology but when I thought about it I realized they didn’t at all.   I was able to have a great conversation with this person about what’s been going on over the last few years and we’ve had some great laughs.  If I had carried a grudge I would have missed the opportunity to enjoy this fun friendship.

People aren’t angels.  We make mistakes and we learn…hopefully.  I think you have to look at the whole picture and decide if the friendship is worth salvaging.  Sometimes it’s just better leaving well enough alone.   I’m a fixer and so I like neat endings…or beginnings.  I believe in personal growth and change.  Is that foolish?  Maybe, maybe not.

Girls, please let me know what you think!

Bonnie Johnson's PostBonnie doesn’t hold back…

Well my “best friend” from high school was/is Tracy and she would never ever have crossed that line.  I never worried about that for one minute, but there was this one girl…

She wasn’t really even a friend.  Just someone I knew to smile at and say hi to when passing her in the hall.  Here’s the story.  I went to Australia with my family for a month.  I believe it was around Christmas time in our grad year.  While I was away, my boyfriend, my first love, went to a party and made out with this girl from school.  He knew I’d find out about it…it was high school after all, so he confessed as soon as I saw him.  I then confessed about making out with a guy I met in Australia at that point.  17 year old hormones!  (Making out consisted of kissing and a little groping only by the way.)  Anyway, we were both devastated but eventually forgave each other.  The funny thing is, I never forgave that girl.  If you are wondering, yes, I remember her name.  I remember it very well.  I’m not going to say it though because some of you know her.  Recently on Facebook I received one of those messages that says  “so and so is now friends with so and so and thinks you may also know so and so and wish to be friends with them too”.  I don’t think so!!  She made out with my boyfriend 28 years ago and I haven’t forgotten!  I know it’s silly but I don’t care.  It’s not like I really ever think about the incident or even the girl but if her name ever does come up I still bristle.

It’s like she broke the unwritten law of sisterhood.  You just don’t cross that line…ever.  I might forgive her one day…nah!

TracyTracy Gets Real…

If it was “secretly” how do I know ?  I will assume I found out then?  I didn’t have any issues like this with girlfriends in High School (that I am aware of) mostly because I hung out with guys and also because I was not the least bit competitive amongst my friends.  Bonnie was/is my Best friend and real friends wouldn’t cross that line.  Kissing is usually a mutual connection with mutual consent.

I liked the guys I hung out with as friends so this wasn’t an issue that would have bothered me.  I have always thought that if some other girl/woman can ‘get’ my boyfriend or husband for that matter, he’s all yours !  Have at er!  When I think back about high school I have a hard enough time remembering who everyone was never mind what they did!  I can’t think of one person who I wouldn’t be able to talk to openly and enjoy catching up with today.   Boring I know.  Grad 81 !

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