Happy Halloween ~ Jib Jab!

Every 'other' girl at the party...

...and then there is me...no NOT the Paper-bag Princess...I'm the Unknown Cougar (like the Unknown Comic?) Anyone get it?

Happy Halloween! I am NOT a big fan of Halloween. It could be that I’ve had my fair share of treats over the years and when I see them in the grocery store it just makes me go Ugh! Halloween for me = zits and a tight waste band! It’s just way too easy to polish off an entire box of 100 six weeks before you actually need them. Note to self: DO NOT BUY HALLOWEEN TREATS BEFORE OCTOBER 31st @ 6PM!!! (If the store is out…consider yourself lucky!)

I don’t like the dressing up part of AT ALL! I appeased my daughter who LOVES Halloween by buying a Vampire Cape, it was either that or a sexy_______ fill in the blank. I know…false hope, I won’t wear it unless I make it funny somehow. Fat chance of that happening with such short notice. I was thinking I’d like to pull a “Modern Family” scare the crap out of the little kids in our neighborhood since I’m moving, but they’re always so damn cute I don’t think I could do it. It would be like pulling the trigger on Bambi 😉

Every Halloween memories come rushing back that remind me why I am not a fan…Pregnant Princess, Halloween’68 is the year I knew I was odd and my dreams were crushed. All the neighbors asked what I was, like it wasn’t obvious? They looked at me with question about my unusual combination, whats not to get about a Pregnant Princess? Made perfect sense to me!

It could have been Mr Milner Halloween ’71, countering our “trick or treat” with “TRICK” when we knocked at his door! Trick? Wt? Just give out the damn candy! We weren’t a circus act we just wanted a 2-cent chocolate! Two years of that and his house was nixed! We should have told him there were houses that gave out cans of pop and full size chocolate bars that didn’t make us work for it! Trick? Really? I was really shy when I was little so that put me over the edge each year! No wonder I don’t like auditions! I wonder what kids would say now if you said TRICK? I don’t think they’d even get it! They would stand in a group looking at each other confused until one of them whispered “What did she just say?” another would say under his breath “I’m not sure?” Then the smart-ass in the group would talk really loud like I was hard of hearing and say “SHE S-A-Y-S WE LOOK REALLY T-r-i-c-k…thanks Ma’am now give us the damn candy!”

It might have been ‘Mark VanOord’ Halloween’79 the year my school girl crush finally kissed me. The kiss I daydreamed about for years and when I finally got it, much to my dismay I dressed up as a clown that year…a 16 year old clown!

Maybe it was Stargate Halloween’96 when I dressed up as a crappy kick-boxer, head-gear (really attractive) chest pad (flattering) and mouth guard (nice) with bruises all over my face and every other female in the room was in full Renaissance attire, wigs and parasols.

I was always the girl who showed up in a funny costume not a sexy one. (its possible or likely I am in denial now but that’s my story and I’m stickin to it) I did however dress up last year as a ‘cougar’ and thought that was funny…kinda sexy, Bonnie said I just looked cheap! LMAO!

Be safe trick or treating tonight! I can’t resist Jib Jab! So here it is, from me to you! I apologize in advance to my kids and Bonnie’s kid for using them for my own entertainment purposes! Chances are they won’t even see it until it’s too late so what the hell!


Svaha Spirit Series ~ Happy Easter ~ Jib Jab

Happy Easter Everyone! I can’t help myself with Jib Jab…I know, I know it’s completely silly and childish. Lawrence you had to know you would be in this Jib Jab after joining us as a Guest Blogger on Tara! You’re a really good dancer! lol

Happy Easter Everyone from all of us at Tara Cronica. I am going to try to just eat carrots this year and not even make eye contact with the little Purdy’s chocolates the bunny brings. I don’t dare even try the Dove chocolates Bonnie keeps talking about!

What’s your favourite Easter memory? Mine was when I was about 5 years old and I saw the Easter Bunny hovering outside my bedroom window at dusk with a jet pack on his back right under the street light. I swear on my life!


Feliz Navidad…Jib Jab

I spent Christmas in Spain when I was 10 so Feliz Navidad was and still is my favourite Christmas song. You all know I can’t go through Christmas without doing a Jib-Jab, so here you go! Feliz Navidad!

Be sure you make time for those you love this holiday season. Time seems to fly by too quickly these days and we sometime lose sight of what is most important, time with our family and friends.

Have a very Merry and Safe Christmas Everyone!  xo

“Feliz Navidad ~ I wanna wish you a Merry Christmas from the bottom of my heart…”


Svaha Spirit Series: Happy Easter…Jib Jab!

Happy Easter!

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Ok, come on, have patience! I know it takes some time to load, but it’s worth the wait. You can sing quietly to yourself while you wait or I can tell you a story to pass the time.

Did I ever tell you the story of the time Tracy and I were in Hawaii and got set up on a date with two brothers who both looked like Tom Cruise in Top Gun…only 10 times better? (It was the eighties and we were both really into Tom Cruise in that movie.)  Well anyway, the night started off innocently enough, a little dancing, a midnight drive, a little fence climbing and before you knew it we were…oh, the video has started?  Great!  Enjoy!

Happy Easter and Svaha from all of us at Tara Cronica!



Jib Jab ~ Happy Holidays Everyone!!

A couple more days and Santa Claus will be getting ready for his magical journey around the world, dropping off gifts to all the good boys and girls. Lets just get it out in the open…I’m on his naughty list this year! I expect nothing! Oh all right for those who know me, I wish I was naughty this year but fell short by a few hundred yards! There is always next year though! My goal, to be more naughty and less nice! Now there’s something to strive for! I’m sure my Mom is having a proud moment right about now! 🙂

I can’t resist Jib Jab so here is one from my family with more wishful thinking on my part! (big grin :))

Have a Safe and Happy Holiday’s Everyone!


Merry Christmas!!


Happy Holidays !!

The Tara Team Presents ~ Jacquie~ Bonnie ~ Tracy oh and a few of our favorite elves, Gavin (you had to know you would be in this one) and James (cause I miss you)  Enjoy every moment you spend with your family and friends!
Be safe and remember to “Find Lyrical Beauty in Giving”.

I am a huge fan of Jib Jab , so here you go!!

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