Jessica Beach

Jessica BeachI had the pleasure of listening to Jessica Beach this weekend at the Cate’s Park Concert Series in Deep Cove, North Vancouver.  She captivated the outdoor crowd with her unique style, quick wit and warm presence.

Scott and I formally met Jessica after the show.  Scott works along side her brother Chris Beach (also a musician, guitar) on Stargate Universe designing & building the sets.  Quite the talented family when it comes to artistic & musical ability.

Jessica was just as I suspected, approachable, warm, honest, sexy, yet the girl next door with a quirky twist.  Loved talking to her.

Jacquie and I attended Jessica’s CD Release Party ‘For Your Protection’ at Bar None last November and loved the tone and sound of her voice.  Her style is best described as “Cabaret Rock”.

Here’s a taste of her talent!

I had the opportunity to get personal with Jessica via email and here’s what she had to say.

Q:”What’s one thing you do everyday that motivates you?  Besides waking up?

Jessica ~”Meditate 20 minutes, twice a day. I took a course in LA a couple years ago
and it’s something that I try to stay consistent with – especially when
everything else changes my life.”

Q:”If you could share the stage with another Musician who would it be and why?”

Jessica ~ “Tom Waits. He’s just such a prolific and unapologetic artist, and I find
that really inspiring. I don’t know if I’d be able to breathe enough to
perform, but I guess keeping my cool would be part of the dream.”

Q:”What inspires you to write?”

Jessica ~ “I’m not sure! It feels more like an addiction than inspiration. Probably a
childhood of being surrounded by music. I was lucky enough to have a family
that had loads of vinyl and I started going to concerts at a pretty young
age. Then, I just observe; there is so much content out there! I tend to
write more about experiences than objects, but sometimes I love to be still
in the woods as much as people watching in the crowd.”

Q:”What’s one thing you really believe in?”

Jessica ~ “That everyone could benefit from sitting for 20 minutes a day and chilling

Q:”At the end of the day what really matters to you?”

Jessica ~ “Family… and my piano. And that we don’t destroy the planet we live on.”

Thanks Jessica for taking the time to get personal with us.  I truly hope your dream of being on stage with Tom Waits becomes a reality for you!

If you would like to see Jessica live here’s a list of where & when:

Friday/Saturday, August 14-15  &  21-22nd @ 7 & 10 at Maxine’s Hideaway (Candy Girl Cabaret Shows)

Sunday, August 23rd @ 9:00 at The Penthouse Nightclub, Downtown Vancouver!

Thursday, September 17th @ 8:00 at Trees, Vancouver.

Wednesday, October 21st @ 8:00 at The Railway Club, Vancouver (Babes for Breasts fund raiser).

Check out Jessica’s website to see and hear more!





Acoustic guitar

Music, what would we do without it?  Tara Cronica has a category Tara’s Talent.  I have been making it a part of my social calendar to go and check out some local bands.

I love spending time listening to music.  I can’t imagine my life without it.  I envy the creative souls who make it.  In my twenties I hung out with  friends who loved to get together and jam.  I could sit and listen to them for hours.

Music inspires me to write, meditate and gives me the energy to run.  Music sets the mood for everything, imagine a movie without a score.  One of my favorite movies about music is ‘August Rush’.

My favorite instrument is acoustic guitar.  I think music can enriches your life in so many ways.  Having had two children, I noticed how both responded to music at such an early age.  It makes one wonder how the vibrational energy of the music can have such an emotional impact on us.

Going to concerts is an experience for sure, but I like the more intimate show myself.  Late last year Jacquie and I went to see Jessica Beach when she was promoting ‘For Your Protection‘.  Loved her!   And yes, bought the CD.

More recently I saw a band called DNA 6 who are funk and rap mixed, they too were worth the night out for.  Swank is next on my list of bands to see!

Which came first the emotion or the song?