PDA…Public Display of Affection?

I saw an elderly couple walking hand in hand the other day, actually I’ve never seen them walking NOT hand in hand, which made me realize I haven’t seen anyone show any affection in public for a very long time. I watched them walk in sync into the distance connected, and it made me wonder about their love. When was the last time you went for a walk and held hands with your significant other? It’s a clear statement that you are together, that’s for sure! Are we avoiding that or is it just that public display of affection has petered out over the years?

Kissing is one of the most intimate forms of affection between two people. It’s easy to get lost in a man’s lips if he knows how to use them. You rarely see anyone kiss in public anymore. I am not talking about the occasional brother kiss, I mean a passionate tasteful kiss! Is it because its personal that we don’t do it in front of anyone? Can we not find a middle of the road kiss, that expresses our attraction without walking away wiping our face off from the drool that was left behind. (yuck) If someone yells out “GET A ROOM!” you’ve gone too far!

I don’t particularly want to see two people giving each other a face wash in public but I would take a longer glance if I saw a couple kissing that looked like they just couldn’t help the attraction. Or is it because we have one eye on and one eye off the person we are out with, that makes us not want to partake in public? I’m just saying…

Public Display of Affection or PDA has been transformed into Personal Digital Assistant…god we’ve become so generic and boring. We pay more attention to our iPhones and Blackberries and other PDA devices than the person in our company! Does anyone have a sex drive or libido anymore? We don’t kiss and mean it anymore! If you’re going to kiss someone at least put some effort and feeling into it!

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Give It To Me…Now!

Bonnie Johnson's PostIt’s official.  We are a society that craves instant gratification.  The latest trend amongst consumers is called “Now-ism” and it’s growing in leaps and bounds.  We don’t seem to be able to wait in order to obtain something that we want anymore.  We want it and we want it now.  Patience may just be a lost virtue.

Our relentless pursuit of instant information, communications, pleasure, if not indulgences was almost certainly born in this “online” age.  We have instant access to so much that we seem to be craving a consumption of the experience and the thrill of the “now”.

This focus on experiences, this lust to collect as many experiences and stories as soon as possible is addictive.  Twitter is a perfect example.  The Twitters of this world offer a truly real-time snapshot of what the world is thinking, doing, protesting (if not fighting) for and against, loving, reviewing, buying, feeling, attending, traveling to, donating to, gossiping about, asking for, hating, wearing, watching, eating, reading, drinking, listening to…


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Chocolate bar

Bloomsberry Chocolate

If something digital/online is too slow, too cumbersome, too poorly written, or too boring, a substitute is only a search term and a click away.  Cell phones have advanced to the point that we can be online all the time in almost any place.  There are some now capable of scanning bar codes and then searching online and local retailers for the best prices for that item. The iPhone’s “there’s an app for that” demonstrates the mass customization and everything-ness so many of us crave.

Before you blame the younger generation, remember when televisions were huge and cumbersome pieces of furniture with only a few crummy stations.  Imagine if we still had to plan our evenings television viewing by first reading the TV Guide and then have to actually get off the couch, walk across the room and turn a dial to change the channel.  No thanks!

But I do fear we may have lost our impulse control.  When you watch the Marshmallow Experiment video below you may want to ask yourself “how would I do in this situation?”  You can substitute the marshmallow for something that you find tempting…whatever that may be.