Challenge Me…


What makes certain men feel the need to challenge the words or actions of the woman they find attractive? It would be so much easier to just go with the flow and agree, let them have their way! If men would simply give us what we want, life would be so much simpler for them…wouldn’t it? I am pretty sure there is a label for that.

Thankfully there are men out there who beg to differ. These intellectuals won’t allow any woman to manipulate their minds, regardless of how well she has learned to bat those lashes. It goes against every cell in their body to let anything slide for the sake of an easy ride. These men feel the need to peel away our layers, exposing our intimate thoughts, leaving us standing naked feeling vulnerable. They want to know what we have deep inside.

When I was much younger I was always attracted to the energy in the crowd who paid little attention to me, a youthful challenge. It was the chase that was the exciting part back then. As I’ve aged and become wiser, a challenge still stimulates my senses but it’s definitely no longer about the chase. It’s about playing for keeps! Whether or not I am challenged intellectually is what keeps me wanting more. Stimulate my mind and my heart will follow.

Every now and then we meet our match. These male energies make us think about what comes gushing out of our mouths. They question who we are, how our brain works and why we believe in certain things. They are not afraid to ask the question and expect an answer. These men make us grow and unfold, evolving within our own existence! They’re not your regular Saturday Night Special! They stand alone and are willing to put it on the table if asked. They have no fear. These men are the risk takers, the seekers of something special. They are willing to go the distance. They want more from us than we are usually willing to give. They are the ones who ruffle our feathers from time to time and make us re-evaluate what we stand for. They know how to encourage us to reach higher.

A man who can make you re-evaluate your doings or simply your words, is a man who isn’t afraid to stand by your side when life gets messy. We all need to be challenged in our lives to reach beyond what we have found comfort in.

Challenge me…

Tracy ~


Feminine Goddess of Love ~


IMG_0096_3_2We sat face to face in a crowded room sipping warm sweet lattes with only a small distressed harvest table keeping us apart. Glances were tossed through the room hitting us both with questions. I stepped out of my comfort zone to take a peak into a world I had not traveled. I had met my conversational match and felt a surge of adrenaline go through my veins as we spoke. My mind kept wandering further, deeper to a place not everyone will admit they go.

I felt my thighs tighten as I sit perched on the edge of my wooden chair. I was not as comfortable with my sexuality as I once was, I knew why. I leaned forward in conversation to get even just a sliver closer to my muse. I was distracted by the thought of what the scent hidden deep beneath the high collar would taste like if I inhale deep enough. I was too far away to be indulged. I needed a taste of the pheromones that lingered just barely out of reach. They tempted each cell in my body to move closer as if to say come hither. I felt intoxicated by the random thoughts that mesmerized my subconscious. I was hypnotized by the lips that spoke the truth. Visually stimulated, emotionally compatible, physically yearning, intellectually connected were fragments of thought sending a sensation that ran in waves over me.

I flashed forward to the moment I would finally inhale the scent my nose anticipated. My lips brushed closely along the map of intrigue while curiosity lead me willingly down a path I had not walked before. I abruptly snapped back from my fantasy to reality several times over, enjoying both immensely.

I was stimulated by the words floating off the tongue that intrigued me. Distracted by the look in the eyes that saw through me. I questioned myself as I was being subtly analyzed ever so gently. Innuendoes were dropped like bombs as I sat completely unprepared. I wasn’t sure how to pick up the pieces to put this puzzle together. I was completely out of my element for now.

And then it happened…Leaning closer as if in slow motion a stream of pink feminine mist slowly drifted from her mouth to mine giving me no choice but to inhale just at the right moment. The female energy within this goddess had captured me sending me to a intimate place only the brave dare to go.

I had been captivated by a feminine goddess of love…

Tracy signiture


Exploring Male Energy

When you meet someone new it takes time to get to know who they are deep inside. Once you get past the surface layer and start to explore, the real unfolding begins. Social profiling happens naturally, giving us a clue into who someone is inside. Does he drive a Hummer, Smart Car or Hot Rod? Does he live in the City or out in the Burbs? What does he do for a living, Artist, Accountant, Fireman? What you see on the outside is not always what is on the inside. You need to dig deeper.

What someone spends their day doing can be a reflection of what interests them, sometimes, but we don’t all find ourselves immersed in our passion as a way of making a living. What matters is that we have passion somewhere within our day. Each individual soul placed on earth is here for their journey following their path. We are drawn to certain people for many different reasons. I like to think everyone has something to teach me whether it be a little or large lesson, I am open.

Our heart is what’s most important. Finding out what make it beat is the fun part. What feeds his soul? Where does he find inspiration? What does he aspire to do when he grows up? 😉 What is he doing to make a difference in the world? What makes his blood boil? What makes his heart race? What brings him to the point of no return? What brings him to his knees? What topic of conversation intrigues his intellect? What are his religious beliefs? What makes him giggle? What scares him? What part of the woman’s body does he find most erotic? Where are his erogenous zones? What was his most embarrassing moment? Has his heart been broken? Those are questions that are on my mind when I meet someone new. They don’t need to be answered right away but they are floating in the back of my subconscious.

It takes time for our true colours to shine. Everyone has had a struggle here or there, I view those moments as an opportunity for character building. Isn’t it more important how someone deals with less favourable situations than the perfect ones? We all make choices in life to where we are going, some earlier than others. Does it matter what we do as much as how we do it? Have we lost the desire to find out what really matters because we lack the time and energy to do so? Do we have the patience anymore to take the time to get to know someone, I mean really know someone!

Before you start to explore the male energy write down what it is you want his energy to radiate. Here are a few things on my wish list…care to add what’s on yours?

Passion, intellectually stimulating, sensual, romantic, sense of humour, spiritual, healthy, creative, unselfish, confident, affectionate, loves children, loves to travel, compassionate, inner strength, sexual compatibility, chemistry, loves life, strong moral values, integrity, loves nature!

Time and patience is the only true way to find out what is deep beneath the surface.


What Woos You?

Physical attraction and eye contact with someone new can be pretty powerful but you eventually have to speak. Communicating without the physical aspect can also stimulate the senses but you eventually have to meet. What seals the deal for you when it comes to accepting a date with the opposite sex? What woos you? Intrigue is first and foremost for me. Words create intrigue capturing the essence of who they are. Can you be wooed by words alone? If they are a true reflection of the person who speaks them I think it’s an extraordinary start.

What draws you even closer to the opposite sex after they’ve intrigued you? Physical appearance is what can turn our heads or grab our attention initially, as can words, but what keeps our attention after that? Capturing someones interest is the easy part…keeping it is the challenge. We are all unique in what attracts us to the energy of the opposite sex just as we are also roused by different words and actions.

Great conversation stimulates the mind but can too much deep intellectual colloquy start to make you crazy if it’s the only word play you engage in. I don’t want my mind to be so exhausted that my funny bone has fallen asleep. A man that can make me laugh-out-loud woos me just as easily as one who makes me question my beliefs.

Being wooed by the opposite sex can start with a feeling thats origin is unknown. It’s just there, waiting to be touched. It isn’t just physical or mental stimulation. It can start with flirty banter and lead to conversations that make your mind sail with even the slightest breeze.

The root of all attraction is based on a feeling followed by desire, it IS that simple. The only way to expose the chemistry that may lay beneath the surface of words or physical attraction is by standing in front of the object-of-your-desire. It’s either there filling the air that swirls between you or it’s not.

Being authentic is the best way to woo the opposite sex. Not everyone will respond to who you are but when someone does sometimes words are not necessary or enough.


Who Are You?

Are you one to trust the intention of others right away or do you take it slow? I trust until someone disproves that trust. I might be let down now and then but important long term relationships are based on complete honesty, so I can’t imagine it any other way. If you have nothing to hide, there is no reason to lie.

We reflect who we are daily, but I think we need to assess and reassess who we are more often. Life continues to change and we change right along side of it as we enter into new situations. When we spend time talking to someone new, it also makes us more aware of who we are. Its like filling out a personality questionnaire.

It’s definitely easier when you know someone because of history from years of personal experience, but on the other hand its like unwrapping a gift when you meet someone you don’t know. Sense of security vs the unknown? Both have their perks, keep in mind, people change!

I had a ‘who are you’ conversation the other night and it reminded me how much fun it can be to go through this process. Spontaneity at its best, complete unpredictability. When you meet someone ‘different’ 🙂 (private joke) you become reacquainted with who you’ve become as well. You are representing the person, you believe to be. I think generally speaking our core values remain the same, we evolve and unfold over the years and hopefully become a better version of ourselves.

Every now and then, someone comes along that intrigues you and makes you ask “Who Are You?” and we naturally take that chance or risk of finding out, in turn they find out who we are. You have to enter with no expectations, it can go either way. In my conversation I was at a loss for words because I struggled with being too honest. (grin) At times I wanted to say exactly what was on my mind, but because I haven’t been in this situation for a while I opted to kept my inner voice duct taped shut. A few times a hmmm replaced my real thought, words even sat on the tip of my tongue but thankfully it was a phone conversation. There was no doubt in my mind that I was a high risk candidate for a persuasive smile!

When I thought about my conversation later I couldn’t get the grin off my face because I was in uncharted territory, not knowing. My only clue to who this person is, is what they do for a living, but having said that, does what we do have anything to do with who we are, or what we are capable of… not necessarily.

If you enter into uncharted territory with a carefree attitude of not expecting anything out of it in the end, just being in the moment, it’s incredibly stimulating. Is it timing or do we all unfold and evolve at times we need to, in order to fulfil our purpose?


Tattoo Curse?

Tracy’s Take

You know the curse.  It goes like this –  you meet a guy, you fall in love, he gets your name on his skin somewhere permanently and the next day you dump him.  It works in reverse too, but you’re on a Women Inspiring Women site,  so we’ll go with this version.nick-cannon-mariah

There must be some truth to this because ‘a really good friend of mine’ was in the process of getting a tattoo and the artist actually had that conversation with him.  Was he really sure that he wanted his partner’s sign on his body for life?

Curses and superstitions are all just different forms of fear trying to prevent us from not living in the moment. I think every tattoo has a unique  story behind it.  Doesn’t everyone watch Kat Von D on LA Ink just for that, the stories behind the art?

When I see a tattoo I am instantly intrigued.  I want to hear who, what, where, why and when.  I want to admire the art and artist behind the work.  I’ve even gone as far as asking two very handsome, young, strapping, hormone raging (your getting the picture, right?) guys if they would take off their shirts so I could have a better look, all in the name of research, of course.  I can’t remember what their tattoos were of, but my point is…. if you took the step to place your art on your skin you should wear it proudly and show that you have no fear.   I think tattoos are another  unique way of expressing ourselves.  Be proud of the skin your in.  What are your thoughts?


Jacquie’s 2 cents

Well Tracy,  I think the reasons people get tattoos change with each generation but the ‘curse of the loved-one’s name’ has withstood the test of time.   I really wanted to do something a bit ‘rebel-ish’ to celebrate a milestone birthday a few years ago and so I got a small tattoo on my right shoulder.    I went through a full hour of some majorly intense smarts to get my ink trophy so it really fries my bacon when I get accused of flashing a…rub-on!!! People thought it looked too neat and tidy or ‘cute’!  I needed to make it edgier, they said!

My dear sister, always wanting to see me suffer be helpful,  suggested I add my husband’s name underneath the design.   Um…at that point in my life if I thought I was going to be with him forever maybe I wouldn’t have felt the need to get the tattoo!!!!    What part of the word rebel don’t you understand?!

I had a way out.  My husband’s Asian so if I just had the characters that made up his Chinese name added in a  vertical line  under my tattoo we’d all go home happy.   His name in Chinese is Future Go Smoothly.  No, that’s my son’s name.  Anyway, it had something to do with money, the future & happiness.  Very transferable sentiment.

I haven’t been back to have my tattoo added onto yet.  Yeah,  I’ll admit I’m not relishing the idea of having that needle buzzing in my ear and busting up my epidermis again.  Plus, I’ve heard horror stories, and had a good laugh, at the celebrities who’ve permanently scrawled things like ‘Large Waste’ or  ‘This Boy is Ugly’  in Chinese when they really meant to say Love, Honor and Obey.  I don’t know if I trust the combination of Gavin’s dad’s handwriting and the tattoo artist’s skills with something this permanent.  What if it wound up saying ‘You Don’t Know What You’ve Got ‘Til it’s Gone”.   Geez,  I’d have egg on my face!

If what you say is true, Tracy, then I owe the success of my marriage to the fact that I haven’t put his stamp of ownership on my person.  I get it.

No one can predict what will happen tomorrow, but I know now that when I do get up the nerve to add to my tattoo I’ll do it without fear.  I’ll do it because I truly believe that I’ll always have the same feeling of love, and most of all respect,  for  Big Lucky Dragon,  and that will never change.


Bonnie weighs in…

I too decided to get inked on a birthday.  It wasn’t any milestone number, but I was at a point in my life where I wanted to do something wild and dangerous.  It was dangerous to me not because of the fear of dirty needles, but because I knew my mother would disapprove.

It was absolutely delicious to me to have this fair sized but well hidden tattoo that she knew nothing about…at first.  After a while, however, the smugness turned into fear.  Every time I was around her I was hyper conscious of keeping my shirt tucked in.   Here I was in my mid and even late 30’s and worrying about my shirt not being tucked in when I was around my mother!  Damn!  I didn’t feel empowered by my secret at all anymore, I just felt like I was 7 years old again.  For years, whenever I was on my way to see my parents, I would rehearse telling them about my body art.  And for years I would chicken out.   I spent the entire drive volleying clever come backs to all the disapproving remarks.  Then by the time I’d arrived at their door step I was exhausted and I did not want to go there!

Worse was that I even had my young son and my husband watching out for me.  There were a few times around my mother that one or both of them would cough and widen their eyes at me when my shirt had hiked up.  Finally my husband had enough and gently coaxed me into revealing my “big” secret.  I was approaching 40 years old after all.  What was she going to do, ground me?

On the day of the reveal I warned her that I had something big I wanted to tell her and that I hoped she would not freak out too much.  This was over the phone before we arrived so she had hours to guess at what it could be.  She has a great imagination and so came up with some doozy scenarios of her own.  When I finally broke the big news, palms sweating and pale skinned, her reaction was a very disappointing “Oh is that all!”.  What!

There are a few lessons in this story and they are pretty obvious so I won’t bore you by listing them.  I just hope after reading my tattoo story I can save someone from the same fate.