Crazy Sexy Cancer!

TracyI came across the story about Kris Carr while surfing the Internet looking for something inspiring to write about.  Kris Carr is more than inspiring, she gives hope to those fighting the battle against Cancer.

Crazy Sexy Cancer is an uplifting documentary about a young woman looking for a cure and finding her life.

In 2003, at the age of 31, Kris Carr was diagnosed with a rare and incurable cancer.  Weeks later her story began.  She took a tragic situation and turned it into a creative expression, Kris shared her inspirational story of survival with courage, strength, and lots of humor.

With experimental treatment as her only option, Kris was determined to find answers where there were none.  She traveled throughout the country interviewing experts in alternative medicine as she tenaciously dove head first into a fascinating and often hilarious holistic world.   Along the way she met other inspiring young women also determined to become survivors.  Their stories are as poignant and exciting as the women who tell them.  As Kris’s amazing journey unfolds, she realizes that healing is about truly living rather than fighting.

Crazy Sexy Cancer is more than a thought provoking film, it’s an attitude! It’s about rising to the challenge of life and turning lemons into champagne. is a supercharged health hub filled with compassion, knowledge, and an anything-is-possible spirit.  Their mission is to bring  together amazing resources and cutting edge experts in one easy to navigate hot spot.  Each time you visit you’ll be greeted by Kris’ latest blog or by one of her righteous Blog Posse members or guests.  This site is amazing for information on how to really live your life in the moment!



Postcards From Gusto

Bonnie Johnson's PostThe Postcard arrived addressed to:

Exactly Where You Are
In The Perfect Place
At The Perfect Time

And it came from:

The Passionate, Ridiculously Wise, Unflappably Optimistic Part of You
That’s Brimming Over With a Zest For Life And The Adventure That It Is
(In other words my “Gusto” – or “enthusiasm, delight, relish, zest, spirit, fervor”)

Well that’s interesting.  That’s the part of me that I’d like to hear from more often!  This would be the part of me that I don’t hear from enough.

I’ve been receiving a daily inspiring postcard from “The Passionate, Ridiculously Wise”…I’ll just shorten that to “Gusto” from here on, part of myself since Aug 5th.  The virtual postcards arrive by email to me everyday except on weekends (even your Gusto needs a holiday from work!).  I have to say it is delightful reading.  They are not long;  beat you over the head with positive words kind of messages, just simple, to the point and quite inspiring.  It is a lovely way to start my day!

I had planned on sharing a few of the charming messages that I have received so far by going back to past emails but “doh!” the email is always the same and says:
Of course when you click on the link even from past emails it goes to the new postcard of the day.  The older ones are gone forever.  This has me vowing to read them slower so I might savor each one for longer in the future.

Every new postcard has a wonderful picture on the front that just seems to add a little something special to the words.

I highly recommend going to postcards from gusto and signing up for your daily message from the …unflappably optimistic part of You.

Here is the postcard I received today:

Postcards from Gusto frontPostcards from Gusto back

How cool is that?!!



Inspiration..The Law of Attraction.

I couldn’t have said it better myself!  We need leaders in the World that are willing to put themselves out there to help make the difference.  If you are going to follow, follow a leader with a positive, inspiring path.

I challenge you to take a look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself if you are really doing everything you can to make a positive change in the lives of others.  Think about what you can do to make these changes materialize.  Set goals and work towards them everyday.  Any change in the right direction is worth making and live without fear!



Love is Forever…by Lawrence Thomas

“I have been inspired by the writings of Lawrence Thomas and wanted to share his truthful, passionate words with you.  He has touched my soul with this piece.  Understanding the male perspective, a gift for me truly.  I believe our paths were meant to cross.  Thank you for sharing a piece of yourself with us and giving us some insight into the male mind.  Many of us will no longer feel like ‘the only one’ and that is one of the reasons Bonnie, Jacquie and I created Tara Cronica.”  Tracy~

Love is Forever…by Lawrence Thomas

Lawrence ThomasSunday, July 6, 2008 at 6:23pm Splashing my freshly shaven face, I looked up into a faded mirror. Grasping the outer edges of the water basin, I stepped into my reflection. I removed one hand briefly to run my fingers through my sodden hair, and then I leaned in to take a closer look. Into my weary eyes, I searched desperately for the man that I once saw staring back at me. I clenched the basin tighter, lowered my head and I realized that I don’t like the image the mirror revealed anymore. My eyes had once been so full of dreams; full of passion. They expressed a lust for life and everything it had to offer. Now their vision discolored, infatuations and a lifetime of aspirations all but forgotten.

For the better part of my twenties, Elaine’s soft blue eyes had been the last image I had seen before falling asleep. Many cold nights her warm figure curled into me, as I lay awake searching endlessly for answers, and many mornings I awoke to the same lost and lonely reflection of my tired eyes staring back at me.

I spent so much time searching my heart for the grounds of my unhappiness, that I hadn’t allowed myself to appreciate the little things that made her so special. My uncertainties really had nothing to do with her. I did love her, but for some reason, I was not content with what we had together.

I tried desperately to push her away, because having her hate me seemed so much easier than letting her go. As I stood disappointed, staring into that mirror’s image, I could see how much trying to push her away was slowly breaking her. Yet, even with how hard I tried to distance myself from her, she still remained by my side. I suddenly appreciate that she couldn’t hate me; she didn’t have it in her heart.

As I rummaged through my thoughts, gaping into that murky basin drain, I realized I had to let her go.

One last dinner together, final thoughts passed as we drove about a winding countryside, and as the colors of autumn leaves change, so did the seasons of our lives together. Somehow I had never found her more beautiful than I did that moment.

As I rested my eyes in hers, I took her hand and looking into her soul, and told her one last time that I loved her. Even with how hard it was to say goodbye, we both know that it was the right thing to do.

Maybe we had been holding on to the memories of so many years ago, or quite possibly we were fearful of being alone. Maybe we worried about hurting one another? Perhaps we were really afraid of living because neither of us could honesty say that’s what we were doing those final months – at least not the lives we had both dreamed of.

In those final moments, I realized that no matter how much I loved Elaine, my dreams would always live somewhere in my heart. I knew that if I didn’t start to listen to the desperate cries deep within me, that in being afraid to live, those dreams and the passions my soul lived to feel, were slowly dying.

I truly believe it’s our unhappiness with ourselves that questions the fate of a relationship. The problem is we either don’t know it, or simply don’t know what we are unhappy with.

Many years have gone by now, and since moving on, I have felt my heart thank me for finally giving the thoughts that circled hopelessly through my soul, the opportunity to live. I have felt the inner peace of not being afraid of life anymore.

As I look up, I see the reflection of a man once more full of life; full of passions; a man with not only dreams, but visions that have been realized. I have felt the sometimes painful, yet magical infatuations of love again. I have allowed myself to be inspired by the wisdom life offers us when we not only yearn for more from it, but do something about getting more out of it.

Regrets, I don’t believe in them, but I certainly wish we didn’t have to hurt the ones we love searching for who we are and what it is we want from this journey.

Even when a relationship is not meant to be, it’s hard not to continue caring for someone in some way, for everything they were to you and for what they taught you about love, life, and especially about yourself. I hope Elaine knows I will never forget the way she looked into my eyes when she said she loved me. To be loved in that way by anyone, is the greatest gift life will ever share with us.

In the end, with our painful expressions of separation, we didn’t do or say anything to make that moment one we would later regret. We both knew those final words would last in our hearts forever.

Breaking up is always a painful memory, yet by ending that part of our lives with a smile and by expressing how much those past years meant to us, the last feelings we shared weren’t full of anger or hatred; just the one thing that kept us together through it all – Love.

No matter whether a relationship ends through infidelity, a difference of opinion, or simply different dream paths, one of the many things my time with Elaine taught me, is that in the end, whether you want it to or not, love lives on somewhere in the heart, and always will.

Elaine was the first woman I ever loved, and for understanding me, always believing in me, and for loving me through it all (even those cold lonely nights when I couldn’t find it in my own heart to love myself), a part of me will love her forever. I will never forget how wonderful it felt, to be loved the way she loved me.

Copyright © 2008 Lawrence Thomas

Shaking the Tree Lawrence Thomas Website



Goat Canucks Goat~ facial hair for world peace!

goat Canucks goatI was flipping through a local paper yesterday morning reading the headlines, looking at the pictures when I came across a great article.  I will admit the young man in the photo caught my eye, he was holding a large globe.  He looked like a nice guy who was doing something positive for the world (hense the globe) and we don’t see enough of that these days.  I couldn’t pass by without reading what he was up to.

His name is Joel Nagtegaal, he is 24 years old from Langley, BC.  Joel and his friends had an idea that started with facial hair.  In many parts of Canada, it is traditional for men to grow a beard, or goatee, while their favorite hockey team is in the playoffs.  Never underestimate brainstorming!  It works !  Working with The Christian Reformed World Relief Committee (CRWRC), Joel and company pledged $25 a win to purchase a goat for a family in need.  If all went according to plan, there would be 16 goats bought by the time Vancouver was in possession of the Stanley Cup at the end of the post-season.  The goats would be given to Third World African countries in need.  Although the Canucks were eliminated prematurely people from 72 different countries still visited the Goat Canucks Goat website. I immediately went to their website as I know you will too to see what it was all about.  It is inspiring to say the least!  I found their site very creative and funny while being packed full of important information!  What a combination!  What an inspiring story to see young men doing something for others.  That is EXACTLY what I am trying to teach my son at 10 years old!  To lose his self importance and think of others.  Joel and his friends parents should be proud!  I will continue with my son and perhaps see him do something like Joel is in the future!  What a great role model!

Joel Nagtegaal

Joel is already planning his next idea, something like Goat for Gold, where people could pledge a goat for every metal earned by Canadian Athletes at the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver!  I can’t wait to see this take off as well!

Here is the information you need to check out this wonderful gesture of kindness.  We all need to step up and be a part of something like goat Canucks goat!  And YES of course I bought a Goat!!

Goat Canucks Goat

Follow them on Twitter

Vancouver Canucks

The Christian Reformed World Relief Committee (CRWRC)

Video footage (click to time 5:37)



A Day in the Life of….?

Lets start with a  HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to all the wonderful Moms doing what I think is one of the hardest jobs out there!  Have a Great day and I hope you all receive something wonderfully homemade.  Those are my favorite gifts without a doubt !

Okay Ladies if you could live a day in the life of a career of your choosing, what would you pick.  You would have complete knowledge of your chosen career for 24 hours.

Tracy’s take~

I was torn between two.  It was either a Lawyer in a high profile case on the day I was to plead my case to the jury, or a Trauma Doctor in the ER on a day the ER was full.

Armand Dorian "Trauma Doctor"I will go with a Trauma Doctor in the ER because I would have the skill and ability to save lives.  I think it would be incredible to have the knowledge of a Trauma Surgeon.  I love real life in the ER shows.  It shows what these amazing people do on a daily basis.  The adrenaline must be incredible when you are faced with several lives needing to be saved at the same time.  To have the calmness and make decisions confidently with moments to spare would be a skill I would love to have.  To be right in the thick of a busy ER going from patient to patient, having to assess each one quickly and correctly would be so challenging.  I have always had an interest in First Aid and have taken courses, but to do what these Doctors and Nurses do is so far beyond all of us I would love to be in their shoes for just one day.  I think being a Trauma Nurse or Doctor would be one of the most rewarding and satisfying careers one could have.  I understand that there is a very dark side to this profession but these individuals know this going in and STILL continue the journey because they feel so passionately about saving lives.  I know a couple of ladies Jill and Michelle who work at BC Children’s Hospital in emergency and they to me are incredible human beings who I admire so much for their contribution to helping save children’s lives.  Nurses and Doctors are a different breed.  I admire both.

Bonnie’s 2 cent’s~

Ok, don’t laugh, but I would definitely choose to be a rock star.  I don’t think I’d be hard rock.   I’d like to be a bit Sheryl Crow/Sarah McLachlin/Alicia Keys/KT Tunstall/Carrie Underwood/(I could go on and on) all rolled into one!  In this fantasy I would have great range and could basically pull off any song you asked me to perform.  Plus I could play a number of instruments; guitar, piano, flute, saxophone, drums even.  Ooooo, and when I dance on stage I can move like Shakira.

Music makes me feel so good.   Belting out a song I love and then actually  have people want to pay me large amounts of money to hear me perform it…well, it just couldn’t get any better than that!  I wouldn’t be saving peoples lives like Tracy.  Nothing that lofty, but inspiring people through music is kind of

Jacquie’s thoughts~

This one’s a no-brainer for me.  In fact, I mentioned it to Tracy a few weeks ago so I’m really not trying to copycat you, Bonnie!

I had a dream that started when I was 18 that I was lead singer for the 70’s/80’s  group Chicago for a one-night only performance in Paris.  No kidding.   Stand aside, Peter Cetera.   I had been rudely dumped by a Parisian boyfriend when I was over there (this is the true part of the story) and I thought it would be such sweet revenge to come back to the city of love and show the jerk what an amazing success I had made of my life.  Ha ha!  I had been a huge fan of Chicago and knew the lyrics to all of their songs so I really thought I could pull it off.   Other than that I’ve never had any interest in being a musical performer.

Yeah….I’d definitely go for the 24 hour Paris gig even now.    There’s no statute of limitations on payback.  ; )


Now That’s Inspiring!

Aiden Loster

Aidan Loster checks out his shopping list while twin sisters Rhiannon and Laura stand at the ready. (PETE FISHER/Sun Media)

Bonnie's PostI’ve just read about an eleven year old Canadian boy, Aiden Loster, who spends his weekends and afternoons working.  He and his twin sisters Laura and Rhiannon, 9, have shoveled driveways, raked leaves and any other outdoor chores for their neighbours to earn money.  After two years they saved up $422.59.  And what do you think they spent their money on?  Not video games or toys.  These three bought groceries for the less fortunate.  They went to the  store themselves with a list and bought groceries with money they earned themselves.  Wow.

A good news story.  An uplifting, inspiring story.  Ahhh, it is so nice to read this rather than the usual attention grabbers like what Lohan and Spears are up to now.  Kids like Aiden and his sisters are the leading edge generation right now and after reading about them I’m confident the world is in good hands.

I think it’s important to be aware of what is going on out there and I have various sources through which I get the latest news, but lately I have found myself skimming the headlines for the good news stories.  They’re not always easy to find, not because there aren’t any out there, but because they don’t grab attention as well as the bad news stories and so they aren’t written as often.  I have decided to give my attention to more of these uplifting stories simply because they put a smile on my face and they leave me feeling hopeful.  And in the case of Aiden and his sisters, they inspire me to want to do more for my community.

I’d love to hear from you if you know of a good news, or inspiring story that you’d like to share.  Perhaps if we can focus more on all the good stuff more of it will appear.