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This post was inspired by my Male Best Friend. He has shown me that when you have unconditional love for someone you can weather any storm that comes your way, regardless of whether you are together as a couple or walking on different paths. I share a love with this man that is beyond a marriage, it is deeper than any love I have had in my life so far, bonded by two incredible children. We have learned that we have a unique connection that we believe if shared, we can make a difference in the world. We are a living example of what life after marriage can be if you truly love someone enough to set them free.

We recently spent the day together and it reminded me of what I am looking for in a partner. I am simply looking for a man who makes me feel I’m home. Think about how you feel when you have been away, living out of a suitcase and you arrive back home. You unpack your bag, relax, get comfortable and you feel at peace with just being there. There is no place like home.

When you meet someone new, I believe if you follow your heart, take your time and trust you’re where you need to be, you will find your way home. Create a history, take chances, risk it all, build trust and strengthen your bond by making memories. When you feel an ease wash over you, you will know there is no other place you need to be.

Love is the most sought after emotion. The feeling of falling in love…magical. The feeling of love for a child…overwhelming. To be loved by someone is powerful enough to bring tears to ones eyes just thinking about it. To love someone unconditionally no matter what kind of love you have is the greatest gift of all. I have experienced all of these in my life and if I am to never fall in love again I am happy to have had love so great its pure essence will last my lifetime. It makes me smile from deep inside when I think of how magical it feels to fall in love. Love doesn’t always last forever but when it washes over you, in that moment it simply doesn’t matter.

We all want to be loved by someone whether it be our parents, kids, partners, brothers, sisters, friends. Love is powerful. Love over time grows if you nurture it. Love heals heart break.

Love conquers all as they say.

Home…Phil Phillips 😉 (love this song)


Adventure Awaits…Romance not Included!

“Grab adventure with both hands and don’t let go”…is what a close male friend of mine said to me last year, who lives each day immersed in adventure. He is the epitome of adventure to me. He has inspired me on many occasions to live my life right NOW. He sees life as one adventure after another, jumping in with both feet each time. I always add, “Now mix a little romance to that and I’m in!” He see’s adventure as purely a life experience making a memory with no intention of looking for, or adding romance. Pure and simple adventure. How sweet is that!

I’m certain if romance were to somehow appear in one of his adventures he would indeed grab it with both hands and not let go! I admire him for living in the moment. He has taught me that I think too much. I want to jump in with both feet at times but…I think too much. I think what-if…?He replies “What could go wrong?” I am Captain Careful and I approach life cautiously most of the time. I justify my cautious nature with ‘I live a completely different life than he does, being a Mother of two with different responsibilities, adventure sometimes seems far away!’. He on the other hand is child-less (as far as we know) and embraces his freedom which allows him to seek adventure wherever the wind blows him…and it blows him! I have to admit I envy that at times, but wouldn’t change my life for anything! 

I am not a ‘grass is greener on the other side’ kind of person but sometimes there is definitely different types of grass that you could benefit from exploring now and then, just over there! As long as it’s explored with an open mind and honest approach. I want to feel that grass between my toes! I want to lie face down in it and smell it’s sweet aroma after it’s just been trimmed. 

We all get caught up in the routine of life, working and doing chores, kids, family and feel the lack adventure in our life. I find myself drawn to those who seek adventure, with a curious nature. It’s easy to get caught up in their excitement and lust for it.

I think I have figured out what part of my problem was in the past whilst trying to seek adventure. I limited myself to it being of the romantic variety. If romance was involved I took the leap of faith each time…blind folded! I jumped into romantic adventure with both feet hands and any other body part that wanted to tag along and go for the ride. Romantic adventure should be embraced for what it is, or what it is not, with the same frame of mind we have while seeking any other kind of adventure, no expectation! I am learning to separate the two. That may seem like a no-brain-er to all of you but if you are a Aquarian Hopeless Romantic you will understand the desire to be immersed in romance and adventure at the same time, seems like the natural combination.

So I have come to the conclusion that adventure should be sought after with a free and clear mind with no expectation or even the remote thought of it including romance. I will jump into adventure that presents itself with an open mind free of any thought that romance needs to somehow be included. I will explore romantic adventure with a little more caution but still with both feet hands and those body parts that yearn for it. (Bonnie, no comments!)

Adventure Awaits us all if we approach it with the right frame of mind and attitude, free of any expectation of what it should include.

Adventure Awaits…bring your mind body and soul…romance not included! 



Bonnie Johnson's Post“One of the greatest gifts we can give to another generation is our experience, our wisdom.” Desmond Tutu

I bought myself a gift.  It is a book entitled “Wisdom” by Andrew Zuckerman.  Oh, and what a great gift it is.  I know that I will go to it often and learn something new from it each time I pick it up.  I won’t pick it up easily mind you.   It’s a large (12” by 12”) heavy coffee table style hard cover with a wonderful picture of Clint Eastwood squinting on the cover.  I’ll share the inside leaf because I think it describes the book best:

Inspired by the idea that one of the greatest gifts one generation can give to another is the wisdom it has gained from experience, multi-award-winning photographer and film maker Andrew Zuckerman has recorded the thoughts and ideas of fifty of the world’s most prominent writers, artists, designers, actors, politicians, musicians, and religious and business leaders – all over sixty-five years old.  To create profound, honest, and truly revealing portraits of these luminaries, Zuckerman has captured their voices, their physical presence, and the written word.  The resulting book and film – included here on a DVD – provide an extraordinary legacy for the generations that follow, and a timeless portrait of the common experiences that unite us all.

I’ve just watched the DVD and I look forward to watching it again.  It is wonderful to observe and listen to these people speak on screen because it allows you the opportunity to hear certain things in their voices and see a sparkle in their eyes that the still photos and words on paper would not be able to translate.  I’m so glad it was included with the book.

Zuckerman used a white screen behind each person he filmed and photographed explaining that “It creates an environment for the subjects that is entirely democratic and stripped of context.  We’re not seeing the author in front of his great wall of books or the artist in the studio surrounded by his paintings.  None of that is really about the person, but about how the environment and that person relate to each other.  In my past work and most of the work I do, I’m most interested in how you can get closest to the actual subject rather than the subject in relationship to its environment….I take everything out that is not essential information. I also knew that I wanted to create an absolutely even aesthetic across the board: for the design of the book and for the film.  I love the purity of white.  I love aesthetic neutrality.”

And boy does a white background make those scruffy long eyebrows pop out!  Love it!

The themes discussed for this project were creativity, self, environment, love, tradition, diplomacy and the idea of wisdom itself.  I’m thinking that this could be done on a small scale by all of us.  You don’t have to ask a famous person over sixty-five these things.  Why not put the same questions to the elders in your own family or community?  You may be surprised by their answers and possibly even gain a little of their wisdom.

P.S. One other very surprising thing I learned from this book is that Nick Nolte can actually be pretty wise.   Who’d a thunk?


Can you feel it? The ‘Chi’ that is..

Symbol for Chi“Chi” is generally defined as “energy” or the “source of life.” The most ancient symbol for Chi, however, is three wavy lines which literally mean “air.” This is possibly why lung capacity is so important to maintaining your energy levels.

I had a completely different post prepared for today but after reading Jacquie’s post on Chi I felt inspired to continue along the same line because my comment on her post took on a life of it’s own.

Whether you believe in Chi or can even relate to it, you have to admit that when you go to certain places you feel inspired either while you are there or after you leave.  That happened to me yesterday while visiting with a very talented jewelry designers who creates unique pieces, all having a story.  I used to create jewelry myself a couple of years ago so I found her space very inspiring.  It made me want to bring out my tools and start creating again.  I am amateur in comparison and loved seeing the passion this designer has for the whole process.  Energy is what we felt in her home yesterday and for me it was a combination of several different kinds.  Artistic, Women Inspiring and Karmic!

People have an Aura of energy surrounding them that we all feel instinctively.  I think we cross paths with certain people in our lives at the time we are meant to.  We are naturally drawn to people with positive energy.  Creative people are naturally tuned into this energy field and are able to use the energy they feel to create whatever it may be.  A painter for example.  When I walk into Jacquie’s home and she has her paintings leaning casually against the base of the walls, I feel her energy in them!  They are inviting me to come take a closer look like they were programed to draw me near.  Her energy and inspiration rubs off on me when I touch them.

I think when you are open to this kind of energy you feel it everywhere you go whether it be from a person, place or thing, it’s there!   When I simply saw the picture of the new painting Jacquie is working on I naturally leaned in closer to my computer!  I think because even a picture of her beautiful painting has the energy she gives it while passionately creating it.  I LOVE Jacquie’s art and the colours she chooses, they make me smile.  I envy her ability to create beautiful art with a brush and oils.  I felt the same way yesterday when we were looking at a table full of …..creative energy!  Ha ! My lips are sealed for now.  When a room has Chi  and is combined with the artists energy, creative juices and passion for what they do, you can just feel it through the souls of your feet, and finger tips when you are invited to touch!  That is what keeps you there wanting to absorb more.

I too have had our home painted several times and until the latest we just weren’t  feelin it!  We would walk in our house and it felt like we were in the Gate room of the Stargate SG1!  Green concrete.  It was a popular colour in the magazines but for us it simply had no inspiration.  Now we have two shades of yellow which gives the room a Mediterranean feel.  Two very different feeling without a doubt.  I also painted my office before starting to write for Tara Cronica  because I knew I wouldn’t want to be in a room if I didn’t feel inspired.  I will admit though, I am sitting at my living room table looking out my front window at a wall of luscious green trees with sunlight streaming through the leaves.  I am inspired right here, so yes my room has ‘Chi’!