Jib Jab ~ Happy Holidays Everyone!!

A couple more days and Santa Claus will be getting ready for his magical journey around the world, dropping off gifts to all the good boys and girls. Lets just get it out in the open…I’m on his naughty list this year! I expect nothing! Oh all right for those who know me, I wish I was naughty this year but fell short by a few hundred yards! There is always next year though! My goal, to be more naughty and less nice! Now there’s something to strive for! I’m sure my Mom is having a proud moment right about now! 🙂

I can’t resist Jib Jab so here is one from my family with more wishful thinking on my part! (big grin :))

Have a Safe and Happy Holiday’s Everyone!


Merry Christmas!!


Happy Holidays !!

The Tara Team Presents ~ Jacquie~ Bonnie ~ Tracy oh and a few of our favorite elves, Gavin (you had to know you would be in this one) and James (cause I miss you)  Enjoy every moment you spend with your family and friends!
Be safe and remember to “Find Lyrical Beauty in Giving”.

I am a huge fan of Jib Jab , so here you go!!

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