Coaching and Sports!


Coaching has a huge influence on a child’s ability to excel. Good coaching can make or break your child’s experience in sports or any other extracurricular activity they partake in. You don’t really appreciate a good coach until you experience a questionable one. A coach can either send a child to the next level with the tools to move up or they have the ability to coach a child’s natural instinct right out of them.

I appreciate anyone who has taken on the task of coaching kids, it can be a challenge! A coach has to get to know your child in a short amount of time, assess them using their instinct to figure out where they fit best into the team, and at what level they should be playing. Every parent deep down just wants their child to be challenged and given the same opportunity to develop as the rest of the team. Having a great group of kids and parents is the ideal for development and fun in sports! With positive encouragement they will excel in leaps and bounds!

The coaches philosophy is what’s important, I would rather have my child coached by someone with integrity whom I would like to also spend time with than someone who only strives to win! A great coach not only teaches the skill of the sport, but shows by example what it is to be a good winner and loser. We all learn from mistakes, we don’t gain as much from winning as we do from losing. Losing teaches us how we can improve next time and has a way of humbling our egos. Winning definitely feels better and is the pay off for hard work. But sometimes even with lots of hard work we still don’t win. That’s what I love about watching sports, at play off time, it can be anyones game.

I’ve always told both my kids that there will always be someone who is better than you and someone who isn’t, what’s important is being the best you can be for yourself. Set goals and strive to reach them. Reaching goals goes hand in hand with making compromises in other areas of your life, no junk food, missing the school dance, hours of practise and most important, discipline. There is always someone else doing more than you are willing to do!

In all sports rivalries arise, and everything changes. It becomes Good vs Evil. When it’s about the other team losing and not about winning, you have to step back and think why you want to win, not why you want them to lose! If it’s because you want to kick their sorry asses because their coach got under your skin or you can’t stand to look at the gloating parents any longer, that’s wrong! lol Although it’s an enticing gamble, if you do win it feels just that much sweeter when you beat a team who doesn’t play fair. Good should prevail over Evil, right?

Sometimes teams who don’t play fair win too, that’s a part of life, it’s how you react to this is what makes you who you are and shows a great deal about your character. Do you continue to play your game, clean and fair with integrity or lower yourself to their game? Anyone who has played sports themselves or have kids in sports knows teams such as these with reputation for unfair play or parents who turn into monsters while the game is on! We all get caught up in the moment from time to time. I am not proud to say I have rung my cow bell in the direction of some opposing parents to rub in a goal, I am only human. This happens when passion for sport turns into obsession of winning at all costs! Sometimes we lose sight of the fact that IT’S A GAME! No one wants to lose to their nemesis, nothing sucks more, it feels better when defeat is to a team you feel is worthy of winning, one you would be proud to lose against. If you both played fair and hard and can appreciate the other teams skill, that is what it’s all about!

My son Jesse’s Lacrosse team won the Gold Metal in a tournament we attended in Calgary which was sweetened by him scoring the winning goal from a great pass from team mate Ryan A! They played hard as a team and won as a team, no one person was responsible for the win, they did it together and came out on top! Hard work, great coaching, supportive parents and the stars were aligned just perfectly! It doesn’t get much better than that!

We were ranked 2nd in our division entering into the Provincials last week but this time we came out 4th in the Province. What made me most proud of our boys was that when they came out of the dressing room they still smiled. They had their moment of disappointment, they talked about the game in the dressing room, and then moved on. I’m sure each and every one of them, coaches included, played over and over in their minds what they as an individual could have done better, that’s expected with any loss. It doesn’t change the outcome but it’s a great way to process the experience in order to move forward. Someone had to lose and we showed good sportsmanship by being proud of what we achieved this season. We held our heads high and were proud to be in the Provincials of Canada’s National Sport, Lacrosse!

Thank you Rob Bosa for your generosity, Rob Martel for your passion, Terry Stead for conditioning the boys and Tom Johnson for giving back to the younger generation, you made a real impression on all the boys!

The friendships these boy’s have made through Lacrosse will follow them into adulthood and give them memories they will look back on often. And last but not least… “there’s always next year”, right Brock! lol 🙂 I already miss your emails Laurie! xo


Dancing in the Street !

Vancouver’s very own Robson Street was hit by imagine1day’s official ‘Dancing in the Street’ flashmob on Saturday! If you knew about this event in advance you were able to rehearse on line if you wanted to take part in this choreographed dance! It wasn’t just about keeping the party going that the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympics started, imagine1day is a nonprofit organization that is striving to bring primary education to all children in Ethiopia, Africa by 2020. This is one of the ways they draw attention to their cause. And what better place to do it while the streets are literally filled with thousands of optimistic Olympic visitors who are ready, willing and able to take part in any peaceful celebration.

Athletics and education go hand in hand if you ask me.  An athletes drive, dedication and discipline along with education is what allows them to reach their goals. With access to an education anything is possible, even a Gold metal at the Olympics! imagine1day allows you to decide where you put your money to help with elements of eduction, whether it’s the roof of a classroom, the water system or educational tools, 100% of your contribution will fund the children’s education project of your choice. Visit their website to find out how you can get involved ! Take a look at what is possible if you really believe in something! Its brilliant really, connecting people to greatness ~


Let the ‘2010’ Games Begin ~

2010 Olympic Games are Here!

Vancouver has been waiting 6 years to step up and Host The 2010 Olympic Games’ and today’s the day! Do You Believe? I attended the Torch Ceremony in my community with both my kids, one at my side watching and one singing her little heart out as the Torch arrived! The entertainment was enjoyed by over ten thousand waving red Canadian flags all excited to be a part of the Olympic dream! My Whoo-hoo days are far from over! If you’re not a supporter of the Olympic Games being held here in Vancouver, it’s too late, they’re here, so you may as well just sit back and embrace them for what they are, a celebration that captures the spirit of our Community, Province, Country and that of the Athlete!

Vancouver has been given a face lift and is ready to go with the downtown core buzzing with excitement. The anticipation is building while the City of Vancouver waits for the Olympic Torch to arrive at BC Place Stadium for the Opening Ceremonies to Officially start the Games! If we’re excited you can imagine the rush of adrenaline pumping through the veins of the athletes who are ready to compete for the Gold Medal in their event!

It’s what these elite athletes train for, it’s their dream coming to a reality right before their eyes and ours! We get to share this dream from the sidelines while providing support and encouragement where we can. The Best of the best are here in Vancouver, competing for the ultimate prize, to stand on the Victory Podium to receive their hard earned Gold, Silver or Bronze metal! One thing they do all have in common is that each and everyone of them are proud to be representing their Country in this historical event! Go Canada Go!

This is a great video to get you into the ‘Spirit of Believing’ ~

As Premier National Partner of the 2010 Winter Games and a long-time supporter of the arts, Bell is bringing together Canada’s top talent in the fields of both sport and culture to produce ‘Believe (Olympic Inspired Version)’, a one-of-a-kind music video and audio track that will raise funds for Canada’s winter athletes and chronicle their extraordinary journey on the road to 2010. Suzie McNeil ‘s song “Believe” was originally recorded and released on her debut CD, Broken & Beautiful. The Olympic inspired video for Believe was recorded with the National Arts Centre Orchestra and released on September 17, 2007. Here are the lyrics to this beautiful song.

Believe Lyrics:

One minute’s fading
One minute’s passed
But I’ve got this moment
To make it all last
And I’m standing before you
Taking my chance on everything
I never thought that I could be
Cause you can do almost anything

If you just Believe
You can move mountains with dreams
The higher you climb
The better it gets
Cause you will see things
You’ll never forget
If you just Believe

It’s like I’m falling
Through my own fears
They used to haunt me
But now they’re not here
There’s no looking back
My future is clear no giving up
And I’m holding on when it gets rough
Cause you can get through most anything


No one says it’s easy
And no one says you have to be perfect
But as long as you try
You’re always gonna find it was worth it



Sports Day Ribbons…what’s happened to them?

Sports Day RibbonIndividual Sports Day Ribbons are obsolete unless of course you really know how to decorate your bike.  We acknowledge the ‘artsy’ kids but not the ‘athletic‘ ones.  Why is that?  We grade our kids in Math, Spelling, Art, Science, Social Studies, and PE in their daily school activities but we are afraid of hurting their feelings at Sports day.

Who decided that kids don’t need a ribbon for being the fastest in the relay or catching the most bean bags?  I understand that not everyone is good at sports but not everyone is good at art!  I think as parents it is up to us to encourage our kids and give them support for trying their best.  Sometimes your personal best is just not good enough to come first place!  Is that so bad?  Olympic athletes are going for the Gold metal but only few achieve it!  This doesn’t discourage them from training for years to give it their best.  Which sadly is sometimes not good enough, but we all still love to watch them try.

Sports day today is made up of  ‘Houses’ with names and colours attached such as the ‘Green Flaming Frogs’.  The kids in the school are divided up into those groups and their group competes for points in order to win 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th place, as a group.  There is no individual ribbons given out anymore.  To make it worse they don’t even get their ribbon until the following week, when all the excitement has worn off.  Kind of like getting a pat on the back for something you did last week.  Anticlimactic!  There’s more…it’s also fixed on occasion just in case ‘yellow house’ has never won, they need a turn too.  What’s the world coming to.  Why can’t kids be acknowledge for their individual efforts instead of being lost in a group.  Come on it’s not a union job, it’s sports day!  There is nothing wrong with knowing as a child or adult that there will ALWAYS be someone bigger, stronger, faster, taller, smarter, funnier than you!  That’s life, embrace it.

Do we really think that kids would have as much fun or even want to put their best effort in if they knew it was fixed?  I hate to hear about sporting events being fixed.  It ruins it completely!  It’s not real!  Just like when you find out an Olympic athlete used steroids to win.  It’s not fair and you don’t really care about the results because it’s all made up.

When I was little every kid in the school decorated their bike.  You did it by yourself.  You didn’t want your parents help or it wasn’t your ribbon you won, if you won.  Your effort or creativity usually matched your placing.  Usually, just like in real life.  Makes perfect sense.

I spent the entire day with my kids at their sports day.  I love to see them having fun, being challenged and bonding with their friends.  I cheer them on with words of encouragement just to see the smiles on their faces while they try to balance a new potato on a spoon while running around a chair.  But much to my chagrin they still don’t give out ribbons to individual kids.

I remember when sports day was about trying your hardest and maybe coming home with a few colourful ribbons!  Sometimes you got 1st and sometimes you got 8th.  There was no ‘participation ribbon’.  If there were 6 kids in the race you could get anywhere from 1st place to 6th place.  You got a ribbon either way, it didn’t have to say 1st on it, it was just a different color.  At end of the day we all rode our bikes home talking about who won the relay or whose bike was the most creative.  We laughed and everyone loved the day from the moment they woke up to the moment their eyes closed that night from exhaustion!

I know I am not the only parent who thinks this or I wouldn’t have even thought it worth a post.  I don’t want any kids to feel bad at the end of the day for not getting the pretty purple ribbon but I honestly think this is adults sheltering kids from life lessons that they are more than equipped to deal with.  Perhaps a ‘sports day grinch’ story is behind it all.

I heard a couple parents talking last year about possibly arranging a ‘Rep Sports Day‘.  Tryouts will begin in the spring!  (that’s a joke)  Not a bad idea though.  House sports day or Rep?  Which would you sign your kids up for?  My son would be rep for sure!  My daughter, she’s just there for the fun experience, a true Canadian!  Did you win any ribbons as a kid or even care?

I recently had this article brought to my attention and wanted to add the link for those of you interested in reading more about Sports Day Ribbons!

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