Let the ‘2010’ Games Begin ~

2010 Olympic Games are Here!

Vancouver has been waiting 6 years to step up and Host The 2010 Olympic Games’ and today’s the day! Do You Believe? I attended the Torch Ceremony in my community with both my kids, one at my side watching and one singing her little heart out as the Torch arrived! The entertainment was enjoyed by over ten thousand waving red Canadian flags all excited to be a part of the Olympic dream! My Whoo-hoo days are far from over! If you’re not a supporter of the Olympic Games being held here in Vancouver, it’s too late, they’re here, so you may as well just sit back and embrace them for what they are, a celebration that captures the spirit of our Community, Province, Country and that of the Athlete!

Vancouver has been given a face lift and is ready to go with the downtown core buzzing with excitement. The anticipation is building while the City of Vancouver waits for the Olympic Torch to arrive at BC Place Stadium for the Opening Ceremonies to Officially start the Games! If we’re excited you can imagine the rush of adrenaline pumping through the veins of the athletes who are ready to compete for the Gold Medal in their event!

It’s what these elite athletes train for, it’s their dream coming to a reality right before their eyes and ours! We get to share this dream from the sidelines while providing support and encouragement where we can. The Best of the best are here in Vancouver, competing for the ultimate prize, to stand on the Victory Podium to receive their hard earned Gold, Silver or Bronze metal! One thing they do all have in common is that each and everyone of them are proud to be representing their Country in this historical event! Go Canada Go!

This is a great video to get you into the ‘Spirit of Believing’ ~

As Premier National Partner of the 2010 Winter Games and a long-time supporter of the arts, Bell is bringing together Canada’s top talent in the fields of both sport and culture to produce ‘Believe (Olympic Inspired Version)’, a one-of-a-kind music video and audio track that will raise funds for Canada’s winter athletes and chronicle their extraordinary journey on the road to 2010. Suzie McNeil ‘s song “Believe” was originally recorded and released on her debut CD, Broken & Beautiful. The Olympic inspired video for Believe was recorded with the National Arts Centre Orchestra and released on September 17, 2007. Here are the lyrics to this beautiful song.

Believe Lyrics:

One minute’s fading
One minute’s passed
But I’ve got this moment
To make it all last
And I’m standing before you
Taking my chance on everything
I never thought that I could be
Cause you can do almost anything

If you just Believe
You can move mountains with dreams
The higher you climb
The better it gets
Cause you will see things
You’ll never forget
If you just Believe

It’s like I’m falling
Through my own fears
They used to haunt me
But now they’re not here
There’s no looking back
My future is clear no giving up
And I’m holding on when it gets rough
Cause you can get through most anything


No one says it’s easy
And no one says you have to be perfect
But as long as you try
You’re always gonna find it was worth it



Delicious Paths to Desire

Bonnie Johnson's PostI’ve been thinking lately about how the journey to what you really want in life is the really fun part.  Isn’t it the desire that fuels you to obtain whatever you are striving for that is truly the sweetest part?  Yes, it does feel fantastic to want something strongly and after working hard finally have it in your grasp. But when I’m really honest with myself I realize that the best part of reaching a goal is the “path” to the goal.  It’s the feeling of anticipation and determination that is delicious.  I have always been struck at how I feel, having reached a goal, when there isn’t a full symphony orchestra playing and fireworks to celebrate.

Don’t get me wrong, there is always an exhilarating feeling of accomplishment and sometimes relief but once I’m there I’m looking for the next thing.

I think this is because as I’ve been climbing that mountain (metaphorically) I have been learning new techniques and new ideas and so new desires are always forming.  I’m always changing and so my knowledge and experience is always expanding which leads to new ideas and new goals and a new path to obtaining them.

Can you imagine how disappointing life would be if you actually “got there” or “made it”?  If you worked really hard at reaching a goal, you finally reached it, had a little celebration but then realized…that’s it.  That’s as far as you get to go.  Thanks for coming out but you’re done now.  Go home, there’s nothing more for you.

I am beginning to appreciate the small moments it takes to get to each new desire.   Every step of the way is savored.

That’s my deep thought of the day.  This is what happens when I get up at six am and sit alone quietly, surrounded by nature, while sipping my tea.