Do you have a secret?

I think we all have secrets; some we are aware of and keep closely hidden and others that are so subtle we don’t even realize we have them.

I have been a fan of Frank Warren’s postsecrets for some time now.  I have two of his books of collected post cards on my shelves. These post cards are often works of art and always a small peak into the human psyche.  Some are humorous while others will break your heart.  I like that they only tell a line or two of the whole story and yet that combined with the chosen artwork is enough to make a profound statement.

(I love that song – Breathe Me – by Sia.)

So if you have a secret that is burning to get out, why not put it on a post card and send it to Frank Warren anonymously…or you could always share it with us here at Tara Cronica.  We won’t tell a soul.  I promise.