Tracy’s Rants at the Fat Suit Actress!

I was going to post something lovely today about inspirational messages, but my hormones went wild yesterday so I’m kinda feeling a little feisty! Hormones are the bitch not the woman experiencing them…just to be clear!

Is it just me or is anyone else appalled by the actresses or wanna-be actresses who think it’s empathetic to put on a prosthetic fat suit and go out in public to see for themselves how heavy people feel? A day in the life of…seriously? I am sickened by anyone who would even think of putting on a prosthetic fat face and fill their leggings with padding to make it appear that they were 400 lbs. I’m sorry your point is…what? That is NOTHING like being fat!! You can’t relate to having a bite of a burger, how on earth can you relate to someone morbidly overweight? How about you actually GET fat and see what its like to actually be overweight, like the guy from Super-size me! At least he was willing to go the distance for his story until he was advised to stop because he could actually die! So correct me if I’m wrong, but would putting on a bald cap for the day give you an idea of what its like to have cancer? Hmmm what’s it like to be disabled…spend the day in a wheel chair to find out! I just don’t get it.

Did you really think you were incognito? I’m sorry who are you again? I wasn’t paying attention when they mentioned your name because I was gasping for air in disbelief at this story! A florescent pink track suit…seriously? I can’t remember ever seeing a large woman wearing such a thing? And if a very large woman did sport a florescent pink skin tight track suit, she does NOT care what YOUR skinny size 0 ass thinks. I seriously think you need to go somewhere private and seagull a juicy burger with the works because the Charmin you’ve been scarfin down in Costco size packages is making you behave strange! Just sayin…

My thyroid went hypothyroid after my first pregnancy so I understand how hard it is for some people who try to lose weight with no success. It basically means no matter what you do, your body thinks you are laying on the couch eating twinkies all day doing zip! I ran 10k 4-5 times a week and still never lost an ounce. I finally accepted that I was no longer a size 8. I would have to be happy with a large size 10-12 until I could figure my thyroid out. I can see how difficult it could be for those who aren’t proactive in regard to their health. Weight gain is a slippery slope. Gaining weigh = unhappiness, unhappiness = eating more out of depression and so they slide even further. Not everyone has a great support system in place. Let’s face it, it’s hard to lose weight!

Human beings can be cruel to those who are struggling with their weight or anything for that matter, they see a weakness and go for the kill. It makes them feel better about themselves. Do we really need to see someone get into a fat suit and have a ‘hidden camera’ follow them around to understand the struggle. Humiliating and mocking them can’t possibly help. The last thing anyone needs is another person pointing out the obvious! If you haven’t ever struggled with your weight you can’t relate. People overeat for physiological reasons and some just can’t get their hormones balanced.

FYI, the average size of a woman is actually between the sizes 12-18, not 0-2!

I watched a show called Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition, where personal trainer Chris Powell helps obese men and woman lose weight, sometimes 100+ lbs over the course of a year. To qualify for the show they have to have made an effort themselves to lose weight before they get his help to reach their goals. They are educated, counselled, and given incentives to succeed. They have to go off on their own for the last couple of months to maintain their weight without the connection of Chris Powell, so you see how empowered they are at the end of the show. It’s impressive the will power and drive these individuals have. Chris has such empathy and compassion for each person he works with. It’s a very touching show to see how someone can overcome obstacles they have dealt with for far too long. Heart breaking, life changing and life saving in some cases.

Putting on a fat suit for the day or week however long they do this charade is not realistic. The actress gets to pull off her prosthetic face and suit at the end of the day and it’s back to being a size 0, and off to Pilates she goes.

I remember my doctors receptionist putting it in perspective for me when she recognized how unhappy I was with my weight after trying so hard to correct my thyroid. She said ” it doesn’t matter what size you are as long as you are eating healthy, exercising and doing all you can to have a healthy body and mind”. I left that day not worrying so much about what size pants I fit into. Diet and exercise is no longer about losing weight but about being healthy. I run now for my heart and to clear my mind, not the size of my dress. After working with my Naturopath I did manage to balance my thyroid.

We all have struggles in life, some are with our weight, alcohol, drugs, some are not visible to the naked eye. Treat others as you would want them to treat you. It’s pretty simple. Be kind.

Svaha ~