I Don’t Like Change!

We Canadians have proudly drawn a line in the sand.  Do not change our song!  Wow, are we finally moving away from our usual (and sometimes painful) politically-correct-at-any-cost stand?

For those who may not have heard the rumblings for the past two days, it was suggested that our national anthem be changed to be more gender neutral.  Our government proposed changing “in all thy sons command” – to the original version (written in 1880), “in thou dost us command”.  Ya, cause that just rolls so naturally off the tongue for us in the year 2010! Pfft!   I was going to say here that we Canadians have been singing those words since the beginning of time but then I read that O Canada replaced God Save the Queen as Canada’s national anthem in 1980. Wha…1980?! Yes, to some of our young readers that may seem like the beginning of time but not to me. To me, that wasn’t very long ago at all.  So they made a big change back then.  I’m all for gender equality but I guess I don’t like change.

I don't like change sound bite

Wow, I never thought I’d ever have something in common with Stewie from Family Guy, but I can relate!   I’ve been trying to figure out what it is about change that I don’t like.  It’s hard.  That’s one thing  I suppose.  Change is not always easy even though it may be necessary sometimes.  I like comfort and change can take me out of my comfort zone.

“I’m all for progress. It’s change I object to.” Mark Twain

I hear ya Mark!  I used to laugh at older people who seemed to be stuck in their ways.  Have I become one of those people?

Then I found an article in the Scientific American which said “Personality can continue to change somewhat in middle and old age, but openness to new experiences tends to decline gradually until about age 60.”

Gasp! So my resistance to change is a tell tale sign that I’m *gulp* middle aged.  Well that’s it.  I am announcing to the world right here, right now that I am officially open to change.  Bring it on world.  I can take it.  I will just flow with whatever new changes you send my way.  Starting…tomorrow.