Victoria’s Secret & Lingerie~

Tracy What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word lingerie?  If you said Victoria’s Secret you’re not alone.  I missed the show this year because I was trying to curb my sleep deprivation trend by getting to bed at a decent hour.  I heard that “The Biggest Loser” beat out the beautiful lingerie clad models by a whopping 2 million viewers.  The Biggest Loser had a colossal 10.3 million viewer while Victoria’s Secret only landed 8.3 million…only.  They say that not even a pleasantly plump Heidi Klum who walked the runway mere weeks after giving birth to her fourth child, couldn’t coax viewers to change the channel from the two-hour episode of NBC reality show. Heidi Klum

The Biggest Loser is packed full of great weight loss related information but I think it’s the heart felt stories that keep the viewers tuned in each week.  Considering that the majority of North America is overweight it doesn’t really surprise me.  But you have to remember that even lingerie models have body issues just like everyone else.  I think if next year they had plus size models as well as regular one they might actually have something.  I’d like to see women of all sizes confidently strut down the runway oozing sex appeal.  If you did tune in your certainly got your fair share of underwear!

Kylie Bisutti Victorias Secret ShowThis year the show also had a competition within it, Project Runway/America’s Top Model Search.  One young hottie would win her wings and become a Victoria’s Secret Angel and that would be Kylie Bisutti.  I have to admit that part doesn’t really appeal to me, I just want to see the fashion show with all the costumes, hair and make up.  If you missed it as I did here is a clip of the lingerie extravaganza.

It’s really quite the production!

There is not a woman out there who wouldn’t feel sexy in a pretty pair of panties, no matter what her size or shape may be.  But if you only have monster gonch in your pantie drawer you need to move them aside and make room for some sexy panties.  You will be glad you did even if it’s just for yourself.

Pantie talk~

Panties are thought to have originated in ancient times, when women wrapped long strips of fabric around themselves loincloth-style. Crotchless underwear was common in the 1800’s so that women were able to use the restroom without having to remove all of their skirts and undergarments.

After World War II, panties suddenly became decorative.  Women now had the option of buying patterned panties or panties made of interesting fabrics like nylon, lace and dacron.

It wasn’t until the 1960’s when panties became more fitted.  I am surprised that panties were even worn during this time !!  Women could chose between bikini, hip-hugger or traditional brief styles.

Thong panties didn’t become widely popular until the 1980’s.  I’m an 80’s girl!  Women in South America and exotic dancers had been wearing thongs for years but women weren’t able to buy the sexy garment until retailers like Victoria’s Secret and Frederick’s of Hollywood began manufacturing thongs, followed by g-strings.  (G-string is a very narrow string running between the buttocks in the shape of a T and thong being a V shaped fabric that has a little more fabric to it, but not much)  I know it sounds uncomfortable but you do get used to it, I promise!  Neither give you a panty line.

In the 1990’s, wearing exotic, erotic lingerie became publicly acceptable in America.  Sexy lingerie became increasingly popular as more and more women felt comfortable walking into stores like Frederick’s of Hollywood and Victoria’s Secret.

Today, women can choose from g-strings, thongs, crotchless panties, tanga shorts, boy shorts, bikinis… the choices are endless.  And we all have our favorites !!

Tracy signiture


What was your most memorable meal ever?

Tracy’s take~

Get ready to salivate ladies!  What was your most memorable meal ever?


My most memorable meal ever was at Sanafir Restaurant & Lounge downtown Vancouver, 1026 Granville Street.  A great friend of mine, Deb Podowski otherwise know as Debbie dooo, FINALLY got engaged after about 50 years of dating Keith!  She was lucky enough to have her good friend Christina Linden (name drop!) arrange her stagette and WOW,  it was incredible!  Sanafir is a Tapas menu offering, trio-oriented exotic flavours, showcasing equal amounts of North African, Asian, Middle Eastern, Mediterranean and Indian dishes.  We had a group of about 12 girls and because of Christina’s connections she arranged a sample menu for us all to try.  It was, to date, the best experience my taste buds have ever had in my 40 odd years on this planet.  There was not one item on any of the delicious platters that were brought to our table that I didn’t absolutely love!  Love I say!  Each flavour was exquisite.Trio-oriented flavours

Sanafir, meaning “meeting place” in Arabic, is a bi-level restaurant adorned with handcrafted Egyptian amber urns, harem style draperies, and richly upholstered beds; as you know, nothing says romance like harems and beds. And we all know what my view is on romance!  With 40-foot ceilings, handcrafted glass chandeliers, and gilt paintings, Sanafir exudes culture and style.  The atmosphere is chic yet elegant, and offers a rare Eastern/Western fusion.  I loved it so much I spent my birthday there with ‘a really good friend of mine’.   Enjoy!Sanafir Scott & Tracy


Bonnie’s two cents~

Mmmm…food…I love food.  I honestly cannot think of just one memorable meal I’m afraid.  I’ve had so many!!  When I think of meals that have really tantalized my taste buds I always relate them to a place.  For example, when I was a kid and living in Australia, my dad would often take me downtown to Sydney’s main train station for a meat pie.  They were the best meat pies in the city.

Back in Canada we also had favourite places for certain things.  Sunday mornings we loved to go for breakfast at “The Tomahawk” in North Van.  There used to be a bakery on Marine Drive that made the best pasty (–noun, plural -ties. Chiefly British. a pie filled with game, fish, or the like.   And not “pasties”, a pair of small, cup-like coverings for the nipples of a striptease dancer, nude model, etc.   Sheesh!)

When I was a flight attendant I had many many memorable meals all over the world.  I remember an incredible full course meal in Amsterdam that was fantastic until I ate the entire brownie I was offered for dessert only to discover later that it was a “hash” brownie.  Turned me off brownies for awhile.  There were the special roast beef sandwiches the ground crew used to bring on board for us in Argentina that were so delicious but were laced with horseradish so hot that at times you felt like the top of your head was literally being blown off.  Then there was the most incredible paella I’ve ever tasted in a small hole in the wall restaurant we found while in Portugal.

The most consistently great meals I’ve ever tasted however, were while I was in Italy at different times.  In northern Italy I tasted the best pizza I have ever “experienced”.  I use the word experience because it was just that…a taste experience.  While spending a wonderfully great deal of time in Torino there was never a restaurant that disappointed.  I should confess at this point though that my favourite food of all time is Italian.  Pasta of any shape and size with a great sauce will have my mouth watering instantly.  Oh, but I really love Greek food too, and Chinese, and Japanese…oh and Thai…and African…and…mmmm.


Jacquie weighs in~

I think great memories are made when good people and good food are served together.  I’ve been fortunate in my life to have been able to enjoy meals in some of the most interesting, romantic, funky locations in the world, and I’m a wwodisney_4_3611pretty adventurous diner, having tried and enjoyed everything from exotic roots to brains (OK, I didn’t know it was that at the time.  Cerveaux de Vache sounded interesting!),  but I have to say my favorite memories are of  Sunday dinner at home when I was little before my parents split up.

Sunday night was the only night of the week when my sister and brother and I were allowed to sit in the family room with TV tables and watch The Wonderful World of Disney for an hour.  We were all well under the age of 10.  Anne was still a baby so she was in a high chair up in the kitchen.  My dad made dinner these nights and his Swiss Steak was genius, so that’s what we traditionally requested, so much so that we renamed it Walt Disney.  I still call any simmered, one-pot, beef, potato, carrot and celery stew-like concoction Walt Disney.

He kept a short glass of rum and coke or rye and 7 and ice on the counter and my sister and I would sneak little sips without him catching on.   He was fastidious about washing his hands while cooking and would drape tea towels over the cabinet doors until the kitchen looked like a Tibetan prayer flag display.  These memories will always be some of the most special ones to me no matter how many amazing meals I experience in the future because I shared them with my family.  And it makes me wonder what memories my kids will take with them forever.



Tripping for me

I feel compelled to write about travel today because it seems to me that everyone on the planet is going away somewhere warm with the exception of me.  And with our recent snow fall you can’t avoid daydreaming about being somewhere warm and exotic.

Juara Bay Tioman, Malaysia

I’ve had a few Tripping adventures in my life but you can always use another!

By the time I turned the ripe old age of 25 I had explored over 46 different countries in the world.  My parents exposed me to the travel bug at the age of 11. That was a huge chunk of the 46 right there. We sold our house, they quit their jobs and put everything we own in storage including the dog. We gallivanted around Europe and Asia for a year.  Not many families did that in the 70’s!  I was young but still to this day it was the best experience ever!

Villa Margarita Costa del Sol Spain

Travel shows us that, like the universe, there is far more out there for us to explore than we can ever imagine and that there’s no place like home all at the same time. If you love to travel you will agree with me that life experience and memories far outweigh anything you own.

You can travel or vacation. To me there’s a big difference.  Both are top on my list of things you should do as often as you can.  A traveler gets off on going to places they’ve never seen before.  A vacationer likes the ease of planning a trip where there are some comforts of home.  Both have their purpose.  It just depends what your looking for.

Boys will be boys! ThailandTravel (in my opinion) needs to be a visual experience as well as a cultural experience.  I want to meet the people who live where I’m going.  Get to know the locals.  I like there to be a language barrier!  I want to come home with a better understanding of what it’s like to live somewhere completely different, like the Hill Tribes in Northern Thailand or The Costa del Sol in Spain.

dirt biking to Burma

Meeting new friends is one of the greatest gifts of travel.  I’ve been writing to Sylvia, a pen pal from the Netherlands, for over 30 years.   We met in Spain where we lived for 5 months and her family vacationed.  Although I still receive letters from her, I miss the letters of broken English because it made me even more aware that she was different.  It reminded me of my childhood adventure every time I received one.  Her letters now are more easily understood and I love receiving them still after so many years.

Bonnie & Tracy down underTraveling when I was younger gave me the desire to continue when I was older.  At 21 I gallivanted with Bonnie through Australia for 6 months.  Now that was a completely different adventure!  I think at 21 traveling away from home is one of the best growing experiences you can have.  You find out quickly what you are really made of.

I  backpacked throughout Malaysia and Thailand in my 30’s with ‘a really good friend of mine’. Scott with Thai boys That trip literally changed my life.  I learned more about myself in 3 months than I thought possible.  I believe I came home a better person.  I came home thankful for what we have here in North America but it also made me realize I don’t really require a lot to be truly happy.

Hill tribe trek in Pai, Thailand

So you see, there are experiences out there waiting for us. We just need to get out and make them happen.  So the next time you pack your suitcase or back pack to travel or vacation, slip out of your comfort zone a little and really enjoy it for what it is~ life experience, memory making and expanding your circle of friends.Tracy