Ellen ‘was’ on The Bachelor

Hi Everyone!

I have to admit I watched (notice past-tense) the Bachelor…ya I know, I say that sheepishly. It was reallllly about sitting on the couch with Carri sipping tea and eating cheese cake or some other fattening decadent desert. It is our excuse to get a girlfriends giggle on with each other. We sit and catch up from our weekend and gab for a couple of hours about life and love…mostly love but life comes in now and then. Carri is the funniest person to watch anything with, we laugh until we are both crying every single time we get together! I find her sense of humour hilarious! ….and then I got a real-job that scheduled me Monday nights…”WTF” we both said out loud when we saw my schedule! I had to give up Monday nights which kinda pissed me off at first, but life and real jobs have a way of doing that…I found this video which made me laugh because when Carri and I watch the Bachelor we narrate the entire show and basically make fun of the entire process…as does Ellen in this clip…enjoy!

This pretty much sums up the show! Oh and he ‘picked’ Courtney…and then in Bachelor tradition dumped to her pick her again! I didn’t watch but just read a recap of the show…I’m sure they will live happily every after…or at least have a Happy Ending and then join us all back in reality…not even I can weave a romantic tale here I am afraid.

Happy Tuesday thought! lol

Hope you all laughed…I did 😉


Would You Carry a Hermes Crocodile Birkin Bag?

Post Insert Jacquie

Jacquie’s Perspective…

Every now and then I like to check out the UK Daily Mail website for a little peek at what the Royals are up to and get an inside look at celebrity ~ Brit-style.   Nobody does gossip like the British.  They love to build up their stars and then tear then down just as quickly.   One lady who just can’t seem to keep herself out of the news is poor Victoria Beckham, aka Posh.  Lately she’s been catching lots of flack over the carrying of several Hermes crocodile skin handbags that I’m sure she’s been given as freebies.  The rest of us would have to twiddle our thumbs 3 years on a wait list and then fork out anywhere from 25 to 100 grand for the opportunity to take one home.  But would you if you could?

The issue some people have a problem with is that real crocodiles are killed to make these bags.  The ‘best’ skins comehermes-himalayan-crocodile-bag from the northern coast of Australia where crocodiles have long been a problem and harvesting is seen as a way to keep the populations down, or so the argument goes.  In truth, eggs are taken from the adult females and hatched on farms specifically set up to raise crocs for Hermes.  Does it really make any difference?

I love animals and would hate to think of any creature suffering in any way, but I’ve read about how the crocodiles are killed and I’m satisfied they do it humanely.  I’m also a carnivore.  I wear leather shoes because they’re more comfortable and last longer than man-made materials.  As far as I’m concerned carrying a crocodile bag is really no different than wearing a leather belt to hold my pants up, except that if I had an extra $50,000 lying around it would be used as a down payment on an investment property and not on a new fashion accessory.

I don’t really care what rich people want to spend their money on.  What really disturbs me is the amount of garbage we shovel into the oceans every day.  THAT’S what’s killing the Earth’s animals!  There’s a garbage dump in the middle of the Pacific as big as Texas and it’s mostly composed of plastics.

If wearing a skin grosses you out then don’t do it.  Just don’t hate me because I think they’re beautiful.

What do you think ladies?

Bonnie’s Two cents~

Bonnie Johnson's PostI don’t have a problem with the animal skin portion of this story.  I also eat animals and wear their hides now and then.  I appreciate the comfort and warmth they provide and I try to choose from responsible humane sources.

The issue I have with the scenario you have described Jacquie is the ridiculous cost for a fashion accessory.  I just don’t live within that life style bracket where carrying a simple hand bag could cost the same as someones full year’s salary.   It’s just so lopsided.  But more ridiculous is how many people (women mostly) get caught up in this frenzy of wanting these items just because of the designer label attached to it, and because of how expensive it it.  As if owning something recognized by the really wealthy will make them a better person.  That is just sad to me.

I buy most of my bags at Winners…on sale…and I choose my fashion mostly for style and comfort.  To me, labels are those annoying scratchy things on my shirt collar that I usually cut off.

Disclaimer:  I own a Dooney & Burke Ostrich skin bag and an authentic Prada bag.  Both were given to me and neither were brand new when I received them.  When I have been out with my Prada bag, no one in my social circle has ever said “Ooooo a real Prada bag!”.  They would never guess it’s grossly over priced authentic judging by the rest of my outfit and I don’t mind at all.  That stuff is just not important to me.

What do you think Tracy?

Tracy’s View~


I have to start by saying that Jacquie, Bonnie and I are three completely different personalities with different views which is why we created Tara Cronica and came up with our Sunday Collaborative Post.  We all have different interests which makes this fresh for all of us and hopefully you the reader.  That right there is why I LOVE that there are the three of us persuing this venture together.  When I first read the topic Jacquie picked (we rotate turns) I had a very strong opinion on it, I had to do my research.  I would have never come up with a topic of this sort and you will read why in my view.  so here it is…

I have to start by saying I had to Wikipedia Hermes Crocodile Birkin Bag to find out what it was.  I am NOT a ‘designer style’ girl and I am proud of it.  I have a girlfriend who only buys designer brands and I just don’t get it.  She laughs at me for not knowing the names of all the over priced designer products she buys ‘on sale’ of course.

I remember when Sharon Stone wore a Gap T-shirt to the Oscar’s in 1996 when she was nominated for Casino and was also a presenter.  I loved the statement she made there.  Ellen DeGeneres told her to pick her five favourite things from her closet.  She did also choose a Valentino shirt and a Armani dress worn as a coat.

I think designer products in general are not worth the value of the item.  I have a hard time believing that a hand bag is worth $5,000 or more.  I don’t like to wait in line at a restaurant let alone put my name on a waiting list for a purse.  What if by the time yours was ready it was totally out of style?  Not that I would notice.  Then what?

I also wear leather so I can’t complain about a crocodile farm for this purpose, what bothers me is that when you start to ask an exorbitant price for such items ‘other’ take it into their hands to hunt these animals which is no longer controlled it’s poaching!

So to answer your question Jacquie would I carry a Herman Alligator Burken Stock Bag, ahhh no it’s just not me. (insert giggle here)  Thanks for making me aware Jake and filling in the facts so my strong opinion softened a little.  🙂


A Famous Influential Woman I’d like to meet

Bonnie’s Take…

Here is my list of choices (in no particular order):  Ellen DeGeneres,  Helen Keller,  Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis,  Eleanor Roosevelt,  Katherine Hepburn, Oprah Winfrey, Michelle Obama and Mother Teresa.

Ideally I would love to have all of them in one room at the same time and just sit back and listen to the conversation flow.  Wow! That would be incredible.

Bonnie and Oprah

My face morphed onto Jen Aniston's body. Something I've always wanted!

If I had to choose only one though I would have to go with Oprah.

I would choose her because I can imagine having an effortless conversation with her.  I wouldn’t have to prepare for weeks ahead of time to come up with a bunch of deep philosophical questions.  I imagine she would be easy to relate to.  I could ask her zillions of questions about the multitude of celebrity’s she’s interviewed over the years, we could talk about books we’ve read, our dogs, our views on spirituality, health and fitness, whatever is in the news that week, or anything that comes up.  I know I’m not alone in this but yep, I’d like to meet Oprah.   And not just for a meet and greet after one of her shows but a real sit down and visit, get to know you kind of meetings.

How about you girls?


Tracy’s 2 cent’s…

Great topic Bonnie!!  This is a hard one.  There are so many great influential women in this world to admire.  I have to say that a woman who I admired for so many different reasons in my lifetime would be Princess Diana. Princess Dianna

I watched the courtship of her and Prince Charles like everyone.  Again I get drawn in with romance!

She didn’t have the conditioning of a Princess which is what I loved about her.  She was real, genuine and true to her voice, which she used for the benefit of others.  So many women could relate to her.  She was so beautiful and real to me.  She gave us all a look into the Royal Family that I think if not for her we might not have had the interest.  I was glued to the television during the wedding like  millions of others.  I remember exactly where I was  the day she died.   There are not many days in our lives that we can all remember exactly what we were doing with, perhaps, the exception of September 11th  2001!  (I was in Osoyoos with friends and we found out in the morning before heading out for our motorcycle ride).

I cried for her because she had so much more living to do and people to help.  I don’t think we got to actually see her live her authentic life!  She had just started in my eyes.  I would love to know what really happened to her~ and Marilyn Monroe!  Princess Diana’s death to me was a true tragedy!


Jacquie weighs in…

Without a doubt, if I had to pick just one, it would have to be Jane Austen (1775-1817)

janepictI’ve been a ‘Janeite’ ( something akin to a ‘Trekkie’) since the age of 15 when my sister and I literally fought over who got to read the lone copy of Pride and Prejudice brought on a summer trip.  I had to read it again in high school and one more time in college, and with each experience as I matured, I uncovered new layers of meaning and significance.  Her novels are chock full of witty sarcasm and irony, and are considered social comedies by some literary authorities.

So many stories swirl around about the life of the real Jane Austen that she remains an enigma to this day.   I can only guess at what went on in her head by what she chose to write about~ the upper levels of the 18th century social scene. (To protect her privacy, her sister and BFF Cassandra burned most of  her personal papers when she died).  I’ve often imagined what it would’ve been like to have been her girlfriend.  I don’t think she was the stuffy spinster at all, in fact, in one letter from an acquaintance in Bath (English playground to the rich at one point) Jane is described as “the prettiest, silliest, most affected, husband-hunting butterfly ever”!   Cool!  Brainy and she knew how to party! But seriously, I think the author of this quote was a woman intimidated by Jane’s intellect, as were many men at that time.

I’d ask her why she never allowed her heroines to kiss, always fading to black before the big smoocheroni.  Who was James LeFroy really?  The man that got away and whom she pined for all her life?  What was it like being an unmarried female writer in England at that time?  Could she set me up with someone rich like she tried to do for Fanny in Emma?

Jane Austen’s social commentary is unparalleled but she wasn’t fully appreciated until many years after her death.   I LOVE a line from one of her last surviving letters to an Aunt that she wrote at age 37;

“By the Bye, as I must leave off being young, I find many Douceurs in being a sort of chaperon (at dances), for I am put on the Sofa near the Fire and I can drink as much wine as I like”.

Lace me into a corset and I’d be on that sofa with her in a heartbeat, getting the scoop while sipping our goblets of Merlot.  (I thought ‘douceurs’ might mean pleasures but I looked it up and it can also mean a bribe.  Too funny!)  What a fascinating, independent woman!

By the Bye, Bonnie, I have a little pic to share with you.  This was taken 2 years ago and was an incredible moment.  Oprah’s aura is so strong, just being next to her you can feel the electricity.  I had a cold that day so I didn’t want to shake her hand in case I gave it to her.  Tracy said I should’ve taken her hand anyway, and when she sneezed on TV I could’ve take the credit!  LOL  We had a nice, short chat.  She’s wonderful.


Cheryl, Gloria, OPRAH! Susan and me!