Eat Eat Eat Pray Love…

Keep in mind when you read this post it’s my personal feelings about me, not you or anyone else! And yes I am being really hard on myself because I’m allowed, by next week I will be awesome once again! This is the splendour of being a women in your 40’s!

As I looked in the mirror my inner voice whispered “why are my feet always so sore?” Looking right at me was this women who had the nerve to shout back “If you lost a few pounds maybe they wouldn’t be!” Maybe she’s right? Maybe it’s not from overuse but abuse! My poor feet are taking on the task of holding up all of me!

I’ll get to the point, I have some unwanted flub. (my daughter word for fat, it’s much nicer sounding so I will use it here) Throughout my entire life I’ve been in great shape, with the exception of my thyroid going hypo after my first child, twelve years ago. So I understand what it is like to try to lose a few pounds and not be able to. It’s frustrating to say the least. I would run between 30-40 Kilometres a week and not lose an ounce. I was also one of those women in my 20-30 who could eat anything, I didn’t but I could. But this time my unwanted flub, is because I’m content with who I am and simply don’t care if I’ve put on a few pounds because there is no one around to see it, I mean really see it. It’s been 18 years since I’ve been solo and just had me to answer to. It’s liberating and with that comes a little indulgence and relaxation. A holiday of sorts. But every holiday must come to a close and that is where I am at this moment, the climax if you will, of my eat of Eat Pray Love. I will move forward to Pray, or meditation very soon!

I know there are many women who can relate to how I feel about my body right now. For me it goes in cycles or waves.

Lately its like I black out for a moment (I’m sure my eyes roll back in my head) from the time I have the Oreo cookie twisting open, to flashing forward to the last delicious sweet tasting morsel sliding down my feeding tube straight to my ass via my stomach. It ain’t pretty! I don’t even like Oreo cookies! Someone please say they can relate!

The only way my body looks appealing to me at the moment is if I have both arm straight above my head stretched out like I am hanging on the monkey bars or riding a really great roller coaster, in candle light! whooooo hooooo! What are the odds that when I meet a potential suitor, I am going to be standing with both arms raised way above my head? It’s not likely! I need to do something about this NOW, its crunch time! It’s time to either get fit or have flub.

My timing is not good, I came to this realization the day before our Tara Cronica photo shoot with the beautiful photographer Cathy Empey! I would have been in full on panic mode if Bonnie and Jacquie were ripped! lol (they’re not either *phew* :)) or if I didn’t completely 100% trust Cathy’s expertise! Cathy is amazing at capturing women pure and simple! She photographs women of all shapes and sizes so beautifully that it takes away any fear or insecurity you may have with your body. We spent 3 hours with Cathy and by the end of the shoot I felt empowered again! Every women has self doubt or inhibitions but we have to put those aside and really work on loving every inch of our skin.

The bottom line for me is that I feel better when I am in shape, because it is me to be in shape. I envy women who really embrace their full voluptuous figures. I’m not sure there is anything sexier! It all boils down to accepting our bodies no matter what stage of life we’re in and loving all of who we are. Working with what we were given, not just changing it.

I started running again which works for me, it felt like I hadn’t missed a beat. When I run it’s me time, a form of meditation which I need to feel whole. We need to do what feels right for us individually, it’s not about being a bathing suit model, it’s about loving yourself from the inside out and having acceptance for who we are. I am who I am and I love who I’ve become, remembering that, I can do anything. I did take a picture of me with my hands raised way up over my head that I planned on adding to this post but…ya no, there is no point to see where I was, but to only see where I am going.

Embrace the shape your in Ladies!

If you would like to have Cathy capture your inner beauty check out her website! Boudoir by Cathy Empey ~


Spicy Seattle!

TracyI love going on road trips to Seattle, Washington for so many reasons but I have to admit it is not for the shopping.  I actually don’t enjoy shopping at the malls at all.  Seattle feels different enough from Vancouver to feel like you’re having a mini holiday, all while only being a couple hours from home.  Perfect for a weekend adventure! Fremont

We set off to explore Fremont, the Artsy University District first, which is one of my favorite places in the Seattle area.  I love Bellevue as well but I feel at home and could easily live in any one of the homes in Fremont.  I am starting to feel like I know my way around a little more each time I visit, which is kind of nice.

Fremont coffee house We ate while in Seattle and every meal had spicy flavor, with the exception of the ‘to go’ package from ‘CheeseCake Factory’ that was creamy and decedent. (Fudge Cake and Original Cheese Cake) We like to try new places off the beaten path, the ones the locals hang out in.

Eat Pray Love
(author Elizabeth Gilbert) I have yet to even start the book but I know I am caught up in the Eat part and think I will be there for a while so I don’t feel the need to open the cover…yet.  I do Pray that I will get through the Eat part with minimal damage to my rear end though.

We started with Szechuan Chinese food at a small modest restaurant in Greenwood called Szechuan Bistro located at 212 N 85th Street.  I wasn’t feeling too hot when we first entered the small bistro but the Asian lady who worked there had eyes that told me she could make me feel better if I just trusted her.  I did and it worked.  I ordered the Chicken Kung pao and Scott had the Szechuan Beef.  Each dish had hot peppers, celery and cabbage.  Very basic but full of spicy flavor.

Chutneys Later that evening we walked up the street to Chutneys Bellevue located at 938 110th Ave N.E.  We were greeted by the owner Bill Khanna who guaranteed us if we didn’t like his food he would not make us pay.  We paid, because it was delicious.  The best Indian food I have ever had.  I ordered the Chicken Tikka Masala with Garlic Naan Bread and Scott decided on the Mixed Grill.  Bill Khanna is Canadian and used to be involved in both Bridges Restaurant and Monk McQueens.  He was a great restaurateur who will absolutely have a visit from us next time we are in Bellevue.  He told me to call him and he would set us up next time we came to Bellevue.  I believe him.  Once again it’s about the kind souls that cross our path each day!

Sunday morning arrived much too fast and neither Scott or I felt like the buffet in the hotel, even though the entire Husky’s football team was staying there, so we set off to Fremont yet again to find what I had visualized as an organic style space with atmosphere and a great healthy breakfast. Silent Heart Nest Silent Heart Nest is located at 3508 Fremont Place N and was just what I wanted!  It was uplifting and harmonious.  I visualized it just as it was which made me smile the entire time we were there.  Silent Heart Nest was inspired by spiritual teacher Sri Chinmoy (1931-2007).  Sri Chinmoy was and still is the inspiring and guiding force behind the restaurant.  His philosophy encourages a sincere inner life with an active outer life.  By meditating on the spiritual heart, he teaches, the seeker can discover his own inner treasures of peace, joy, light and love.  We sat at the bar so we were right in the middle of everything going on which made it feel more comfortable to talk to the guy sitting next to you.  The staff looked like they loved working there and their ages ranged from 17 to 60.  Again, the spiritual people draw us in!  Silent Heart Nest will be my first stop when I visit Fremont again.

We ended our mini holiday by driving in the rain along Mercer Way which was much like being on Lower Marine Drive in West Vancouver, or a mini Chuckanut Drive.  It was peaceful with lots of naturally beautiful, lusciously green landscaped properties nestled in on each side of the drive.  The real estate in Seattle is incredible with so much of it being waterfront.  The highways and roads make it easy to explore the many different pockets of culture sprinkled throughout the city.  Thank you, Seattle, for making us feel at home!  See you soon!Tracy signiture